Got Milk? – Volume Repertory

June 22, 2014

In this post I present to you some clip-samples (via my usual download-option) showing guys with above-average cum production. Watch authentic superior ejaculation-abilities as well as too-good-to-be-true pumpings which leave us rather puzzled.

Before I begin to introduce my samples, take a look at this nice drawing:

glands + corpora

You see all the glands involved supplying fluids that leave you thru your penis (which is represented here by its two erectile bodies). The proportions in this pic shall match anatomical reality, giving you a clear idea about the storage-capacity of the individual glands. It is obvious that the bladder can hold the biggest amount of fluid and we sure all know that from experience. I mention this because it shall be of importance further down in this post.

A. Watch this guy shooting his load into a glas. No doubt this is real and a first-rate ejaculation. The guy cums in 15 spurts in what could be a double-ejaculation, but I consider this as one climax. Watch the volume he catches, it probably emptied his glands rather cumpletely!?

B. In this example we witness a very beautiful power-ejaculation. Although it´s just the cock-head in the frame, we clearly can observe the full-course of a forceful ejaculatory reflex, from the initial power-ooze, immediately followed by (8!) ropy jets of cum to the final (5-6) gushes of his cream. I have no doubt this is absolutely authentic.

C. Be amazed while observing this guy producing a huge volume of cum unloading on a desktop! This is obviously authentic, not only is he cumming towards the cam, but watch the slightly changing texture of his milk. This power-shooter is triggering (what I believe are) two consecutive climaxes.

Now, there seems to be a (natural) threshold in our perception of whether we believe a certain volume ejaculated is for real or if we judge it being a fake.


D. Check out this humorous take on ejaculation with a brief and clearly fake scene of „shooting cum“ (it´s rather cum-pissing)!

Which brings me to those examples showing ejaculations appearing authentic and yet something is too-good-to-be-true!

More than 10 years ago I discovered clips showing a guy shooting truly unreal volumes of what appears to be cum. This guy is in fact expelling the fluid thru his urethra (i.e. penis), however, we just do not watch a man ejaculating. But how?

E. Witness this guy with a very bloated scrotum mimicking ejaculation in 15 torrent-ejections of „milk“. The clip is a net-wide classic and you may know it.


The secret about this technique (and all similar appearances) is what reader „A“ recently revealed in a comment to the preceding post:

He inserts a catheter into his bladder and fills it with fluid resembling cum, he then pees it out. Aside from the sheer volume, the giveaway sign is being flaccid.

It’s also pretty hard to fake the twitches and spasms of an actual orgasm, although of course guys can leak a lot of cum without any spasms. In the videos I’ve seen, guys normally clench and release their PC muscle to make it look like spurts. Compare videos closely and you can see the difference.

In the so-called Retrograde ejaculation your system detours your cum right into your bladder! Responsible for this is a „misfunction“ of one of your sphincters (the one of your bladder, the internal one), check with this drawing:


Now if you sounded your cocks urethra and pressed artificial cum into your bladder via a catheter it´d be just the reverse way your urine is leaving your body.

Back to the clip showing the massive „cum“ ejection and its explanation. As a matter of fact I did write a message to a forum in 2004 where some guys where discussing the how-to and I came to the same conclusion reader „A“ left in the comments. Please read my message here if you care.

The bladder is the largest container for fluid (regularly urine) in your system, as you can check in the above drawing or other anatomical pics in this blog. Pissing urine or fake cum can be part of your sexual experience, but it has nothing much to do with the ejaculatory reflex. There is but one exception and that is the ability of some guys to sprinkle a fluid (in high volumes) being apparently neither urine nor semen! I covered this somewhat mysterious or at least elusive climactic ejection in these posts here, here and here.

F. Download a clip showing a guy sprinkling, as well as ejaculating after that. You definitely see the difference.

Finally we encounter clips in which men share their baffling ejaculatory abilities leaving us without any explanation.

Now while the next clip – G.may present us the pre-filled bladder variant (because the guy cums in 14 almost evenly spurts (pace-wise and volume-wise) of evenly textured thin white milk (all in all a very hot visual though!))), there may be few very lucky men around who just produce huge amounts of semen naturally and climax repetitively without much of a pause!? I was hinted to a clip by reader Addicted Penis Masturbator showing a man ejaculating unbelievable 37 (!!!) shots in one set – and I admit I have no clue about how this is at all possible (it looks authentic!). I think I make out 3 climaxes (assumed by two brief spurting-intermissions along his jerking).

H. Witness this mega-ejaculation and be happy for the guy cumming that long (96 secs!!) and exuberant!

Got Milk? – Capacity Check (4)

June 1, 2014

In the preceding post of this series I posed the question: „What would be the capacity limit concerning cum-volume?“ Well, I plan to answer this question eventually with this entry! :-)

So far in this series I shed some light on the parameters which determine gland-secretion and ejaculation-performance explaining the broad range of the many different volumes and ejection-styles we witness in ejaculation (with ourselves and with other guys).


