January 7, 2012


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The Hypnotist (1)

June 27, 2015

Here is a piece of magical fiction:

Imagine you could go to a person and ask for a self-referred sex-wish to come true. Something like a sustained erection, more stamina or intensified orgasm. Well, I did just that with a complex request. And it worked!

I am a convinced solosexual and my ejaculatory reflex, at times producing huge loads of jizz, is my very addiction. I love gaining messy results due to all the semen that has to leave my system. And I enjoy that my reflex lasts above the average time-frame. Still I always wished for an extended PONR, an even longer lasting ejaculation and with that an unreal volume of cum.


So I went to this Sex Magic Hypnotist and he understood on the spot. Before hypnotizing me to mobilize the powers of my mind, he instructed me for getting the most out of my quest, literally. Here´s the procedure I needed to follow:

I was required to be able to edge, which I certainly am, because an extended ejaculation is nothing that could be made happen out of the blue. I would need time in arousal, so that my body, my system, was able to gear up. Hypnotic programming then was the tool to support and push to the extreme what was set in motion naturally.

He asked me to use an egg timer for counting down 50 minutes which I was supposed to spend edging. I also was asked to prepare myself with my proven diet for an accelerated and increased cum-production.

The ringing of the timer would be the trigger for my id to merge into PONR leading to a stretched ejaculatory reflex. Hypnosis was to be used to program my mind to execute the latter with the timers ringing.

We agreed upon the following characteristics of the stretched climax:

  1. PONR was supposed to last 12 secs (instead of the usual 3-4 secs)
  2. the spasms of the ejaculation were supposed to run in a rhythm of 4 secs (instead of 0.8 secs)
  3. the reflex was supposed to fade out after the 25th spasm
  4. my glands were primed to increasingly secrete their juices during the 50 minutes of edging. I was warned that it might get uncomfortable due to an overload before ejaculation was set to take off (if I thought necessary I was recommended to milk my prostate and vesicles, my mind however would not permit my body to ejaculate until after the ringing of the timer)
  5. then, after the ringing ended, my id would send my body into the climactic reaction, beginning with the emergence of PONR, no matter if I was touching myself or not!

The Hypnotist closed the consultation with hypnotizing me at which he programmed my id to execute the mentioned rules. He said that I ought to choose a day when I felt the strongest urge to experience this special kind of climax and that his magic would be good just for once. He recommended to fully relax and enjoy my ejaculation, as I was supposed to with the whole 50 minutes of edging before the programmed take-off.

Soon enough the big day arrived, I had been in a good mood, even had started my diet a couple of days before and wanted to experience this mega-ejaculation. The mere anticipation excited me tremendously.

…to be continued!

Poll No. 46 Results

June 14, 2015

We Have a Favorite Cockhead-Chart!

At the end of my post Cockhead Galore (2) I invited you to vote in the now closed poll # 46 to determine the hottest of the 10 cockhead-charts. The multiple choice option gave you the chance to select your three front-runners.

The feedback was less enthusiastic than expected. Look at the results of an old poll (# 16) and notice that the helmet/glans was the clear winner when asked what part of the penis you love/enjoy the most! The number of votes in favor for the cock-head then exceeds the total number of votes for the whole poll # 46 now (which was open for 6 weeks). – Poll # 16:

poll 16

However, we do have a clear lead! Most of you voted for Chart # 7B:

chart #7B

The two runner-ups are on a par! They are Chart # 1 and Chart # 5:

chart #1 chart #5

Please have a look at the complete poll # 46 results:

poll 46

The only chart without a vote is Chart # 7A!? That´s curious, no vote at all, although those nine specimen are just as appetizing as all the others featured in the two posts (my humble opinion)!?

By the way, my personal favorite – after quite a while of weighting – is Chart # 2. Yet my favorite povs are # 4 and corresponding # 6.

Thanks to all participants!!

5 Years of Sexutainment

June 1, 2015

Yes, sexutainment is a cross between sexual and edutainment, and that is how I understand my blog today, a good five years in the making! In this post I want to make up a balance.

When I started I mentioned this in my intro:

I can neither foresee the makeup of content nor the pace of contributing. I do, however, know that I want to share my library and knowledge about the topics, which will supply information from science to prose and experiences to musings.

