January 7, 2012


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Poll No. 47 Results

August 29, 2015

I sure need to tell you the results of this poll with the essential question: What do you want most from your ejaculation? Only one of the choices was permitted to determine a true leading answer. And the ranking – with 277 votes – turned out as expected.

poll 47

As you can see, there is a clear preference for four suggested answers. And the top choice is again leading with a clear margin of 7% (or 20 votes)!

We find one added reply (“Other Answer”) which is smartly summing up the effect we observe: (What do you want…?) The first 4 listed answers combined!

This favored group of answers is no surprise at all, because all four of the mentioned choices are tightly connected with each other! You may want to expect all of these to happen to you when ejaculating, provided you cared for a high build-up of arousal and sexual energy (like after some time of edging)!

The extended build up will supply you with a larger volume of semen, which in turn will be spilled by an increased number of pumping spasms (extended duration). The release of accumulated arousal and energy (and seminal fluids) will bring you intense sensations and most likely forceful ejections of your milk.

A word about intensity. The top choosing is not very distinct in this matter. Ejaculation is an experience which combines several anatomical reactions following a timeline, each of which delivers its own quality of sensation and intensity.

When you edge you generate most exquisite lustful feelings within your system, which can be very intense. So much so, that many edgers waive the implementation of ejaculating.

Then there is PONR, of which I believe is the most intense phase of regular ejaculation. In the moments of PONR all the involved structures of your system harden (contract/ spasm) until the ejaculatory reflex sets in. This is (or can be) extremely intense, especially with a high level of arousal. PONR marks the conversion from controlled stimulation to the execution of the reflex which runs beyond our control. So we gain a strong physical (hardening) and psychological aspect (knowing that we immediately will enter the uncontrollable phase of our climax).

Readers of this blog are aware of the fact that we can alter this phase, we can play with it, extend its duration. And I am happy to find 11 votes favoring emisjaculation! This is my favorite as well. :-)

And finally we experience the reflex, the autonomous pumping of our milk. This can be very intense in yet another quality. Especially when the (muscular) spasms are strong and our milk is ejected with force. The psychological aspect adds tremendously to the physical reaction, when we observe ourself shooting a big volume with force in an extended number of contractions.

This gif is such a beautiful example of a guy overwhelmed by the intense sensations of his ejaculation (even without watching himself):

intense cumming

This very young, skinny lad is lost in the experience of his reaction!

His eyes are closed while he is surrendering to the sensations of the onset of his reflex. He is so much consumed by the intensely sweet feelings within his system, balls and cock, that he does not care about his shooting performance anymore.

The stunningly forceful ejections of his milk are a great relief from the fluid-pressure in his glands and with it the dissipation of the pent-up tension of his sexual lust, all having been waiting to be released.

As he is surrendering to his profound reaction I can „hear“ him moan with pleasure, his powerful spray-jets of milk let us realize the cumulated volume of his secretions, and last not least note his beautifully swollen balls!

Unfortunately I never saw the full clip of this deeply experienced ejaculation. Maybe one of you knows the source and wants to share!?

Thanks to all participants of this poll!!

Penile Erection

August 18, 2015

I noticed that I did not yet post anything on penile erection. In fact this is a rather „big theme“, however, there are two reasons why it didn´t show here all the time.

For one it is a function we take for granted, and it just so much belongs to being sexually active that it seems not to be necessary to make it an issue. On top of that readers here know that orgasm and ejaculation can be achieved without erection.

Yet admittedly erection becomes an issue quickly when it does not occur as desired or needed (in sexplay). Now, while my blog is supposed to serve readers in finding arousal and sex-positive enlightenment, it will thus not make problems in connection with sexuality a subject of deeper discussion!

A second reason for not covering this topic until now is that the function of penile erection, as fascinating and arousing it shows, is a rather sophisticated anatomical process that, would it be explained in detail, would make readers move on promptly.


Just for the sake of cumpleteness let me briefly inform you about the three types of erection (it gets a bit anatomical now). I take this info from a paper by the Department of Urology, University of California School of Medicine, San Francisco, California issued in 1999:

The three types of erection are: psychogenic, reflexogenic and nocturnal.

Psychogenic erection is a result of audiovisual stimuli or fantasy. Impulses from the brain modulate the spinal erection centers to activate the erectile process.

Reflexogenic erection is produced by tactile stimuli to the genital organs. The impulses reach the spinal erection centers; some then follow the ascending tract, resulting in sensory perception, while others activate the autonomic nuclei to send messages via the cavernous nerves to the penis to induce erection. (This type of erection is preserved in patients with upper spinal cord injury.)

Nocturnal erection occurs mostly during rapid-eye-movement (REM) sleep. The mechanism is as yet unknown.

