Got Milk? – Capacity Check (3)

April 9, 2014

Lets take a look at the physical aspects of the ejaculatory performance which must meet limitation, even under the most favourable circumstances, due to anatomical construction and biological as well as biochemical processes. There are:

  1. The pattern of the cum-producing pulses.
  2. The force of the cum-spurts ejected.
  3. The number of cum-producing pulses.
  4. The volume of semen ejected.

As for 1.: Ejaculation has a beginning and an end. It´s bound to the common nature of reflexes: they neither last nor are they subject to willful manipulation (you can´t do much alteration when you sneeze, can you!). As I wrote early in my blog, the ejaculatory reflex follows a common pattern, as the muscles involved contract rhythmically, initially at 0.8-second intervals. The intervals between contractions extend in time (slightly) and the intensity of the contractions tapers off until the involuntarity of the reflex dissolves (see the BC-muscle beautifully work in this small clip!). The muscle contractions make your cum gush or squirt. Some guys have a quicker, and some a slightly slower pulsing frequency (0.8-second intervals are rule-of-thumb). The cum-volume ejected with a single pulse does vary throughout ejaculation, a fifth to eighth contraction may produce a bigger shot than the couple preceding ones. Yet eventually the contractions become weaker, will not be strong enough to eject more of your milk and finally dissolve/stop, marking the completion of your climactic reflex.

As for 2.: We observe a broad variety in the force with which semen is ejected from the mouth of a penis. Forceful cum-shots are truly spectacular and awesome to witness. Several factors contribute to a powershot, such as an ideal chain-reaction of events within your system (ideal flow of seminal fluids), a respectable volume of fluids supplied, an ideal (inviscid) mixture of secretions, a supportively designed urethra and urethral opening (cock-slit) and after all a powerful muscular system with a very strong BC-muscle (which you can exercise!). All these factors need to complement each other to achieve (a set of) powershots. The top-speed at which semen can leave a mans cock-slit was measured at about 28 miles/hr! However, and as I explained before, such powershots will naturally abate during the course of a given ejaculation (and the span of a lifetime). Forceful cum-jets remain to describe the exception to the rule, I´m afraid.

curved rope

As for 3.: Again, ejaculation has a beginning and an end. We like to count the spurts a guy is producing rather than clocking the time of the duration of the reflex. The more spurts and gushes a guy is able to deliver, the more arousing and awe-inspiring the ejaculatory performance becomes while watching it (at least with me). Naturally there is a limit to that number of pulses! It is rather simple to specify this upper limit, given the abundance of cum-shot clips available on the net. After many years of counting, so to speak, I find the upper limit reached with about 14 to 16 cum-producing pulses in a single ejaculatory reflex. The last third or quarter of a whole set of pulses is mostly producing very small spills of semen. Nevertheless, 14 to 16 pulses (+ the aftermath) do mean a lasting climax and – generally – a big overall volume of milk spilled!

As for 4.: Like with the number of spurts, an extended volume of jizz ejected is a truly hot visual. Both attributes are tightly related, as with more accumulated seminal fluids in the glands, more cum-producing pulses are likely to occur for us to enjoy: either watching the flood emerge or better yet catching it live!


Alas our glands, which generate and store our juices, also do meet their capacity limits. When our glands are drained (which may be the case only after follow-up ejaculation(s)), it takes a while for them to replenish. A further (forced) reflex would result in a dry ejaculation (an oxymoron, because you don´t ejaculate no fluid no more) which lets you experience muscular contractions in the described pattern without any cum left to appear at your cock-slit (but a drip maybe ;-) ).

The question is: how much is much? Or what would be the capacity limit concerning cum-volume? Don´t ask the books, because they operate with bottom-line volumes, such as: As a general rule, the volume of ejaculate averages around 2.75 – 3.4 ml after three days’ abstinence. The volume varies considerably both within and between individuals. I guess even those figures will be outdated (at least for the sexual active male) and they seem like a joke compared to the volumes you can find on average in web-supplied footage (though I admit that most guys who do post their clips certainly do shoot extraordinary volumes – clips mean showing-off after all).

In my next post of this series I shall take a close look at volume(s).

Got Milk? – Capacity Check (2)

March 29, 2014

Ejaculation is pretty much independent of the condition of a cock, the testicles, the Cowpers glands and the bladder. Important and indispensable for performing a natural ejaculation are the aspects I mentioned in the preceding post:

  1. the glands that produce and store cum
  2. the muscular system that propels cum and makes it see the light of day (or at least makes it leave a guys body)
  3. and the reflex that follows PONR, which is inextricably linked with what we call ejaculation.

