January 7, 2012


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The PONR-Climax

January 30, 2019

I am a convinced solosexual. I believe that while you can have sex with another human being to a level of solid satisfaction, also due to things you can not have when doing it solo, it is you alone who can create unsurpassed sexual peak experiences. Because your pleasure actions, with immediate sensed internal responses, describes a feedback loop that no one else can have such precise control upon. That´s why you alone can push yourself to the true boundaries of sexually rooted intensity and total satisfaction. However, this requires knowledge, technique and discipline.

I became an expert in (male) sexual climax. I experimented all my life (in the midlife currently) and am familiar with many kinds of a sexual peak experience.

There are two sides of the medal: the techniques and knowledge of the different kinds of climax vs the actual (and ever-changing) responding of the own body, particularly your anatomy, to your self-stimulation. Your wellbeing, your health, your physical constitution play a very important part on how you will experience a given climax.

I have been able to provide myself with such intense sexual reactions that I thought I´d pass out, I totally lost control, my body was nothing but climaxing. But these extremes remain to be exceptional. And again I strongly doubt that someone else could trigger such within my system.

I wanted to tell you about a form of climax that I to this day never heard about anywhere else, it seems to not be particularly described (dry orgasm is similar, but follows a different technique). I experience it under certain conditions (see further down) and generate it when the circumstances are calling for it. I labeled it PONR-climax or dancing-the-crest-climax. I really love it!

You know what PONR is. The moment you become aware of the inevitability of the occurrence of your ejaculatory climax. When you are untrained, like at a very young age, ejaculation is experienced as ONE body-reaction. But ejaculation can be separated in different stages: first you reach PONR, then emission occurs, which will lead to the ejection of semen. With time and experience (after lots of experimentation) I had managed to separate emission from ejaculation and orgasm and am well able experiencing them independently of each other at will.

I always longed to stretch PONR, before the ejaculatory reflex was inevitably setting in. Or even better, to separate PONR from the reflex of ejaculatory pumping. The latter would mean to experience a dry, pure PONR-climax (not merging into the reflex). The pure sensation of „going-to-cum“. My goal was to achieve this somehow. I wasn´t sure if it was possible at all, because in my expert knowledge PONR always meant like the first stage of the ejac-reflex.

To my delight and surprise it turned out that while PONR is in fact a general turning point for a climactic reaction, it is not tied to the ejaculatory reflex in particular.

After a long time pursuing my quest I managed to establish separation! What you need is this:

  • a strong craving for an intense sexual reaction with a basically raised level of lecherousness
  • the discipline to edge yourself as long as it takes (length of edging depends on your level of arousal) while being secure with trigger-control
  • the attitude that cumming-denial is your climactic objective, all you want is a dry climax.

I guess it is important to develop an attitude, otherwise you wouldn´t get to the pure PONR-climax: ejaculation must not be your top priority anymore, at least not at such occasions. If you´re spilling milk at the end of the road, that´s fine. But you must prefer cum-retention along with favouring the lasting bliss-option: repeatedly dancing-the-crest reactions.

Edging is indispensable to charge your system with the sexual energy you later need for releasing thru this kind of climax. All sexual climaxes are a discharge of energy. The more you are charged, the more intense and lasting will a climax be (true for any kind of climax).

What you want along with the physical readiness for discharge is a mental/emotional state where you feel so deeply in love with your genitals and system to a level, that you believe that all of you is your sexual center and nothing else.

Right before it happened to me, I had reached this state. I was hovering close to PONR and wanted to find out if I could avoid falling into the pumping reflex.

My cock, balls and glands were brimming with energy (and yes, seminal fluids). In my timeless agonising condition of being so close before my turning point, the edge, I yet again reached for my cockshaft, briefly, but with enough „impact“, when I clearly sensed that I arrived at the point of no return, believing that I put myself on the path of inevitability. I definitely expected the reflex to set off within few seconds although I managed to keep my muscles remain absolutely relaxed. However, the reflex did not commence, the big initial clench just did not happen!

Instead I found myself being locked in anticipation for the pumping contraction(s) to begin while bearing down (as if wanting to pee). I thought I had managed to stretch PONR! What was happening with me? My heart was beating fast and strong when suddenly my pelvis and thighs began to involuntarily shudder and tremble increasingly! My sexual energy was finding it´s way to discharge otherwise than through pumping contractions. It´s an immensely blissful state of sensing those sweet melting sensations, while still expecting these to be taken over by the spasms of ejaculation any moment, then the next, and the next… but no!

The trembling lasted about 20+ seconds. Imagine, you expect your pulsing to take off from second to second, but you are just shivering from pure and deep sexual excitement, dancing-the-crest, not being able to return (i.e. stop this reaction) but yet without ejaculation being executed by your system. This was incredibly intense, totally mind-blowing and very confusing when it happened to me the first time. I even became scared that this strange climax would not end and I´d be damaged from it in some way…

But the trembling slowly subsided and after a short while I dared an attempt to repeat, for the sensations had been so gloriously outlandish. However, while I managed to stretch PONR resulting in some trembling again, I also triggered the reflex.