The volume-data we find nowadays is obviously old and outdated, and represents average levels anyway. There seems no current or recent scientific research out there (that I know of), which was trying to answer my question with definite figures in a milli- or centiliter scale unit. – By the way I did propose such a research-setting in the story I posted just before (see part one and part two).

Hence we rely on what we experience with our own reproductive systems and what we see with other guys. Yet we must bear in mind that the most correct answer to my question implies, that we need to obtain all the produced/stored semen from the glands under ideal circumstances (and at one occasion of collecting), which is only possible via multiple, successive ejaculations (as I also mention in my story). This whole setting reminds us pretty much of cum-harvesting or milking situations, both of them hot topics being covered in the blog like here, here or here.

A possible way to find an answer is to honestly document a performance trial and share it. This is exactly what a guy named Tom did, and I posted his findings quite early in my blogs life here and here. Tom tried to figure out how much milk his glands were able to produce at a given masturbatory session. Tom was 28 at the time of his personal research he described so vividly. If he only had set up a forum encouraging other men to execute the same trial and post their honest results;-) Now judged from my humble experience, I tend to say that Toms data mirror average results. It is a certain benchmark though to positively consider!


So, the most simple and reliable method to evaluate a mans glands capacity for semen-production is to multiple cum into a measure-cup until the glands are depleted – just as illustrated in my recent story (yes it´s hot). Problem is: not every guy can multiple-shoot and we still lack such results from many different men to evaluate and determine the upper range of the glands capacity.

volume multpl

Leaves me this way to find an answer: When we take a look at our main-producing glands, the prostate and the seminal vesicles:

prostate   seminal vesicles

and when we compare a great number of results of ejaculated semen by pics and clips from different guys, we can make a projection on the max capacity the human male is able to produce. There is so much material out there, that we can dare to estimate from quantity (both from the publicised material and the spurted cum we observe). We must assume that guys taped themselves for to show us what they´ve got (considering volume and pulses), but we never know how well they prepared themselves to achieve an extended volume and how saturated their glands were before PONR hit (unless indicated).


The pic above shows a volume from a single ejaculation (taken from a clip at xHamster) which depicts one of the most impressive catches I´ve seen.

As with multiples the problems seems to be, that those loads are rarely collected in a glas (and all being captured on film). When I look at my own tapings with multiples spurted into a glas (many of which are displayed throughout this place) I must say that what we see is rather average concerning volume and the number of successive ejaculations (recorded). I am able to cum more often than 3 times in a row, however, I notice I pretty much run dry after the 3rd ejaculation, – at least these days. This is an effect I believe holds true with most other guys under the same circumstances.

emission sequence

So here goes now: My conclusion for the maximum capacity of semen a healthy males glands can provide (under favourable circumstances in a set of ejaculations until depletion) may not much exceed a volume of 2.5 centiliters (= 25 millilitres) – again with exceptions to the rule as we will see. Such a volume features more content than you might think from the figure. Pour it (any substance) on a surface and you shall be impressed (compare the amount with that in scenes of ejected cum).

Before I close please check out this clip of a guy cumming 5 times in row, shooting 18 gushes of his milk all together (I mentioned before that I consider about 16 shots the maximum number within a single ejaculatory reflex). I assume that the volume this guy produces may surpass the mentioned capacity-limit! However, he shows an interesting pattern in his climaxes which defies the signature of the common ejaculatory reflex. He features 5 ejaculatory sets showing 3 to 4 ejections each with about equal volume in each shot. That is quite unusual. Still it seems his glands are fairly depleted after his multi-ejaculatory experience.

In my next post I plan to offer you some further examples of huge loads (in clips)!

The Ad (2)

May 22, 2014

I saw my cock and balls on the screen, it was a hot display. I saw her spreading some lubricant in her hands.

All set? Then I will start the timer and touch you right now, enjoy!

Very tenderly she was beginning to touch my balls and soon after my shaft. She pulled back my foreskin which had covered half of my helmet and wetted me all over with the lubricant. I heard her say:

I follow the results of the questionnaire. You have posed very modest requests I must say. I use olive-oil as you do in your routine. I like it I must say, it is a very smooth natural lubricant.

I watched her massaging my cock and balls with a tender touch and seeing that had a tremendous effect on my arousal, which in turn was just great for my internal cum-production I could sense had kicked-in full mode by now. I was breathing deeply, fully enjoying her tender caresses.

I noticed you were wet even before I started to touch you. I enjoy watching men pre-cum. But I enjoy much more when men shoot their load. After all that´s why I was chosen for this research effort.

Allow me to say that you are doing great! I said. May I ask if you like to swallow, generally I mean!?

