January 7, 2012


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The Ultimate Oral – Couple

November 30, 2015

Fellatio is a most intimate sexual act. The fellator/fellatrix (giver hereafter) is taking care of the genitalia of the one he/she pleases (receiver hereafter) in a most sophisticated way (assumingly), because the giver is loving his receiver with possibly all his senses and natural capacity (toys even not considered). But that is not what I mean when I speak of the „ultimate“ (from this posts title)…

We all can easily visualise a basic fellatio scene: the giver is in close proximity to the cock and balls of the receiver. Fellatio may evolve from a handjob that may contain jerking, milking, stroking, squeezing, pumping, nut cupping, kneading and scratching, as well as anal teasing and probing.

In a next phase the giver will use his/her mouth, tongue and teeth for licking, lapping, teething to work the glans with its opening (the meatus), the frenulum, the shaft (sideways), the scrotum and the anal opening (compare here).


The giver has a wide range of natural „tools“ (I was addressing as natural capacity above) at his/her disposal: hands, fingers, fingernails, lips, teeth, tongue, palate, saliva, breath. Use them one by one or in any combination and you can imagine the potential for deep sexual joy for the benefit of your receiver. But again, this is not what I mean.

Instead, I believe that deepthroating stands for the highest level in oral sex. For the giver it is the most intimate sexual encounter, for he/she permits the cock of the loved one into the own body right were his/her personality and consciousness is located (the head).

For the receiver being deep-throated means nothing other than being eaten alive with what is his sexual core. And given that his semen will be consumed by the giver, the quest for a most intimate and complete sexual union is fulfilled – it´s the ultimate oral sex encounter!

taking him

For both, giver and receiver, the psycho-spiritual aspects of deepthroating are of high value and importance, the physical sensations though differ a great deal among the two!

To the receiver, being orally copulated is a spiritual pleasure as well as a physical one. In full trust he offers his genitals (and produce!) into the care of his giver as the utmost gift he sexually can give. In return he may experience sensations as unique as they are intense.

Men reported that they feel an incredible tightness around the circumference of the penis just below the head with the most pleasurable sensation focused on the underside of the penis, where the head joins the shaft. The grip of a throat is beyond compare except perhaps the penetration of a tight anal opening and rectum.

The psychological excitement and spiritual quality for the giver is on a high level as well, given that he/she is in deep love with penis, with semen, with men to begin with. The fact that the giver will get to experience the closest possible encounter, or rather intake, with what he/she loves most, charges this sexual practise with a profound value.

However, the execution of totally swallowing a cock is only possible (and enjoyable for the giver) after a great deal of practice, because the giver must learn to control the gag- or choking-reflex as well as mastering breath control. Once the penis is fully occupying the throat, air is blocked completely. The giver must sync the depth of penetration and the pace of withdrawal to allow the taking of air through the nostrils.

deep-throat x-ray

Although we may find a lot of clips showing deepthroating situations, not too many givers are true masters of uninhibited cock swallowing (to the max). It is not an easy task, – just try to „play deepthroat“ with yourself using an ordinary carrot and you will realize the effort of taking-in a penis, of which the head may fill your oral cavity already!

If you have not learned to (easily) swallow an average sized penis by defying the choking response and controlling your breathing while mouth-fucking your receiver, your sexual appetite and satisfaction will quickly vanish. You want to sensuously love cock and not endure torture by fear of suffocation or choking attacks.

There sure are expert-givers who mastered this oral discipline, making it look effortless. I am thinking of two women in particular who are well presented on the net: Heather Brooke and Fellucia. Both devour the cocks and the produce of their respective receiver with passion and verve.

Heather max-intake

Here you see Heather taking-in the penis of her well-endowed lover, up to the stop! The screens of a clip are shown upside down, because this is the true situation in a bathroom (their camera was upside down actually).

And please watch a beautiful clip of Fellucia loving the wand of her man deepthroat-style, finishing him off by jerking his dick until he cums in her open mouth, after which she swallows his seed without hesitation (the clip runs 183 very stimulating secs)!

If you made it a pro (giver) and know your receiver, you will always be free and at ease to decide when and how you want your man to climax and unload his produce. Have it the way Fellucia does in the clip or like Heather sometimes likes it, having him shoot down her gullet.


One last remark: you will have noticed that my description above is based on the assumption that deepthroating is carried out in mutual love for each other. That leaves the receiver in a passive, receiving role and puts the giver into the active part (such as introduced in the Fellucia-video).