As for 1.: you need your glands (see here and here) not only because they produce and store the fluids that mix up to become your milk, but because your glands are an essential part of your reproductive system. They are wired into what represents this (closed) system, where while you ejaculate every structure is needed for making it possible!


As for 2.: muscles, small and big, are everywhere within your system. It´s like a system by itself and it runs as an ensemble even before the moment your ejaculation is triggered, and especially then. The pre-programmed spasms (with a set rhythmic pace) then make sure that your milk is ejected out of your cock, more or less forcefully. All the muscles are the main source of the sensations that you sense just before and while ejaculating.

As for 3.: You can not spurt your semen at will, like out of the blue! True ejaculation is a triggered reflex (very few guys can trigger PONR mentally!). The reflex runs it´s programme (muscles, glands, connected tubes and valves) automatically. This all works thanks to our nervous system (and that´s a vast and complex field I won´t delve into here). However, some guys are able to gain control for performing stand-alone emissions.


According to the books, emission is part of the ejaculation:

„Seminal emission is the process of sperm transport from the epididymis to the prostatic urethra, followed by closure of the bladder neck, and is under sympathetic control. Promoted by high sexual arousal, this phase has an element of voluntary control by the man.“

I, however, use the term emission differently throughout my blog. I refer to it as emission-climax, when semen leaves a mans cock in a steady stream (as seen in the animated gif above) without showing the propulsive jets that mark ejaculation, meaning semen is released from the glands while the guy managed to avoid triggering the reflex. This is what we see when a man can separate emission from ejaculation.

Nos. 1 thru 3 above show us the essentials – anatomically speaking – which grant us the ejaculatory ability.

Now, we certainly do notice a broad variety in ejaculatory performance, namely the number of pulses a given reflex displays and the volume of milk expelled; the volume depending both on the number of pulses and the accumulated secretions within the glands beforehand.

The variables responsible for this are:

  1. natural variation (genetics)
  2. age
  3. situation-related variation (sex-act and physical/mental condition)
  4. deliberately altered capacity (thru preparation and exercise).

As for 1.: genetics determine the basic configuration of your system and hence the basic range of your capacity. Just like variety in hair-color, penis-size or sweat-production, there is a genetically given variety in the reproductive systems physique to begin with.

As for 2.: with progressing age your capacity and performance may change dramatically towards decline! Many elders will confirm this; this is how nature in time effects most of us.

As for 3.: the setting of a given sex-act (scenario + duration) and our physical and mental condition on the spot, show a great effect on the secretions within the glands – foremost the maintenance and level of arousal.

As for 4.: just like with other domains, we can foster and support our system thru exercise and healthy living in general, and by specific dietary intake and supplementation in particular. These measures have quite an impact on a guys capacity. Yet any guy needs to find out what works best for him. And the individually found formula may change in the course of time.

It is apparent now why we experience and see (witness) a broad variety in ejaculatory capacity. However, there must be – there is – an upper limit concerning the main features of natural ejaculation. More about that in my next post.

Got Milk? – Capacity Check (1)

March 22, 2014

Don´t trust what you not experience by your very self or with another man. I refer to the ejaculatory performance, mainly the volume of semen brought to light at the moment of truth.

There is a lot of footage out there to watch and „witness“, and you may have wondered: How the fuck can this guy shoot a pint of milk? How is this possible?


Seeing is believing, they say, but that just applies to the real deal and less so for recorded „settings“ (yet it depends). VisualFX (rather old-school trickery) and diverse manipulation are not just known in big-budget flicks. So let me try to create something like a capacity-analysis, because cum-volume simply is tied to anatomy, biochemical processes and the law of physics.

This topic is by request of one reader, Addicted (thanks for the inspiration). I will attempt to answer the above mentioned questions, contrary to such as: What can I do to become a pint-of-cum-shooter? I sure have addressed volume and performance issues several times in my blog. You also find quite many clips illustrating these themes, and none of them seem to use vfx, not that I know of (anim-gifs certainly don´t fall under this claim ;-) ). – Never forget: seeing it cum out of a cock-eye is one of the best indicators of a genuine scene – this as a basic rule!

Now, when a guy ejaculates his semen the natural way, his system obeys several anatomical parameters and metabolic conditions which work in combination to define the capacity and performance of an individual in a particular circumstance (i.e. his sexual act completed by his ejaculatory climax).

