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March 10, 2015

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January 7, 2012


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Suck Me Dry

March 14, 2015

I´m gonna tell you something I´ve never heard of before. It is a sexual practise only guys can come up with, I guess. To be more precise: two guys, sexually into each other.

Before I explain I quickly give you the frame, so you know a bit of a background to the story. I myself am a bi-curious male sharing my gay friend´s experiences here. Now this gay friend is deeply immersed into everything male-sexual. Since childhood he is exploring his sexuality and hardware and was doing so with emphasis from puberty (with a range of male love-interests) and beyond to this day. Male sexuality is his field of expertise. He should have become an andrologist, but is working as librarian, which is suiting as well I guess.

He is so fucking all-knowing, be it for anatomical, sex-applied or sex-mental issues. Now five years ago he hit jack-pot when he found a man thru Grindr sharing exactly his passion! Since then both lead a relationship committed to everything sexual, without a strong emotional bond. I was told many stories (not knowing his man) and I learned that their sexual encounters equally developed into the most intense, enlightening and satisfying experiences!

I guess they tried everything imaginable, as both are totally open for experimenting, yet always showing greatest respect and care for each other. Over the years they cherished a strong propensity for edging, because it combines several highly satisfactory aspects in male sexuality! My friend and his lover turned experts and are so much tuned into each other, that they are able to provide the other with whatever blissful goal was agreed upon. And there are experiences among those, which could not be reached thru solosexual engagement.

Here cums the story he recently told me: Both were joking around about sucking each others glands empty, well knowing that the term has nothing to do with true suction, left alone literally sucking away their glandular reservoirs. That´s when they were giving their idea some serious pondering.


As both were familiar with and capable of providing each other with the sweet reaction of emission in high stages of edging, they developed the idea that true suction must be possible at the moment when emission occurs, because within their duct-system all structures are relaxed, all valves are open then. The catch happens to contain two obstacles: emission just lasts few seconds and – even more tricky – any tactile impact, or even a change of the mental state while emission was in effect, would trigger the ejaculatory reflex immediately! And with the reflex the valves are shutting off (and on and off, as this becomes the pumping of ejaculation).

The only way to find out was to try in vivo (i.e. in the sexual encounter). And so they embarked on a journey with the goal to suck each other dry! Since edging was their favourite way of satisfying each other anyway, no attempt was a failure to begin with. In their mutual attempts to hit the right moment of suction, most every edging session was cumpleted with an emisjaculation, until the day when my friend’s lover eventually succeeded!! My friend described the sensations of being sucked dry as strangely-phenomenal. The suction sensation triggered an intensely felt ejaculation with still some cum pumped from the prostate apparently. I wanted to know the details and he explained it like this:

edge state

I was on the edge for probably a good hour and felt that my glands were filled up quite well, when we decided to give it yet another try. Until then we had „failed“ in alternating attempts, because either the mere thought of what was going to be (re)tried, or the touch of our lips at our helmets pushed us beyond PONR immediately. We had tried different positions and even edging stages. It became clear that we needed some (self)control, that the least sensory input was required as well as taking quick action at the moment of emission. For that we signalled each other the exact moment of a beginning emission.

I don´t quite know what was different this time. I was totally relaxed, even more than the times before I guess. Although we could handle each other perfectly – even in triggering mini-gasms and emissions in the other – we had decided that we would induce our own emissions. So I was mounted comfortably on this cum-rig savoring my sensations when I decided to commence my emission.

cum rig

I didn´t look at my lover and I expected to run thru a wonderful stretched emisjaculation (as it always happened before). Maybe this tricked me out of my usual reaction pattern? What happened instead was this: After another brief touch of my corona I felt myself literally open up and I told him „now“. I must say I did not feel him (or anything) touch my cock or helmet!? The flowing-sensation of my milk had just begun when – I don´t know how to describe it – when my inside was sharply and very powerfully sucked away, out of me!

passage of juices

My system (and probably any human male ever before) did not know this impact. I felt what must have been my seminal vesicles and, lesser so, my prostate, being passively and quickly emptied. This strange sensation, the sudden true vacuum led to a strong, almost hurting spasm of my vesicles and prostate which spread out into my pelvis and resonated thru my entire body and triggered my ejaculatory reflex. The pumping was extremely intense, yet I just produced few little gushes, as my lover reported later (that was the remaining cum my prostate still had in store).

