Cummon Fluidities

August 24, 2014

Semen is a unique and very special substance! A lot of my posts are dedicated to this kind of juice. Today I want you to take a closer look at the different basic fluidities it can escape you.

When male milk cums in abundance we can determine its specific fluidity for sure (a small volume supposedly almost always features thick mucous or gelatinous semen) and thus a variety can be experienced (due to different factors for secretion in the glands).

We know that semen-fluidity of a given guy is subject to change depending on circumstances during build-up, and it may even vary within one and the same ejaculation!

We basically find three distinct fluidities featured in (big) volumes of semen ejaculated:

  1. runny (thin)
  2. creamy (thick), and
  3. mucous (cohesive).

In an early poll I was asking: What is the texture of your milk? This is what you answered:

poll 04

The majority of the participants produces creamy semen followed by runny milk.

In a recent poll (ongoing while this post is published) I ask: Which texture of male milk do you just love? It is interesting how the results mirror the data in the poll shown above, yet notice the bold lead of the majority´s preference for creamy jizz!

poll 41

Let´s take a closer look at the three different textures/fluidities men commonly ejaculate in the order of their popularity!

This animated gif illustrates creamy, viscid semen:


It´s one of the final cum-pulses of the guy´s huge ejaculation (complete here). I consider this (and a slightly thinner fluidity) silky cream.

The next sample shows thin, runny semen:


The guy is shooting thin cum throughout his ejaculation (complete here). The gif presents one of his final jets as well. Notice the trickling of his juice from his wrist! I consider this „milk“, and rightfully so. The fluidity of his produce almost perfectly matches that of dairy milk.

The third sample represents slimy, cohesive semen:


Once again we observe one of the last spurts of the guy´s ejaculation and we clearly see the strong cohesiveness of his produce! His cum´s texture is closely related to that of precum. Note the puddles of jizz on his abs/chest from earlier ropes, it´s stuck there far from running (oozing) down. This kind of semen is so “solid“, you´d rather eat it instead of drinking it. – Personally I find this kind of fluidity (texture) intriguing to say the least!

But I love all of the displayed cum-fluidities in this post. And it is just great that most guys (their glands respectively) feature the ability to generate different cum-textures at times!

As for a clip of the complete ejaculation of the cohesive semen: I will present this truly awesome climax in a separate post soon. :-)

P.S.: Excuse the artifacts in the gif-displays, I lack technical knowledge for avoiding these…

Reel Fiction (8)

August 11, 2014

I haven´t had posted a Reel Fiction Story for a long time. This one still suits the recently completed series headlined Got Milk?

I got it all wrong! When I think back I only shake my head while grinning. I truly believed that the male nuts produced semen, which was collected and stored in the scrotum until release. This concept seemed so obvious, it was so brilliant, so convincing! Well, I was barely a teen then and what did I know?

I was a girl of just 11 when I gained interest in boys. Generally so and soon enough my curiosity turned to their sexuality. This was before the internet existed and information of this kind was based on rumors and accounts of friends and classmates (books which could answer these questions were not easily accessible). Biology classes were not yet due to teach us the workings of the male (or female) reproductive system.

My best source of information was my best friend and it all made so much sense what she reported to me in her first-hand accounts. She was two years older than me, quite premature, and dating a 15-year-old boy. It didn´t take long they engaged in sexual activities.

This boy must have been well endowed (for sure no little boy no more). My friend´s reports on what he revealed to her, how he behaved and how my friend experienced his genital reactions, were the hottest news and of very particular interest.

Since the boy, I think his name was Robert, Bob, – since Bob soon was expressing his desire to cum in phrases like that he needed to empty his balls or bust a nut so badly, I (and my friend in the first place) was sure that his semen was produced and stored down there. In addition to that we had heard that the stuff with which men could make babies came from the testicles in their scrotums. Well, capital mistake, we confused sperm with semen to begin with.

The days came (soon enough) when my friend gave Bob handjobs and thus had the chance to take closer looks at his genitals. She noticed that his sack appeared to be larger, somewhat puffed out in comparison to its state of non-arousal (my friend had seen him naked once in the bathroom some time before a non planned sexual encounter).

Big Scrotum jerk

A second observation later on in their sexual relationship was the fact, that Bob was shooting more cum the longer she played with his cock and scrotum before triggering him. This correlated, apparently, with a significant swelling of Bobs nutbag the longer she took her time to release him.

I was tremendously intrigued! I liked the thought that guys were able to produce a higher volume over time and that – as a result – their scrotums were getting bloated from the semen they collected in it before ejaculating. It was all so obvious and logical. This sure was the way males were working. My friend confirmed my thesis with what she observed at Bobs anatomy.