When we observe an ejaculation, what do we see?

  • We see his cock, mostly erect, but not necessarily so.
  • We see his cum being ejected out of his penis with more or less force in a rhythmic pattern.
  • We may see his cock throbbing in alignment to his cum-producing pulses.
  • We see his reaction subside and end after a certain period of time which contained more or less of those pulses.
  • We see an overall volume of cum ejected, depending on the duration of his ejaculation (# of pulses) and the richness of his pulses.

The reason why we see such a big variety among male ejaculations is the variability of the main aspects that contribute to any ejaculatory performance.

Leaving aside the neurological processes that underlie, trigger and drive the ejaculatory reflex, we can state that ejaculation is not possible without:

  1. the glands that produce and store the secretions that make up semen (cum), namely the seminal vesicles and the prostate
  2. the muscular system within the reproductive system, with most importantly the BC and PC-muscles
  3. the automatism and adaptability of the reflex upon a defined moment (PONR).

These mark the preconditions for the miracle we call ejaculation.

Further more certain variables are responsible for a different outcum (pun intended) we do observe in ejaculations. There is natural variation (genetics), age, situation-related variation (sex-act and physical/mental condition) and deliberately altered capacity (thru preparation and exercise) we are able to apply to a certain extend.

In my next post I will elaborate on the mentioned parameters.

Full Impact

February 14, 2014

We were cuddling and kissing, though not particularly out for getting down to it, or so we thought. The daily routines had been demanding for both of us, but those situations sometimes grow into the most memorable sexual experiences, especially with a young couple in love naked on the sofa.

She was bringing it up:

Tell me, you really enjoy any caressing no matter which part of your – how to say – sex-system, don´t ya?

Absolutely! I consider myself being lucky, because whatever you do with any part of my system – as you put it – I sure gonna love!

I see.

Yeah, but sometimes, you know, I dream about a situation in which every applicable teasing happens at once!

Uhu, I suppose that must be a friggin´ kind of lusty impact. Let´s put it together, there´s your cock, its helmet and skin, your balls, your anus and your glands inside of you…

And don´t forget my nipples!

Right, two of them as well – a lot of fine sexy spots…

I´d really love to have them covered all at the same time, and reaching climax from that! But I guess that´s not gonna happen, unless…

Oh come on! You men are all the same! Don´t deny you are thinking of three hotties working your hot-spots…

No, no, no, believe me, I´d rather have that performed by a single gal, and guess who that would be!? Just like one of ´em indian deities, you know, they have multiple arms. Now that´s my fantasy.


So, is it?! – Now what if I told you that I can manage?

What?! You can do that!?? But how?? – Please, please show me, right now, – you can do that, really!? See how I am responding – fuck, what a turn-on!

Yes, my cock was growing rock hard within seconds.

Wow, that must have been a strong and deeply rooted fantasy I woke up here…!?

Well, as a matter of fact you started it. And it was truly, truly great to if you could manage to prove your claim – now? And I was putting on my loveliest smile.

Men… Just for the records, I obviously don´t have six arms ´n hands, however, I can cover you essentially… Now if you promise to take care of your nipples all by yourself, I guess we do have a deal.

Promised! You know I love you for this.

Good then, whenever you´re ready lean back and see your fantasy come true!


Gawd, she gave me a hell of a ride right there and then:

she was eatin´ my cock like she never did before! This way she covered shaft, head and skin. I mean it was magical how she masturbated my penis with her mouth, tongue, teeth and throat.

At the same time she massaged my nutsack, always with the right pressure, at least that´s how I felt it.


Still at the same time she was caressing my prostate after she had softly penetrated my anal opening.

And I stroked my sensitive nipples.

The sensational experience evoked by being worked simultaneously at all the major sexual hot-spots was nothing short than a condition of pure bliss. I felt totally consumed, completely devoured, and on my way to release my produce to top it all off.

Soon enough, not long being subject to this exquisite treatment, I was approaching PONR. I just let go, just let it happen. That climax was intense, but in a different way. It wasn´t sharp as it usually is when the teasing focuses on a singular part. I don´t know what triggered it, I tried not to mentally prefer a particular impact zone. My climax felt just so, so good. It was a sincere surrender, a sustained release from like deep within! And my gal took it all in every way!

I need to experience this symphony of sensations again, and again. But next time my spots shall be taken care of one after the other before the big multi-impact finale I now know my unique sex-goddess is capable to perform on me!

Artist unbeknown to me.


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