No, I don´t. I mean not yet. But I guess I will, sooner than later. The cum of my boyfriend, that is. Lately he is pushing me to try it. But he is also respecting me. I need to be ready for that and I know I will. But I love so much seeing him spurt. He would make a good contestant, but he is no multi, you know. – By the way I enjoy your cock and your balls. We have a good 20 minutes left.

She had changed to a lighter touch, which was good. Now she was moving towards my anus. After a short while she was penetrating me – I gasped for air.

Do you like me to push deeper and massage your prostate?

Yes please! I whispered and so she did after she had lubed her middle finger. I saw that she was holding a big jar below the tip of my cock to catch cum in case of that her touch of my gland would bring up some juice. I felt a bit loaded now. We were asked not to masturbate ourselves beyond 2 hours prior to our date at the institute for somewhat equal starting conditions, – well…

Wow, did you see that? You spilled a little gusher when I touched your prostate, that was really cool. You sure are primed! I am looking forward to trigger you, I hope I can manage. We are almost at half time now.

You are doing fine, I feel very good. But could you retreat soon and concentrate on my cock.

She was following my request. And now she began to edge me in a truly teasing way. Well, just how I had stated it in the papers I had to return. She lightly and slowly was stroking my cock while she touched my swollen balls once in while. I could feel my juices moving inside of me. I began to moan, it felt so good how she was masturbating me. I was amazed how good she was at this, it felt almost as if I did it myself.

How much time have we left? I asked

A short ten minutes. Do I have to be on alert? Your cock is throbbing, your head is really bloated and your sack is tight. I love to see you like this, I love it! But yell at me when you sense it cumming!

It´s just great how you are doing, just be easy now. What if I cum early?

No problem, not now anymore. Still I want to reach the mark and have your glands run full gear until then. Just six minutes to go.

I wished for more than six minutes, but I´m ready. Please turn your attention to my foreskin, just as I had stated it.

She was following me immediately. Now I closed my eyes to focus on the delicious sensations she was applying to my throbbing cock. I needed to moan again.

You are doing just great, your precum is oozing, three minutes to the mark. Any time if you want!

Oh she was doing great. The sensations were intensifying right in my foreskin where I wanted them to unfurl. From that tissue a neural bridge seemed to be evolving down into my glands. I was sensing PONR ascending.

Easy now… slower… I´m close! I mumbled through groaning sounds I couldn´t control. Then I heard her whisper:

C´mon, give me your warm silky milk, right now!

While saying so she put the right pressure below my helmet so that I felt my valves open!

Uh! I´m cummiiiiinnng!! I screamed.

I was slowly drifting over the sweet edge and sensed my hot juices accumulating at the base of my rigid boner, rising inside my shaft and leaving my body.


As perfect as she was she did not leave my cock, but began stroking my foreskin lightly, which only now let me pass the point of no return blessing me with breathtakingly intense sensations until my ejaculatory spasms set in. I was screaming out loud and couldn´t understand what she said, I just hoped that she caught all my milk which I felt leaving me in powerful jets.

After the reflex had waned I opened my eyes and looked at the monitor. I just saw my stiff boner still throbbing.

Did you manage to catch me? I asked breathlessly.

I did. I heard her answer. After a while she added: Sorry… I am totally stunned by what I just experienced with you. – Listen, the rules ask me to leave you now, and you must continue cumming until you are depleted. Let me just tell you that I enjoyed to make you cum and that you produced a volume I´ve never ever witnessed before. I take your huge load with me and wish you a great finish. We will replay your ejaculation in a short while for your stimulation. You can move freely now and also you can turn off the monitor if you want to. Thanks again, please continue masturbating, so sorry to leave you, bye.

And out of the cabin she was. I grabbed the container and began to work myself. Soon enough I was approaching my second climax. I spurted a fair load into the cup.

collecting milk

Due to the blue pill I had ingested, I did not lose my erection. While I was applying some more olive-oil to my cock and balls the team was streaming onto the screen – just as promised by my sweet masturbatrix – how she harvested my load. The clip came with sound. And what I saw was so fucking hot!

She held the jar in place just before I announced that I was cumming. In an initial release, which I had sensed as emission, I was like pissing a somewhat lasting stream of milk that she directed into her container. Light stroking movements made me scream as she was triggering my ejaculation proper. She directed my spurts securely into the jar and I heard her say „Oh my god… oh MY GAWD!!“. I counted 13 shots! The first five were really massive, after that the volume was diminishing. She caught every drip!

What I saw pushed me over the edge a third time. For my fourth and fifth climaxes I imagined she observing my solo-masturbation via the installed cams. I so much wished she was watching me! Well, I wished I would meet her again, if not in the institute so maybe later, by chance, somewhere in the city.