Her stories were hot and I longed to have a boyfriend for myself to verify and enjoy what she was telling me. Since my friend had developed a taste for semen and kept on reporting favourably about Bobs produce, I started to fantasize of having a lover who was able to shoot huge loads and who would grow a big and filled scrotum prior to his enormous releases.

This sexual phantasy was so powerful, that one night I had the most vivid dream of a man offering what I so deeply craved for: I was watching my (not yet existing) lover sitting on a sofa opposite of me. He said he wanted to show me what to expect when a man collected a huge load of semen in his scrotum and how awesome he was cumming when he emptied his filled nutbag then.


So he began jerking his penis with his right hand while holding his scrotum with his left hand, presumably pressing on it. His scrotum had the size of a grapefruit! After a short while he started cumming. He released torrents of his produce, it was incredibly hot! I felt the urge of being covered, well showered with his semen – his ejaculation was unbelievably huge and didn´t seem to end.

Eventually I woke up from having an orgasm!

I´ll never forget this beautiful dream, – it never occurred again, unfortunately. I listened to the stories of my friend, but since she and Bob began to fuck each other, the whole scrotum and cum-volume issue got out of focus, despite her love for jizz.

When we learned about the true anatomical circumstances of the male reproductive system I was kind of shocked a bit and disappointed. My beautiful and logic concept of the male seminal production and storage was all wrong, it was much more complicated than expected. And in sexual encounters one couldn´t „see“ no more how much cum a man had produced until he was due to spill it. – Well, this was all before I got sexually involved with a guy eventually. But I still love swollen balls and huge cumloads, and I am glad that men are capable of both, even though it´s not as glorious as it was in my dream.


Compare with this story!

Poll No. 40 Results

July 29, 2014

While I was publishing my big series on „Got Milk?“, I had poll #40 up asking you in a basic notion what it is that makes you love semen? Up to three answers were allowed, giving you a choice to pick from nine suggested answers and/or fill in your personal reason.

I received 336 votes during the time the poll was open! Let´s have a look at the interesting results:

poll 40

We find two clear leads and surprisingly those two reasons are not related to a physical attribute of cum. They reach beyond and signify that a majority of voters seem to value a holistic view concerning the male produce.

You love semen for the process necessary to obtain it means that you love what it takes to trigger ejaculation, which is masturbation or other forms of sex. I am sure you understood that the term “process” is supposed to mean a slow, a lasting act if not even edging!

You love semen for it being the physical manifestation of a mans climax means that when you see cum leaving a mans body you know that this guy is experiencing blissful sensations within his system! You love male milk, because it indicates just that and it is a joy to know. Semen spilled means climax (ejaculation, orgasm). This answer certainly didn´t aim for practices such as gland milking.

You love semen for its taste! This physical attribute garnered the majority of votes. It means that many of you voters consume male milk and love its taste (which is variable as we know).


You love semen for its texture (quality). Oh yes, cum is such a great fluid and it appears in a broad range of textures. No surprise that the next ranking answer is the following:

You love semen for the variability of its quality and volume. It sure is wonderful to enjoy the many different textures and capacities a male reproductive system is able to produce (even in one and the same guy)! This fact does not cease to amaze us, does it.

white milk torrent

You love semen for its scent. Cum sure has its distinct smell, which also may vary among individuals and occasions. It reminds many people to the odor of bleach. And I think some plants (its blossoms) develop a similar scent.

You love semen for its appearance (color and/or temperature). The warm temperature of fresh milk may be pretty much the same always anywhere ;-) yet the color once again is subject to change. The appearance of semen is tightly related to the questions about its texture (see before).

You love semen for its relative scarcity. – There is a significant drop in the number of votes from here. Interestingly enough this option was chosen by 8 voters. And yes, male milk is in fact a rare fluid, unlike all the main others, like saliva, tears, blood or sweat. And it is harder to get a hold of.

You love semen for its content, meaning nourishing properties. Semen does contain very valuable substances. It is supposed to benefit your body besides being the medium for impregnation. If we considered this we became aware of the fact that shooting around cum is truly wasteful.


Read the personal answers:

You love semen because you have earned it. This is a very confident answer alright.

You love semen for making babies. This answer is related to the neglected fact of the main property of cum and why we (males) are made to and do produce the stuff at all. Good point!

You love sucking cock and if a man cums in your mouth it is rude not to swallow his semen. Now this is a very particular answer. It could mean true love for a male, his cock and his produce!