I don´t know if the last sentence still is valid? Within human sexuality we continually find aspects well worth to further investigate scientifically. Until then biological functioning, in particular connected to (male) sexuality, may appear mysterious, stunning and highly stimulating, just as penile erection does. Enjoy it within you (the sensations of swelling), enjoy it visually, in nature or in that fantastic animated gif above. Or check out this brief clip of a semi erect cock with unretracted foreskin (and a thread of precum reaching down and out of frame) growing in a fast forwarded scene. – Note that both above featured erections fall under the psychogenic type of tumescence.

At last I need to address an aspect that touches the wonderful shapeshifting capacity of human penises!

Every specimen is different, in design and in size. When we think of size we need to consider the different erectile states a cock can transform into. We find that every wand has a certain individual range of shapeshifting (the margin between flaccidity and full erection). And we notice that this range can be impressive (big shift) or less spectacular (minor shift).

thick flacid

There is a catchphrase asking for those differences a man can feature: is he a grower or is he a shower?! If he is a grower his penis will shift shape largely while growing erect. If he is a shower his penis will shift shape not substantially from the flaccid to the erect state.

In this context, the term shower is targeted on men with a large cock in the flaccid state! The guy in the anim-gif I do consider being a grower, although his first-rate member is already quite large in the flaccid state. But that exactly is the beauty of this hot gif! As witnessing erection basically always is!!

big flacid

Don´t miss to visit this site to check on many different penises all being pictured in their flaccid and erect states (great comparative study/database). Click the button soft-hard in the top-bar of the page!

Before you leave for the Soft-Hard Gallery don´t forget to answer the current matching poll! :-) Thanks!

Climax Allegory

July 31, 2015

It´s probably one of the few globally accepted sexual allegories: that orgasm feels as what fireworks look like. Or, being more specific, whereas the ascending rocket symbolizes the accelerating arousal, and the explosion of its pyro-load stands for the discharge of sexual energy and/or the shooting of cum!

I encountered a very nice animated-gif (by decodifiquei) which visualizes this allegory quite perfectly, boldly titled with ORGASM:

org as firework

Yet this design is special! It does not show us an assortment of pyrotechnics, invisibly soaring into the night-sky, finally exploding for a sudden effect (which may rather match the female reaction-pattern). What we see instead is a single rocket visibly ascending, performing five mini-explosions on its way up before dissolving in a violently expanding blaze of lights!

This animation reminded me of the graph I created to plot the path of arousal while edging (in comparison to a „regular“ climactic experience):
Edge diagram

What I drew here in a horizontal progression (red line), with its three stars (marking emissions, thus mini-peaks) and the eventual „splash“ (marking ejaculation), finds its counterpart in the (vertical) rocket-gif.

However, the neat orgasm-gif correlates much more –and beautifully so– with PONR, thus the triggering of the reflex, and ejaculation itself. In this scenario the five mini-explosions represent the initial twitching of the glands, tubes and valves, releasing first milk instances before the threshold of the reflex is passed, causing the first powerful shot of cum that we recognize in that exploding ball of embers! In short: the firing of the rocket depicts PONR (literally!), the fireworks signify climactic sensations.

Aren´t you mesmerized by this dynamic anim-gif as well? Thank you decodifiquei, you created a stunning image for:

„I´m cumming…!“

For a Closer Look (23) – Extended Slow Spurting

July 21, 2015

If you did read my ejaculation fantasy-story in the preceding post you may think „nice one, but a fantasy after all“. Well, take a close look at the evidence here, which appears to confirm what I had my hero wish for in the story (The Hypnotist).

We all know the basic „rules“ of a male´s ejaculation (at least you find the rules outlined in detail in this blog). But there are always exceptions to the rule! Some guys are showing performances that defy the generally valid parameters, and with it our understanding of the workings behind certain extraordinary accomplishments.

The clip I present today is a sample of an ejaculation featuring a high count of shots presented to us in a curious manner. While we are able to perfectly study what we observe, the scene demonstrates what our anatomy can be capable of. Although I can basically explain what is happening, I´m still left puzzled for at least one major, really uncommon aspect!

Here goes: An apparently young lad films himself ejaculating while being calmly positioned (floating it seems, all the way thru his climax) in his (private) pool! Sun is shining, view is clear (under water), his cock is pointed towards the cam.

With his left hand he probably does the filming, his right hand remains unengaged by his side, he is not touching himself (until later), it´s just his cock (and balls) and us standing-by to witness what he has in store (literally) and how he releases his produce(s). – What we see within 3 minutes leaves us flabbergasted!

The charts I put on display in the following are screenshots of the clip. Each pic stands for one ejection and we see 20 (!!) of them. You easily notice that each release looks different. Each pic shows the characteristics of the particular gush of semen, it is clipped right after the ejection.

shotchart 1

01First milk leaves his cumslit 2 secs into the clip. His first release is a slow emission of thick cum without force. It is a tiny portion of his supply, clotting in the water, quickly sinking down. This hints to an (ejaculatory) emission his system must have had.

02 – A light gush precedes a series of still thick cream leaving his urethra (sinking down in flakes), again with residues seeping out of his cockmouth.