Well, I pretty much fulfilled my endeavour and try to continue doing so. This blog became a fine resource to everything dealing with the male sexual self-realization, sometimes from a females perspective (31 posts tagged that way).


Yet I believe that I even have reached beyond by providing expert knowledge of so many aspects of my theme! And yes, I did learn quite some myself in the process.

Although I cover the broadest range of topics with capabilities not even well researched (for example like here or here), I observe a strong readers-preference for just few themes, which are: emission, milking (forced), precum and ejaculatory performance (this aspect!), just to name the top runners.

Some stats:

  • up to 200+ visitors daily from all over the globe are choosing from
  • 239 posts, as of today (and do view about 3 per visit on average),
  • adding up to 860,000 all time views (just passing this mark now, WordPress count),
  • 101 „fans“ follow my blog,
  • more than 740 comments are addressed to many (not every) posts including 272 comments by myself as responses to friendly notes or requests,
  • 285 images are stored in my blog´s media library of which but a few are published already – many of them exclusively. Like this new pic nowhere else to be found:


I am proud of this blog and what it holds in store! And even more so after I reviewed poll #45 in which I asked for the effect my blog has on you. Take a look at the votes:

poll #45

This testimonial speaks for itself and I dearly appreciate the „Other Answer“ which sums it all up! Thank you all very much, return often and browse as much as you like within content never becoming obsolete! :-)

The Blissed Triangle

May 16, 2015

I realized that I never posted anything about the frenulum or its location on the underside of a cockhead. I did however write about the foreskin in two posts (here + here). And both cover a lot of ground.

Still, the tissue delta I address in this post describes a very special penile area. Not only are we treated with a highly appealing visual of never-ceasing fascination (check glans-charts #4, #5, #6), even more this blissed triangle provides us with a spot that easily triggers ejaculation when (solely) stimulated!


This area, also known as frenular delta, is considered by many as most sensitive of a given penis, as expressed in a scientific article by Ken McGrath:

The frenular delta is noted by men as the most sensitive area of their penis, especially in the mid-line nearest the frenulum, and the frenulum itself.

Also wikipedia agrees, following several sources:

The frenulum and the associated tissue delta on the underside of the penis below the corona has been described in sexuality textbooks as “very reactive” and “particularly responsive to touch that is light and soft“. The “underside of the shaft of the penis, meaning the body below the corona” is a “source of distinct pleasure“.

It may be less the skin (if you are intact, the frenulum) that does the magic. When we look at the sensitivity graph we realize that highest skin-sensitivity does not lie within the triangle (compare here).

triangle sensitivity


Fact is that this triangle of bliss is one kind of a lustful spot, probably due to the intertwining of tissues (skin and erectile). In my experience sufficient pressure here will accelerate the approach of PONR. But you will know what works best for you.

I found a text on a masturbation-method focussing at the frenular delta:

The circling technique: using the pad of your index or middle finger, make circles on the underside of the head right at or beneath where the ridge meets. This area is extremely sensitive, so be careful; lighter touching is more stimulating than heavy. Vary the pressure, direction and speed. Try to just relax and feel the sensation in your cock.

Take your time. The longer you take -especially if you are edging– the more intense the orgasm and the bigger your load.

When you feel like you can’t go on, speed up the circles; you’ll start cumming, and for maximum effect, continue the circles until the last bit comes out or even after.

While everyone is different, my experience and what I’ve heard confirms that you’ll cum differently using this technique than from stroking. With stroking, you are more likely to shoot or spray your cum out. With circling, you are most likely to have your cum pump, flow, or even gush out; I’ve had all three happen.

Recently avid follower and commenter Tom supplied a link to a clip (duration 5:07) showing a guy triggering his ejaculation thru teasing his frenulum. Actually he is triggering his reflex while (also) stroking the sensitive lower frenular tissue depicted in the drawing above! He is not really impacting his sweet spot, the delta (or triangle), to make his runny milk shoot. Study the slow-mo replay at the end of the clip.

By the way, I realized I have this guy featured in my blog here!

At last take a look at this animated gif for a variation of the circling technique (for guys with a frenulum):

frenu shake

Do you sense it tingling at your blissed triangle?! ;-)


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