With my eighth climax I ran dry. I produced just another drip of cum and decided to call it a day. – After a brief phase of recovery I got dressed and exited the cabin, leaving the fairly cum-filled container behind, because I considered it being awkward to walk around the institute carrying multiple cumloads without knowing where to deliver it. They will collect it, I was sure. – I was kindly dismissed by the receptionist.

Weeks later I received the results of the study. The figures were truly impressive, human males, rather their cum-generating glands, are able to produce a significant volume of semen under ideal conditions. – I still was thinking a lot of the gorgeous girl who helped me perform a record-worthy ejaculation, and I wondered if she by now was swallowing her boyfriends milk!?

Story cumplete!

The Ad (1)

May 6, 2014

Some of you may have expected the next posting of my ongoing series Got Milk? – Capacity Check (#4 is due). Well, I certainly will continue, it´s just not pinned down yet. So, after a while and for a change read a story (in 2 parts) that suits the subject perfectly:

I had responded to an ad in a medical journal. A group of sexologists wanted to investigate the capacities of the male semen-producing glands. And here I was, in a facility where the tests were run and the data (spell: semen) was to be collected.

I matched their terms for participation and was approved. They were looking for multi-ejaculatory guys, because they want the participants to empty their glands in one session, having them cum as often until they run dry.

All I needed to do was to fill out a questionnaire asking for my sexual preferences, so they could adapt with the setting and prepare adequately for an initial triggering of the first ejaculation, which was to be executed by a sex-working professional exactly after 30 minutes of applied masturbation. After that I and the other participants, which I shall not encounter, were supposed to coax out all of the milk we had produced internally.

Each invitee was allowed to prepare in a way he believed and knew would result in an extraordinary cum-load. So I did my routine in time for having my system charged for good results: I drank lots of water, ate celery, consumed servings of lecithin granules and dropped some more L´Arginine before I left home for the big release(s). All I needed was a good turn-on at my destination. However, being part of the project was a major excitement and kicked off my arousal already.

At the lab I was introduced to a gorgeous young woman who led me to the cabin where the act was to be performed. I was so much hoping that she was the one to masturbate me, and she was!! In the cabin she explained the procedure:

Hi and welcome at our institute. I won´t disclose my name, I was chosen to guide you and masturbate you to an initial ejaculation according to your answers returned with the questionnaire.

To keep the setting neutral among all the contributors we prepared what you find here. I will masturbate your genitals for 30 minutes and then try to trigger an ejaculation of which I need to collect the semen you eject for measuring purposes. If I can´t make you cum you have to do it by yourself at the 30-minute mark. After I collected your semen I will leave the room and you need to ejaculate as often as you can or until your ejaculatory reflex does not produce any more semen. You are monitored via these two cameras. You see the container for your semen over there, I use a different one, both are labelled with your registration-code.

She pointed all out for me. I was having a boner by now.

Please get undressed completely, I however shall remain dressed. I will ask you to swallow this Viagra pill now as to make sure you will keep your erection throughout the whole procedure. When you are undressed please place yourself onto this board.

In the room was a solid piece of board with a large kind of glory hole in it. Think of a door with an opening at just the right spot, large enough for the sex-worker to access your cock, balls and anus from the off-side. The board was tilted slightly so that my position after mounting it would be something between standing and resting with my body’s front on the plank, just exposing my genitals and my head. I could not look down, but opposite me was a monitor. I was just going to ask when cutie said:

You see this screen on which you can follow me masturbating you in a close-up frame. This all is done this way for to establish the same somewhat neutral conditions for every guy participating in our research. Are you set?

Yes, I think so.

OK, please swallow the Viagra-pill now and get undressed. Do you have any questions?

While I was undressing after I had dropped the blue tablet I posed some questions:

Yes, I have some questions, like, can we talk with each other? I mean apparently I won´t be able to see you really, but communication may be important.

Oh yes sure. You are encouraged to tell me how you feel and the way you wish me to tease and caress you. You can become vocal if you like, there are no limits here, this is a safe room. I will try to give you a great time, but please guide me while I work your genitals. I want to edge you and I am looking forward to trigger your initial ejaculation. I also need information from you when you reach your point of no return, so that I am able to catch your semen without loss, that´s what it´s all about, right. After I made you cum, when you are alone, you also need to obtain your semen without any spills. Please try to stay focused OK!? – Shall we begin?

Yes, sure – pew – I am pretty much turned on. Let me allow to tell you, that you are very cute and that I appreciate very much that you will masturbate me, you really add to the situation.

glory b:w

With her thanking me I positioned myself on the board and found myself being more comfortable than I expected. I heard her say:

I assume that you are comfortable. Just relax and enjoy me loving your genitals. I will turn on the monitor now and you can watch me caress you. You are free to comment and direct me for any improvement you deem necessary.

…to be continued!


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