03 – We observe a small cloud of thick cum ejected with noticeable force from his cocktip, quickly sinking as a big clotted flake. This may be his first/initial shot.

04 – He ejects a cohesive „spurt“ that describes an arced rope within the water! His cum is thick and heavy and sinks as clotted cloud right away.

shotchart 2

05 – His next gush appears to release cream less thick than with the preceding ones, the ejection being as powerful as the one before. His produce coagulates but sinks down slower, residues seeping from his meatus.

06 – This release resembles gush 04 with thick cream quickly sinking.

07 – The volume of his gushes seems to slightly decrease. This spurt appears as a „cloud“, which again quickly coagulates and sinks fast.

08 – This ejection even more appears as cloud with a tendency to coalesce with the water. The mix of is produce has changed (might have become more fluid). This portion of his supply now is less cohesive and the volume of this pulse is obviously smaller.

shotchart 3

09 – A release with some force, most parts of the volume clotting and building flakes sinking downwards.

10 – This gush of a small volume follows soon after the preceding release, quickly falling apart into coagulated flakes.

11 – This spurt brings up (out) again thick cream more cohesive than the semen spilled in the pulses right before. Ropey visuals are the result.

12 – His system surprises us with a forceful, voluminous release forming a big milky cloud in the water! The cloud disintegrates into small flakes (almost like in fireworks) and a portion that rather mixes with the water all around.

shotchart 4

13 – This forceful spurt follows the preceding one right away. The semen expelled seems to be thinner, as the cloud coalesces with the water; just a smaller part of it clots into light flakes.

14 – His system pumps out a cloud of milk that again coagulates into smaller and bigger flakes for the bulk of this release.

15 – This gush shows a decreased volume with a cloud separating in a part that will dissolve in the water (which is literally milky from all his cum) and a portion drifting on as cream-flakes.

16 – A release that resembles the one before.

shotchart 5

The guy begins to stroke his cock at this point, triggering four more ejections!

17 – A forceful and voluminous spurt resembling release 12!

18 – Another forceful gush of a mix of seminal fluids which partly coagulates.

19 – This gush of a smaller volume seems to contain runny/thin semen ready to dissolve in the pools water which is filled now with drifting cum-flakes of many sizes!

20 – A last forceful ejection brings out a milky cloud of (thin) semen coalescing right away with the inseminated pool filling!

After this last release of a significant volume of his produce the lad keeps on stroking his cock until the clip stops. His glands must have been empty or rather his ejaculation is cumpleted at this point.

So, what are we dealing with?!

For starters:

How has he triggered his lasting release? He may have stroked his penis until just before he started recording (at least before the clip begins). Or he may be able to initiate his ejections by the power of his mind? His reaction appears truly puzzling until he begins stroking his dick later on to trigger a second ejaculatory climax.

The overall volume of semen which we observe being released into the pool-waters is astounding! No cheating here! We don´t know if the lad was edging before or if he is a natural (with the help of a supporting diet/supplements?).

As for the count of his cum-releases (gushes) he certainly is performing top-notch as well, yet well within the range of the parameters: in my understanding his system begins to spawn his cum with an emission (releases 01 thru 03) followed by ejaculation with gush 04 all the way thru to gush 16 (releasing 13 spurts total within the first ejaculatory reaction). He is able to trigger a second set of pulses after only 9 seconds of jerking, containing another four ejections (releases 17 thru 20) delivering still a considerable volume of his remaining produce.

The exceptional underwater-situation lets us perfectly observe and judge the different volumes per gush and the qualities/textures of his juices! An advantage a regular ejaculation out of the water could not offer us (instead we´d enjoy ropes or sprayshots :-) ).

Now recall the fact of the sequential release of seminal fluids within the ejaculatory reflex I described in this post. Well, the guy pumps so many „spurts“, and the textures obviously change, as so the basic order (roughly: viscous, inviscid, viscous) does not seem to apply with his releases (it seldomly does with heavy shooters).

Finally, the true enigma here is the pace of his pumping! The time between each spurt/spasm lasts almost 8 long seconds on average, compared to the 0.8 seconds a regular ejaculatory reflex features in its spasm-cycle! How is this possible? There is no slow motion running of this clip, obviously!

Is this still an ejaculation we are witnessing? I´d say yes! Just how can this lad´s reflex run so slow? Is this the way he always ejaculates, with so many spasms shooting such an extended volume of semen?

And how does such an ejaculation feel like? The single shots look just as spurts and gushes use to, he is not oozing or pissing his cum (while some men are capable of doing that). I wonder if this guy experiences the PONR and if so, how does he sense this sweetest of sensations (initially PONR seems to be missing, but later he seems to trigger more gushes (his final 4) by passing a threshold thru stroking). Only the lad himself is able to answer all these hot questions. He sure features an extraordinary ejaculatory reaction!

Clip: See a guy experiencing a stretched ejaculatory reaction in a pool (mp4, 182 secs).


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