The throatfucking so often seen in porn clips is downright rape (the assumed approval by the givers to be treated that way shall be mostly questionable) and that is something I never could endorse. – Be a true receiver for making the ultimate oral a light-hearted, playful, devoted and consuming sexual experience for you and your giver alike!

Edging/Gooning – Displayed

November 8, 2015

It´s said that a picture is worth a thousand words. But that just won´t work, when we deal with feelings – and don´t show a face. Now, sex is about feelings/sensations. And sophisticated sexual acts, like edging, are about intense internal sensations in particular! Sensations which a picture – without showing a face – can not reflect!

So, moving pictures have an advantage here, especially, when they go with sound. However, you got to hear sounds that could be interpreted as reactions to sensations! – Ever wondered why there is so much moaning and screaming heard in the porn flicks? Now we know.

Two sexual practises, that cross my mind at this point, are very difficult to visualize – again when we don´t see a face. It won´t work with photos at all! And even moving pictures (film) may not reveal too much about the intense sensations and pleasures the „masturbated“ is subject to, while no or little „action“ is taking place: e-stimulation and edging (both are closely related to one another).

When we browse e-stim clips we often encounter wired yet untouched, flaccid or semi-erect, maybe precum-oozing cocks; sometimes presented in a time-lapse to enhance shape-shifting changes of the genitals, the penises eventually ejaculating more or less cum. We just can assume what the guy on display must have felt and experienced in his session.

estim1 estim2

With edging clips it could be a bit more thrilling. We may see a guy slowly teasing his throbbing cock… and pausing. On and off, no ejaculation guaranteed (rather not wanted). While words are able to arousingly describe such situations (just search this blog with the tagedging“), the decoding of the accompanying visuals require knowledge and experience to have their hidden power unfold. Otherwise, and to profane eyes, it just may be boring what there is to be observed.

Time to introduce to you a brilliant, first-rate video from a guy going by the nick of Funky Jerker. He is an expert edger and he managed to edit a very hot clip on the topic – with no face in the frame, but a little help of explaining text!

The clip is titled Understanding Edging and Gooning. It runs an exciting 23 minutes and 18 secs and is a how-to and explaining-video on the basics of edging and the difference between edging and gooning (find more here and here).

Funky Jerker produced a superb video-lecture in good quality and with sound that vividly lets you witness his way of edging and gooning at the crest to the PONR. It is a must have for everyone interested in edging as well as adept performers. You can obtain it here from my video-library or watch right away here at XTube. :-)

D.o.M.-The Beginning

October 24, 2015

I am a convinced solo-sexual, yet bi-curiously responsive. My best female friend, lets call her Jasmin, was fully aware of this fact, so I was not really irritated that she did reveal to me a subcultural developement she just became part of. Which in turn was a certain surprise.

We met, after having not seen each other for a while, to spend the afternoon together in a park. I brought two bottles of a good dry red and she some cheese and bread to go with the wine – the weather was perfect.

A little out of the blue she started:

I need to tell you about something. Something new and fascinating to me, something concerning sex. I know that you are a very open-minded guy, so I have no doubts that you will understand and maybe even participate in the endeavor I´m going to tell you about now. – Have you ever heard of the Disciples of Min?

I hadn´t, so she began to disclose to me her truly exciting story:

The Disciples of Min was a newly founded kind of church for women (and in a second stage for men as well) which gathered sexpositive individuals who believed in the eternal beauty and divine significance of the male genitals and their produce.

Sounds great, but that may not be a new thing or is it? Are you a founding member…? And what or who is „Min“?

She was not a founding member, but joined as one of he first disciples. She doubtlessly believed in the whole thing, because the active worshiping – which she was going to explain to me in detail – promised to be totally meeting her innermost sensual desires – interesting to learn that.

Now Min is an ancient Egyptian fertility god of predynastic times mostly depicted with an erect penis. He is the god of reproduction, the „creator of all things“. Hence, if someone truly loves male genitals and what comes from them, you can say that this person is worshiping Min.

Uhu…, and how does your church work? I wanted to know.

Bear in mind, this church, or maybe sexual cult, as some people call it, must stay in the hidden in these times of backlashing conservatism and growing fanaticism in so many areas, she was explaining. Foremost because the disciples´ service actually meant loving (speak masturbating) penis and scrotum glory-hole style!