Thanks to every participant!

Got Milk? – Pulses Repertory

July 20, 2014

This post closes the „Got Milk?“-series. It´s a direct continuation of Got Milk? – Capacity Check (3) in which I covered ejaculatory performance, explaining the different ways guys pulse out their produce and why so. What I described there, you may watch in clip-samples here.

I need to be a bit more precise: in this repertory I have collected hot scenes of ejaculations covering the range of the males’ ability to (powerfully) shoot jets of cum, from illustrating the spurting of few ropes (representing the majority of guys I believe) to the stunning achievements of true performance-masters, who signify the top of the anatomically possible.

Mind you that pulses do not equal jets or spurts! Pulses mean the contractions of the muscles (within the ejaculatory reflex) which make your semen leave your penis, no matter if this happens via gushes, squirts or ropes. But because this series of posts is about capacity-check, and parallel to the check on volume, I wanted to offer you evidence of powerful ejaculations.

Again, take into consideration that a minority of men is able to produce the feat of – lets say – five spurts (and more) on a regular basis. You need a big volume of milk and a strong muscular reaction for such, which both may be rather the exception to the rule.

In my poll-question #21 I was asking my readers about their personal output (cum-producing pulses on average, which – again – don´t mean jets or spurts). Take a look at the results of 68 voters:

poll pulses

The majority of votes are in the range of what we observe in this clip:

A. This guy is featuring a solid ejaculation showing 9 cum-producing pulses. Yet he does not spurt more than 2 distinct ropes of cum. I believe that his performance stands for the majority of ejaculations that guys show in a standard masturbatory session.


B. This guy represents a powerful shooter with 5 initial spurts of about 12 cum-producing pulses. I would place this sample already in the above-average range of ejaculatory performance.

C. This clip is very hot! You witness a beautiful ejaculation in slow motion of a young guy with a stunning cock! I count 10 pulses of which 6 of them produce very forceful spray-shots (add an initial (pre-pulse) and a final minor spurt)! When you focus at the base of his shaft you clearly make out the contractions of his BC-muscle, the pumping is obvious with the beautiful pulsation of his Corpus spongiosum (or Corpus cavernosum urethrae in the pic below, i.e. his soft erectile tissue containing the urethra).


D. This clip offers a beautiful study of a prolific ejaculation! It runs in slow motion and it´s a no touch performance! You clearly see the „naked“ throbbing cock shooting delicious ropey jizz! Of the 10 cum-producing pulses (the clip may be cut off before the end of the guy´s reflex) you witness 9 jets and spurts. This unaltered ejaculation features what I described in this post, paragraph “As for 1.”: The cum-volume ejected with a single pulse does vary throughout ejaculation, a fifth to eighth contraction may produce a bigger shot than the couple preceding ones. – In this clip the 6th and 7th rope show more force (and volume) than the preceding spurts!

E. The nick of the guy (Spritzmeister) and the setting we are presented with show it all. This guy belongs to the group of performance-masters when it cums to ejaculation. Of the filmed 12 cum-producing pulses at least 6 turn out as forceful spray-jets, only about 3 are minor spurts (plus a final mini-gush). The setting let you objectively witness Spritzmeisters range of shooting distance.

E. I shall not close without mentioning Spritzing (aka Krooga). This man is certainly one of the genuine performance-masters maybe on a global level! And he is (or was) able to perform like he does on a regular basis, truly astounding. I selected one of his beautiful ejaculation samples with a frontal point of view. Watch his cock-mouth and enjoy one of his ever stunning juicy climaxes in a slight slow motion!

spritzing power

After a brief pre-gush of his delicious milk he produces 14 cum-pulses of which he shoots (in slomo appearing as if he pisses them) 11 runny jets towards the cam! Pay attention to his cock-slit which is less a slit but a small opening which shall be one reason for his exquisite ability, – it works in the sense of a pinched hose with an effect we all know.

meatus anatomy

F. Finally I must repeat a clip I already offered in the preceding post. Witness (again) a guy performing a mega-ejaculation made of 37 ropey spurts (of different force)! It´s also a frontal view and it looks genuine. I explain the record number of his shots with that we follow him running thru 3 consecutive ejaculations or a combination of ejaculation and fluid-ejection from his bladder. Baffling enough is the not diminishing volume of his milk (in any spurt) until he eventually ceases jerking.

Male ejaculation is a very fascinating anatomical process. In my blog I try to deliver profound insights of this topic with a zest. The now completed series adds a terrific portion to my aim. But there is more to cum, so stay tuned. :-)


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