Got Milk? – Capacity Check (1)

March 22, 2014

Don´t trust what you not experience by your very self or with another man. I refer to the ejaculatory performance, mainly the volume of semen brought to light at the moment of truth.

There is a lot of footage out there to watch and „witness“, and you may have wondered: How the fuck can this guy shoot a pint of milk? How is this possible?


Seeing is believing, they say, but that just applies to the real deal and less so for recorded „settings“ (yet it depends). VisualFX (rather old-school trickery) and diverse manipulation are not just known in big-budget flicks. So let me try to create something like a capacity-analysis, because cum-volume simply is tied to anatomy, biochemical processes and the law of physics.

This topic is by request of one reader, Addicted (thanks for the inspiration). I will attempt to answer the above mentioned questions, contrary to such as: What can I do to become a pint-of-cum-shooter? I sure have addressed volume and performance issues several times in my blog. You also find quite many clips illustrating these themes, and none of them seem to use vfx, not that I know of (anim-gifs certainly don´t fall under this claim ;-) ). – Never forget: seeing it cum out of a cock-eye is one of the best indicators of a genuine scene – this as a basic rule!

Now, when a guy ejaculates his semen the natural way, his system obeys several anatomical parameters and metabolic conditions which work in combination to define the capacity and performance of an individual in a particular circumstance (i.e. his sexual act completed by his ejaculatory climax).

When we observe an ejaculation, what do we see?

  • We see his cock, mostly erect, but not necessarily so.
  • We see his cum being ejected out of his penis with more or less force in a rhythmic pattern.
  • We may see his cock throbbing in alignment to his cum-producing pulses.
  • We see his reaction subside and end after a certain period of time which contained more or less of those pulses.
  • We see an overall volume of cum ejected, depending on the duration of his ejaculation (# of pulses) and the richness of his pulses.

The reason why we see such a big variety among male ejaculations is the variability of the main aspects that contribute to any ejaculatory performance.

Leaving aside the neurological processes that underlie, trigger and drive the ejaculatory reflex, we can state that ejaculation is not possible without:

  1. the glands that produce and store the secretions that make up semen (cum), namely the seminal vesicles and the prostate
  2. the muscular system within the reproductive system, with most importantly the BC and PC-muscles
  3. the automatism and adaptability of the reflex upon a defined moment (PONR).

These mark the preconditions for the miracle we call ejaculation.

Further more certain variables are responsible for a different outcum (pun intended) we do observe in ejaculations. There is natural variation (genetics), age, situation-related variation (sex-act and physical/mental condition) and deliberately altered capacity (thru preparation and exercise) we are able to apply to a certain extend.

In my next post I will elaborate on the mentioned parameters.

Full Impact

February 14, 2014

We were cuddling and kissing, though not particularly out for getting down to it, or so we thought. The daily routines had been demanding for both of us, but those situations sometimes grow into the most memorable sexual experiences, especially with a young couple in love naked on the sofa.

She was bringing it up:

Tell me, you really enjoy any caressing no matter which part of your – how to say – sex-system, don´t ya?

Absolutely! I consider myself being lucky, because whatever you do with any part of my system – as you put it – I sure gonna love!

I see.

Yeah, but sometimes, you know, I dream about a situation in which every applicable teasing happens at once!

Uhu, I suppose that must be a friggin´ kind of lusty impact. Let´s put it together, there´s your cock, its helmet and skin, your balls, your anus and your glands inside of you…

And don´t forget my nipples!

Right, two of them as well – a lot of fine sexy spots…

I´d really love to have them covered all at the same time, and reaching climax from that! But I guess that´s not gonna happen, unless…

Oh come on! You men are all the same! Don´t deny you are thinking of three hotties working your hot-spots…

No, no, no, believe me, I´d rather have that performed by a single gal, and guess who that would be!? Just like one of ´em indian deities, you know, they have multiple arms. Now that´s my fantasy.


So, is it?! – Now what if I told you that I can manage?

What?! You can do that!?? But how?? – Please, please show me, right now, – you can do that, really!? See how I am responding – fuck, what a turn-on!

Yes, my cock was growing rock hard within seconds.

Wow, that must have been a strong and deeply rooted fantasy I woke up here…!?

Well, as a matter of fact you started it. And it was truly, truly great to if you could manage to prove your claim – now? And I was putting on my loveliest smile.

Men… Just for the records, I obviously don´t have six arms ´n hands, however, I can cover you essentially… Now if you promise to take care of your nipples all by yourself, I guess we do have a deal.

Promised! You know I love you for this.

Good then, whenever you´re ready lean back and see your fantasy come true!


Gawd, she gave me a hell of a ride right there and then:

she was eatin´ my cock like she never did before! This way she covered shaft, head and skin. I mean it was magical how she masturbated my penis with her mouth, tongue, teeth and throat.

At the same time she massaged my nutsack, always with the right pressure, at least that´s how I felt it.


Still at the same time she was caressing my prostate after she had softly penetrated my anal opening.

And I stroked my sensitive nipples.