Before I further explain read the pledges anyone has to commit to before becoming a member of our congregation.

She showed me a piece of paper:


Click to enlarge!

Wow! Now this became a truly hot story and I could even feel myself oozing precum!

How is it all supposed to work in real life then? I wanted to know.

That´s where you step in! No, seriously…

She was telling me that the parish was still at the beginning. They planned to set up centers in every major city where members would be offered seminars/lectures about anatomy and treatment of the male genitals, facilities also equipped with cabins for worshiping.

For practising the latter they needed men who were willing to have their genitals worshiped. In other words, they needed men who would allow disciples to make love in any which way to their cocks and balls and glands! Disciple and Min-stand-in would never come to know each other (glory-hole situation; the glory-hole would be a large cut-out allowing easy access to scrotum and anus as well!).

DoM worship

The Min would never know if a woman or man was loving his privates; any action was allowed but violent behavior! The Min were granted the right to withdraw in case the rules were broken (disciples could be expelled for rude worshiping).

We are currently looking for Min. We are building a database right now, wouldn´t you like to be a Min for us?

What a hot proposal that certainly was! I wanted to know more about the practical aspects for making that church work:

What would I have to do, what kind of database is it you are talking about?

Just like me right now, other members are looking for Min. We need guys for to turn our pledges into reality. We want to create a huge database with cocks on display for our disciples to choose from. All you need is to supply two photos of your erect penis and a name. Snap one photo of your cock with balls, the cam facing you, holding a soup spoon next to him as sole reference of your cocks proportion; take the second photo from the side to show your curvature – no spoon there.


A spoon?

Yep, a spoon. Everyone has a spoon at home. And soup spoons, although different in design and maybe slightly in size – just like cocks themselves – are pretty much of similar measurement and thus an easy to grasp reference. In addition it is one of the oldest tools for nurturing yourself with fluids, you get the picture, right?

That´s all?

The only additional information we need, and that will be published with your pics, is the average number of cum-producing pulses you feature at ejaculation, it´s about what volume of semen to expect, you know. Also state if you are able to climax multiple times in succession.

After your submission, a committee of three founding members, as of now that is, will check any Min-applicant in person to make sure of their good intentions towards the church.

After approval, your pics and features will be published in the database. You also must indicate the dates and hours you will be available at the center, an open booth will be added by the software automatically. On location you will just present your private parts and a disciple will love them in whatever way she or he pleases, following the pledges most certainly. If they violate these most sacred terms, you withdraw and report, as simple as that.

She or he, you say.

Yes. In the first stage we are open just for female disciples, because we require more gals interested in joining than bi or gay men. When we reach a certain number of ladies in every city, depending on the city´s size, we will open up to men. Members are only solicited thru personal connections, as are Min-representatives. That´s what I´m doing right now.

Any charges, fees?

Not for you, because you are the representative of Min and make it possible to worship him physically. We receive your genitals and produce and you will receive prolonged sexual satisfaction in return, a very simple equation. Oh, we just ask you to shave your scrotum, if you don´t do it we will do that for you at your first presentation!

Let me jump to the conclusion: I applied and never regretted it! I saw this underground church grow substantially. After some time on the altar I could figure that the same disciples returned and masturbated me. I experienced some of the most incredible lovemakings to my genitals ever, and as a Min, so to speak, I can assure you that it´s true. I´m sure that I had men worshiping me. But I still don´t know if my best friend was among „my“ disciples, – she most likely gave it a shot, I guess.

The Readiness States

October 1, 2015

Let´s analyse something that we take pretty much for granted every time we aim for a satisfactory climax. It´s about being ready, ready to be blessed with the most beautiful moment(s) our sexual organs can provide us with.

Men can be fast in making themselves cum, think of a sports-car accelerating from 0 to 65 mph within mere seconds. While a driver most certainly will be excited here, the quick-jerker may hardly encounter arousing fun or satisfactory cumming in his act.


The opposite of such a rushed jerking is edging, with which we deliberately postpone PONR until we feel poised to shoot. – Recently I discovered considerations on our body´s readyness states, neatly expressed by in his brilliant blog! Let me elaborate on´s observations.

There are few kinds of being ready or feeling ready for triggering sexual release (i.e. climax). When we choose to masturbate with the intention to finish with an ejaculation, we find ourselves in a (certain) readiness state, but we are still far from – what calls – being ripe.