Only some time later I was able to repeat when the circumstances and situation were much like the initial road to this extraordinary sexual reaction. My body had learned yet another truly wonderful way to release accumulated sexual energy.

Note: This is a piece of fiction! Rather something like a thesis. I guess this kind of climax may not be possible as described. However, the central gif (in this case showing a dry climax, -even repeatedly, as the original clip revealed) demonstrates that something like the particularized account is achievable!

Amazingly Hung

January 12, 2019

When I was pondering over these photos of beautiful „hanging“ cocks (scroll down a bit) I began to ask myself: Wait a minute, what are they…?!! Sure, they are huge penisses, nothing else or less, but they certainly are unlike how we usually know penisses.

We learn, confirmed by general experience, that a penis, when flaccid, is hanging (pointing down); and standing up (more or less, at least standing say horizontally) when erect, displaying a change of size accordingly (from smaller to larger). A true shapeshifter!

This must be naturally so, because the erection-process does fill the penis with blood.

What then are penisses who are huge but hanging nonetheless?! They can not be fully erect, can they? They can not be flaccid, or are they? They can be semi-erect, but how huge would they grow until they reach their max. erectile state? On the other hand, would they substantially diminish in size if they further flabbiered? Think about it while enjoying this selection:

Truly astounding and beautiful!

To be clear what they are (in which state (of erection) they are depicted) we´d need to ask each owner of the given cock. My estimate is this: some men are indeed amazingly hung with a penis that will not become significantly smaller in their relaxed/flaccid state, while they will not grow significantly either when erection occurs!

Take a look at this beautiful specimen:

Now watch his erection-cycle (not complete):

This then will show his full erect state (associated muscles relaxed, penis bloodfilled):

This is what we call a shower when it comes to erectile performance. While such cocks offer a constant great image of themselves, they will not surprise with „hidden“ secrets such as -equally astounding- shapeshifting capability.

I believe that amazingly hung men (in the sense of my suggestion) are the exception from the rule. I guess there is no data allocated to allow for conclusions on ratio of distribution in the male population.

My own survey (poll) came along with these results:

The bias is clear and reflects what we learn and mostly experience. – Here we come full circle. Leaves me to say: please enjoy the penis you are endowed with, we´re all unique!

Welcum 2019!

January 1, 2019

Another year has passed! The World seems to become more and more crazy in many aspects. I am convinced that my blog means a bit of a refuge with regard to the ever more demanding circumstances „out there“.

However, I notice a sharp decline of visitors and views since March 2018! I can´t explain that, I have no clue. Makes me worry a bit. And one always asks oneself: Did I do something „wrong“? Do I need to change/improve something? Or is it just that people lose interest in (male) sexuality, because the demands of their lives grow more serious and occupy more of their time and inclination to care for sexual matters?

Dear followers and readers/visitors, let´s look forward to a year with hopefully more time for sexual pleasures and satisfaction and less time to worry about mundane affairs!

Stay healthy and safe for being able to continue treating yourself with your most desired solo-sexual practices and/or consenting partner-sexual encounters throughout the next 12 months and beyond! Cum well and let us keep the World a peaceful and sex-positive place!

Happy New Year 2019!

In The Line of Ejection

December 24, 2018

The post about roping and spraying is very popular. It indeed is a significant finding, because the respective performing is affecting the ejaculatory experience of the cummer and a possible partner more profoundly than assumed.

Most men will not waste a thought about how their ejected juice does perform once airborne, at least when they are young and not yet know (or care) about the several cum-fluidities. Why should they care? They are shooting their loads and feel great while doing so.

Another reason for lacking awareness may be found in the fact, that the difference between ropers and sprayers is best seen only in forceful ejaculations with a high volume of produce ejected.

And yes, in that case the difference is immense, for sprayed cum leaves a greater „mess“ than a roped volume.

I am generally fascinated by massive ejaculations while both distinctive characteristics of fluid behaviour in mid-air amaze me utterly.

Now imagine you were in the line of either one type of forceful ejection. As I mentioned above, the experience of being wetted with semen couldn´t be more different!

If you are graced, or rather greased by a roper, you will be hit at the same area (of your body, given you are not moving), because ropes (in their flight) are not, or rather late, disintegrating.

If you are standing in the line of a sprayer you will be showered with semen as if hit by a brief gush from a watering can. It is even most likely that part of the load/spurt misses you!

When getting sexually involved with a man it´s always truly exciting to learn his ejaculatory performance type (and there is more variety than only spray vs rope, see here, here and here). Whichever he belongs to, try to get the most out of it! 😉

If you want to be covered by his milk/cream I suggest, while looking at the gifs above, that you rather stay close to the penis of a sprayer, whereas you may seek a certain distance from a forceful roper for enjoying the flight path and being hit by each rope of his ejaculation. In any way, enjoy exploring the line of ejection! 🙂