I was spent after this climax and deeply in awe, as was my man. He told my later, when we analysed the successful session, that he wrapped his lips around my cockmouth when I signaled him, which was even before my milk saw the light of day. He then strongly sucked off what he conjectured I was holding in store. He drew a huge load, but continued his suction movement (without swallowing) until I merged into all over heavy spasming.

So, after all, there is a true suck-me-dry, yet it may never be easily achieved. Nature apparently never intended such to be possible. However, we will try to build on that and our next goal certainly is for me to perform this on my like-minded buddy. He so much deserves to experience what he made me to!



Don´t try this at home – I (Nandisa) almost tend to say at the end of this story. A story, that´s what it is, a piece of fiction mind you! I hope it is a hot one, in the same the presented act is purely hypothetical.

The phrase «suck my dick» (in whatever variation) sure is referring to oral sex in general and does NOT mean to actually apply a vacuum to a cock, neither with your mouth, nor a device. To suck semen out of a mans reproductive system wouldn´t just work like that, after all this is what the story is about. – Vacuum-pumps applied to a cock and/or balls may result in bloated-tissue. But that´s a whole different tale!

Your Tube

February 24, 2015

This is a brief anatomical post concerning the males urethra! This duct is a bit different from what you may think it is. It is not a solid flexible tube to just lead one and another fluid out of your body, but rather a segmented duct into which several smaller vessels disembogue to spill secretions from different glands of your reproductive system.

For pissing away your urine (and this special case), the urethra does in fact work as a hose: your watery stuff runs straight thru that pipe from your bladder to your cock-slit. When it comes to it´s sexual properties the story is a different one. Lets have a look.

Your tube is more a structure that is made of different holed genital organs grown in the order we know, beginning inside your body from the bladder onward:

upper tube

We find the prostate, the urogenital diaphragm (where the Cowper´s glands are located) and the penis thru which the hollows form the tube, the urethra. Thus the different parts (of the urethra) were named: prostatic, membranous and penile urethra. I marked these segments with a green sun in the drawing shown above.

I also marked the represented glands with a blue sun. The openings, thru which the fluids enter your tube, are marked with yellow suns. This important location is encircled with a green ellipse! When your juices collect in this area, there is no way back – neither for the onward flowing of your produce, nor for you to avoid at least an emission or rather an ejaculation. This area inside your prostate somehow marks your physical edge (compare with this post). Edging is the art to make your produce flow, yet to avoid having the tissues (genital organs) react by running their pre-installed program (ejaculatory reflex).

upper tube side

This drawing shows the same array around your tube from the side. The labeling with the colored suns is corresponding with that of the first pic. Now you see a part of the seminal vesicles and how a small duct runs from that gland thru the tissue of the prostate to disembogue into the prostatic urethra. Note as well one of the Cowper´s glands, where it is located and where its duct enters the penile urethra, right inside the bulb of your penis (compare (all) with the first pic!).

This is the core of your reproductive system, a system most sophisticated and awesome. Its main purpose is to enable you to ejaculate your seminal fluid. It´s up to you to indulge in the sensations that your system provides when you consciously test its capacity.


If you are further interested in the (unmarked) labels of tissue in the drawings just check with Wikipedia where you shall find answers, e.g. „Prostatic utricle“.

Cock-School (2)

February 7, 2015

I spare you the theoretical details of the (anatomical) workings of a males system(s). You can find/read all about it in this fabulous blog! Just this for your orientation:

The first day (of the remaining four) we just were playing around with our respective guy’s genitals to get to know them up close and to observe reactions (every guy is a bit different, hence we would stick to „our“ cock). However, no ejaculation was to be triggered yet! – As a matter of fact I fell in love with „my cock“ right that day! Please read this report on how I encountered my guy’s equipment (this is the bonus I mentioned introducing part one)! ;-)

The second day we were given a written feedback by the respective guy on how they experienced our first get-together. Every guy was revealing to his apprentice his particular preferences and how he’d respond while being on the plateau and when nearing PONR. This was very helpful, because soon we were asked to transform our theory into action.

Before we were supposed to make our stud cum into a glas, one after the other of us students got the chance to probe one blokes anus through that lowered and larger glory-hole (that´s why it was different)! We were asked to put our hand thru that opening and the chap behind the wall would direct our pointed middle-finger (covered by a rubber finger stall) into his well lubed bud-hole, so we could grope and milk his prostate for a while. A drawing of the situation refreshed our theoretical knowledge:

prostate access

This was hot and stimulating for the goal of the day: play and discover our stud’s scrotum, then stroke his cock and trigger his ejaculation, catch his milk in a glas and get a taste of his produce. I didn´t fail to fully comply! I enjoyed so much to caress first his balls and then his beautiful member. He was performing just wonderfully. He shot what I considered a big load and I was awestruck, since I had never experienced a solid ejaculation into a glas in real life (the men I had all came inside of me)! My excitement and arousal let me take a sip of his cum and I was then neither disgusted nor particularly attracted (yet).


