Conscious Ejaculation – PONR

March 24, 2010

Continuing with a closer look at the experiences you read here, I want to briefly review what happens when men ejaculate in a relaxed mode. In my first regular entry (here) I was illustrating the feelings a man can experience when he reaches and surrenders to the pont-of-no-return. This is a very descriptive, very conscious description of what happens within the sexual plumbings. It is possible to observe yourself when you stay relaxed and approach the PONR carefully. Since the ejaculatory reflex is triggered neurologically you will eventually fall into that reflex, no matter how completely you are relaxed or how much you try to stay relaxed. If you play at the brink of PONR you will experience emissions, even repeatedly. After all you will be there with a clear mind, – quite conscious!

The PONR is the moment when the ejaculatory reflex almost takes off (time delay 2-3 seconds on average). This can´t be willingly altered. Read scientific explanations on how this works:

The neurophysiology of ejaculation is not completely understood. Evidence thus far indicates that the sympathetic nervous system is much more involved in ejaculation. There are two phases of orgasm or ejaculation in the male. The first is the emission phase and that is when the seminal fluid leaves the prostate and there is the contraction of the prostate gland that pushes the seminal fluid, that’s come up from the seminal vesicle, and the prostatic fluid into the posterior urethra. That sensation is the sensation that the man feels when he recognizes that he is about to climax. And when he experiences that sensation he is going to climax and nothing he does physically or mentally is going to stop that.
[This passage refers to the emission (phase). But then in the last sentence (about inevitability) the word „climax“ is not correct, unless in the sense of „seminal release“ (i.e. emission). I am living proof here!]
Ejaculation proper follows the emission phase and is the result of afferent input from the distended posterior urethra filled with seminal fluid reaching the spinal cord and causing a reflex-mediated ejaculatory response. The sense of pleasure usually associated with ejaculation is usually assumed to be a cortical response.
- Vinny Liu and Jerry Lin in Behavioral Science: 4/25/99 -

More science-talk from another source:

Ejaculation may occur with or without an orgasm and/or erection. Both erection and ejaculation are spinal reflexes that are dependent on the removal of supraspinal (cerebral) inhibition for their triggering.

Ejaculation occurs in two phases: seminal emission and propulsatile ejaculation. Seminal emission is the process of sperm transport from the epididymis to the prostatic urethra, followed by closure of the bladder neck, and is under sympathetic control. Promoted by high sexual arousal, this phase has an element of voluntary control by the man. The engorgement of the prostate from vasocongestion of arousal emits pleasant afferent signals leading to preorgasmic sensations. The seminal vesicles and the prostate contribute the bulk of the seminal fluid, and the seminal bolus is delivered to the ejaculatory ducts. With concomitant and intermittent closure of the external sphincter and entrapment of the seminal bolus in the prostatic urethra, increased intraprostatic pressure results. Men recognize this is as a feeling of ‘no return’, or ejaculatory inevitability. This point, assumed previously to be the result of distention of the posterior urethra by the seminal bolus, must have additional afferent triggers, as radical prostatectomy patients can attest. In any case, the second phase of ejaculation, propulsatile ejaculation, is triggered. Propulsatile ejaculation consists of seminal vesicle, prostatic, urethral and pelvic floor muscle contractions that propel the seminal bolus out the end of the urethral meatus with considerable force. This is mediated by both parasympathetic and somatic input, and there is virtually no voluntary control of this phase.

Summary and simply put:

Friction supplied to your favourite areas of your penis stimulates the nerve endings of the smooth muscle lining the male reproductive tract. When stimulation reaches a pre-ordained threshold, it triggers ejaculation. (This threshold differs from man to man, a result of inheritance, culture, taboos, training, etc.)

Ejaculation is a nervous reflex controlled by the spinal cord. It occurs in two parts:

  1. Emission – in which semen moves through the ejaculatory ducts (running through the prostate gland) and into the central tube of the penis – the urethra.
  2. Ejaculation proper – in which semen is propelled out of the urethra by contractions of pelvic muscles.

3 Responses to “Conscious Ejaculation – PONR”

  1. festival42 Says:

    I play at the brink of PONR much of the time. It takes experience to control it and sometimes I experience full blown ejaculations but very infrequently. I was surprised last Friday in the afternoon because I was so excited and stroked too hard and fast..

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