This is the rule of thumb: the more ripe (the more ready) we are, the more blissful our climactic experience will be. But becoming ripe requires time! And even with time at hand, there are two properties of you, which don´t ripen with the same velocity: your body in opposition to your soul!

Your physical ripeness shall be always ahead of your emotional ripeness! Making both congruent is the key for climactic bliss and deep satisfaction! And edging is the method to achieve this congruence!

The body usually is ready much faster. Not only because you enter your masturbatory activity with a certain level of arousal to begin with. Many factors upfront determine how much loaded you are initially, not least the fact that nature equipped us with a (physical) system being ready on short notice (to secure procreation), if necessary within seconds (remember the race-car metaphor above). Thus your body feels ready shortly after you started masturbating.

Still, your body needs time too. At least if you want much from your ejaculation (a fulfilling one that is). If you want your system to feel ripe for a satisfactory release. Think of your cock getting hard, your balls swelling some and your Cowpers glands oozing precum. All the while your cum-factories secrete and store your juices until you make them flow. You are physically truly ripe when you feel vasocongested in your whole reproductive system. You really need to discharge at that point. puts it this way:

When you are physically ripe, your body becomes hypersensitive to the touch and you will feel fully pressurized and full of cum.

edge state

You may be ripe in a rational sense, just sensing that your system is ready for cumming and you don´t see a reason not to trigger PONR. But that is not the emotional ripeness is referring to when he says:

When you are emotionally ripe, everything inside you begins to demand ejaculation, and it soon becomes an obsession. I wanna cum will repeat itself unrelentingly in your mind. You’ll become oblivious to what’s going on around you: all you will lust and care about is to ejaculate…

Such a readiness state of your soul takes a lot of time (mostly) to be established. It is a more complex process of accumulating arousal and lust, it is a more holistic affaire, affecting your neural system, your mind and psyche, than having your cock ready to shoot.

You just can not short-cut your body into such a mental state, not least because distraction can easily happen for many reasons. You really have to ripen into it. By the way, a certain level of soul-ripeness is required for experiencing an orgasm (as opposed to ejaculation), look up the posts covering orgasm!

As I said, edging is the method! It´s the technique to establish ripeness of body & soul. You „just“ have to fight your increasing urge for triggering yourself. Edgers who edge for the sake of it, who don´t want to pump up their load but savor their state of ripeness on end, will be better off to reach the ultimate state of emotional ripeness (to feel as being one with ones cock), because that exactly is their aim (compare here for emotional stages while edging in this post).

Now such is beyond your state of ripeness and your concept for edging. Because you want to just cum and nothing but cum. You want to release, you want to shoot, you want to pump and nothing else. And because of being ever so close to fall over the edge you certainly need a lot of will-power not to trigger your reflex, yet. As long as you consider to trigger your ejaculation you may not have reached that ripeness state of your soul. That´s why being edged by a partner, who knows you and who can read your behavior, may be a great option for finding climactic bliss!


The man in the gif above appears to be ripe both physically and emotionally. His lover (whom he might be riding) just needs to stimulate his nipples to make the guy release his milk in what appears to be an overflow, a heavy emission!

As a solosexual it needs experience and will-power to synchronize your readiness states assuring you climactic bliss and deep satisfaction eventually. Just like mastered this:

…you will have to temper your stroke speed to sometimes ridiculously low rates as you keep nurturing your soul with all the pleasure it requires to quench its needs. …this is why I could only stroke once every 30 seconds or so. Physically, I was ripe : my cock was achingly overpressured, my balls were congested with cum. My body was ready and willing to spill the seeds. But my soul was not satiated yet: I felt I still needed to be edged. So I continued stroking at the very slow speed I required to keep both my body on its toes, eager and ready, and my soul edged until it reached the same level of readiness.

Being aware of the different and mostly not congruent readiness states of body and soul explains well why we see guys calmly watching themselves cum or chatter right before and after or thru their ejaculations (even producing big loads) as if nothing really special was happening, while other guys moan and totally surrender, moved by very intense sensations before and while shooting their milk, needing to regain their senses after their climaxes (nicely illustrated in part 3 of this story!). And if their bodies bucked and convulsed, most likely their ejaculations were embedded in orgasms, as their high-level arousal discharged all along.

Men have these options and a whole range of anything in between. And to be able to be in control of that, that is the real beauty of our sexuality!


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