Came day three. The agreed-upon goal of the day was to have our guys cum in our mouths and us to swallow the loads! My stud had revealed to me in his feed-back that he may shoot an immense load if I kept up with my style of masturbating him and that he is a multi-cummer if the circumstances were favourable, pleading not to change a bit at working him other than becoming even more gentle towards PONR!

I just followed his guidelines. Hence I got my first mouthful, and I swallowed!! God, this was all so hot and arousing. The load of my guy tasted really … good! I had never expected this. In retrospect I realise that I was hooked that day. I was hooked to both, man-genitals and semen, just as predicted. – Back home I needed to get off real bad!! And I made me come big time, believe me. Like I did the day before.

cockschool group

Now look at the pic above from the last day, the grand finale! You see me in the foreground, the black-haired chick licking the male-milk from the wall, holding my man’s semi-flacid, oh so sweet penis! Phil took that photo as to fixate a situation which had not occurred before! What happened?

Well, we were asked to slowly make love to our respective guy’s genitals with our hands and mouths, with the option to postpone ejaculation until short before those final three hours were up. The rewards would most likely be massive ejaculations which we were free to decide on how to deal with (mouthload (if not even deep-throat), facial or even have our bodies sprayed (hence the photo with the naked girl in the brochure)).

After what I had experienced so far, I sensed that my stud was loaded. He was oozing precum pretty early, which I eagerly licked up or used as lube. On his feedback-sheet he had noted that he wanted to be triggered slowly and that I could make him cum again soon after the first ejaculation, if I was jerking him firmly about a good minute after his pulses had subsided, no matter the firmness of his cock.

Here he was, expecting my strokes, his wand throbbing. I observed his heartbeat in his cock! Phil just had signaled us that the final 30 minutes were on and that it was fine to trigger our guys soon, when I noticed a bloating of my guys cockhead together with a tensing of his penis (him clenching his inside muscles). I let go of his impressive dick immediately when a couple of secs later my man was oozing a first big portion of his milk, running down his shaft, continuing to seep down the wall. Before I could realise that this was an emission, my guy ended it with one strong singular spurt. Soon enough I was licking his cock clean, then continued to lick his delicious juice off the wall – when Phil noticed and took the pic you see above (notice the cum-puddle in my hair!).

Not much later „my“ awesome penis regained full erection and I carefully continued with my cock-love, which after another five minutes resulted in a really explosive and still massive ejaculation! While his first couple ropes jettisoned over my head, he painted my face with the rest of his load. God, how I loved everything that happened, it was so incredibly hot. Phil noticed my moans of sweet surrender and quickly took another pic of the facial I had received:

cockschool result

A short while after his spasms had stopped I remembered that my guy was supposedly capable of more, so I grabbed his semi-flaccid cock and jerked it with a tight grip. It didn´t take long when I sensed my man „climbing up the wall“ on the other side, indicating a pending climax. I heard him yell in ecstasy when he passed PONR and not too soon I took his helmet into my mouth for receiving his third load. – Yeah, what a finale!!! I found myself having been the last one in action! Everybody applauded while I was savoring the blissful moments and the sweet milk my stud had provided me with.

Now, after we had cleaned ourselves, we participants gathered all together for a farewell by Phil. He promised to send us the pics he had taken and asked if there remained any questions and if anyone was not satisfied with what we had learned and experienced in those passed days and hours. Everyone was really happy and I asked if it was possible to get to know our beautiful glory-holers – which sure was not! :-(

At home I needed to get off once again. I still could smell my guys semen (some had landed on my black dress) which, combined with the fresh memory, had boosted my massive turn-on. – Within seven days I had become an expert of the male sex-system and I knew I was hooked really bad. So much so, as that I feared I had become a cock-and-cum-slut, not being able to love a man for what he is, but „only“ for his genitals. And wasn´t I spoiled from the first-rate endowment I had the pleasure to play with the past four days? The thought of another woman enjoying „my guy“was hard to bear. How could I experience this again? Taking another seminar? Or trying to figure out who that – „my guy“ – was. I knew that he enjoyed my way of loving his cock…!

Story cumplete.


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