The sensational experience evoked by being worked simultaneously at all the major sexual hot-spots was nothing short than a condition of pure bliss. I felt totally consumed, completely devoured, and on my way to release my produce to top it all off.

Soon enough, not long being subject to this exquisite treatment, I was approaching PONR. I just let go, just let it happen. That climax was intense, but in a different way. It wasn´t sharp as it usually is when the teasing focuses on a singular part. I don´t know what triggered it, I tried not to mentally prefer a particular impact zone. My climax felt just so, so good. It was a sincere surrender, a sustained release from like deep within! And my gal took it all in every way!

I need to experience this symphony of sensations again, and again. But next time my spots shall be taken care of one after the other before the big multi-impact finale I now know my unique sex-goddess is capable to perform on me!

Artist unbeknown to me.

Anal Pleasure

February 1, 2014

The anal opening may occupy roughly three roles in our sex-routines:

  1. it is taboo laden and will be neglected
  2. it is fully incorporated in our sexual activities (such prostate-milking or anal intercourse) without a second thought spent
  3. it is in the erotic focus on its own right for the pleasures it provides.

The anus can be a big issue – or none at all. I rather take its sexual integration for granted, not only because it is the gateway for reaching the prostate and seminal vesicles, but also because the anus is in fact a source of erotic sensations.**

The anus may be such a big issue for some people (and by the way: this is not gender-dependent), because it has the potential to touch a wide range of rather negatively charged aspects, spanning from biological to cultural issues. The anal taboo may still be widespread to great effect, as it is a „form of psycho-social control more potent than the most rigid moral code or threatening law.“*

This is a real shame, because – as I believe – the anus is just a natural part of „the system“ that defines our sexual center, which contains internal and external structures alike. After all our whole body is „sexual“ when we practise sexual activities.

The only up-side of the anal taboo may be what Jack Morin* named the „Naughtiness Factor“, a „process through which prohibitions are transformed into erotic fuel [...] for those who grew up steeped in anti-sexual messages and warnings“ when „the thrill of breaking the rules and flaunting taboos becomes a major aphrodisiac.“

anus draw

**When sexually excited: „The anal sphincters start to twitch and contract in response to direct stimulation or in sympathy with other pelvic muscles. [...] Voluntary contractions of the anal sphincters can also heighten pleasure. Many people enjoy the unique sensation of the anus contracting against something such as a finger, dildo, or penis.“

Sensitivity to anal touch appears to increase during excitation, at least for those who like it. Within the anal muscles and nearby perineal muscles (between the genitals and the anus) are a great many nerve endings that can be stimulated not only by contractions but also by external touch.“

All the quotes in this post are taken from the book: *Anal Pleasure & Health by Jack Morin, Ph.D., ISBN 0-940208-20-2. Yes, Morin wrote a whole book about the subject, of which Betty Dodson said it „is a classic that belongs in everyone´s library.“ – the book that is. And as for the subject I say: it may be well worth a further exploration!

For a Closer Look (21) – BC Spasming

January 18, 2014

In the preceding post I was referring to the BC – among other important muscles – and its role while you are on your way to climax.

Now, the BC (Bulbocavernosus muscle) is directly attached to the bulb of the penis (that´s the internal base of the Corpus spongiosum, this being one of two erectile bodies of your cock).


It almost fully surrounds your erectile bodies:

BC at base

Because this muscle (aka Bulbospongiosus muscle) automatically contracts repeatedly when your ejaculatory reflex is triggered, it is thus mainly responsible for your milk shooting out of your penis and the force with which your cum leaves your cock as ropes, spray or spill. Also read this intro on Kegel exercises (about muscle strengthening).

I found a clip* in which a guy shows us his bottom while he makes himself pass his PONR. You will observe his BC-muscle spasming throughout the reflexive phase of his ejaculation (watch the area between his anus and scrotum!).

The following pic (showing the muscles I address here) is upside down from the original (shown recently), but that doesn´t matter, because this way it matches exactly the posture of the guy in the clip, you´ll see!

BC male turn

What´s more, you will find yourself running this short clip over and over! That´s because there are quite some POIs in the frame that deserve your detailed attention:

  • Watch his anus and the movement there as the guy clenches his sphincter-muscles!
  • Watch the involuntary clenching of his BC – the main ejector muscle – while the guy spurts his seminal fluids.
  • Realise the length of his great cock (extending inside of his body and well visible with the given point of view)!
  • Notice the tightness of his nut-bag!
  • Watch his milk being ejected in 10 spurts! The guy shoots a solid volume of his juice. You can make out a drip of precum at his cock-tip until he releases his load!
  • Last not least enjoy the audio-track!

This little clip is truly revealing. Since we tend to focus at the cum-shooting itself, we often miss the muscle-pulsing that makes the milk fly. Well, we could shift attention when our guy climaxes a second time, or when he eventually cums dry (after the depletion of his reservoirs).

But we always can sense his BC pulse when we touch him at his base during his pumping. This is as simple as it is hot to experience!

*Tech. specs: .avi, 3.2 MB, 22 sec., sound


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