Staying relaxed while heating up (2)

March 24, 2010

Yeah, staying relaxed on the way to climax is a basic method to get involved into edging, which is foremost: prolonging the sex-act. Secondly the relaxing mode is promoted as to fight premature ejaculation. I found this explanation somewhere on the net:

To make sex last longer, relax your PC muscle. As soon as sex begins, relax this muscle and keep it relaxed throughout. This will help you to stay away from orgasm and avoid premature ejaculation.
However, its natural to tense this muscle during sex because it feels good. If you do tense it, you’ll get to orgasm quicker. So, to last longer, relax your PC muscle from the moment of penetration [or any other penile friction] onwards, and keep it relaxed. You can practice this with your partner although you will learn much quicker on your own first, while masturbating. Learn what it feels like to focus on relaxing the muscle.

The technique works because the PC muscle sits right beside the prostate. The prostate plays a central role in orgasm and ejaculation. When the PC muscle is tensed, it puts pressure on the prostate and brings orgasm quicker. Relaxing your PC muscle reduces pressure on the prostate and helps avoid premature ejaculation. It also reduces pressure on the surrounding organs, the seminal vesicles and the ejaculatory duct, both of which play a central role in orgasm and ejaculation.

You can see the direct effect pressure plays in orgasm control yourself. Try masturbating with one hand and use the other to put some pressure on your perineum. Notice the difference? It feels better and you’ll come to orgasm quicker. That’s because you’re physically squeezing your PC muscle with your fingers, and indirectly, your prostate.

Traditionally, sex lasts only a few minutes before the man orgasms. As soon as penetration begins, the man tenses his PC muscle (usually without noticing) because it feels good. Moments later it’s all over. By relaxing your PC muscle, pressure is taken off the prostate, orgasm is delayed, and premature ejaculation is cured. The aim of longer sex is to stay away from orgasm.

Well, it is a bit more complex than expressed here. And there is clearly a mix-up – once again – of orgasm and ejaculation. Then there is this muscle thing. Soon I will focus on this theme. Before I shall have a word about conscious ejaculation. In my next post.

3 Responses to “Staying relaxed while heating up (2)”

  1. Rok Says:

    I thought i would contribute to this post by providing some FUNtastic and interactive links on the topics mentioned by Nandisa, first on relaxing your PC muscle and later on prolonged edging.

    the first link is a simple guide on staying relaxed, it is heavily fetishized, but you don’t have to follow it to the t. For most readers this would be a lovely guide for prolonged edging, it definitely works for me where i can now stroke without pause and remain close to the edge. If you liked the first link, which is more of a guide, you might also enjoy some other works created by the user Ms. Julie, which are all informative as well as much more interactive for when you have some alone time or you can try them out with your partner.

    • nandisa Says:

      Rok, I wonder why I had to approve this comment first, because you are not “new” (approved once – approved for good)!?

      Thank you much for sharing couple of different links here, they are a very nice addition to the post (to my blog). I just hope that readers will find their way to this early post!! 🙂

      • Rok Says:

        It might have been an anti-spamming mechanism because of all the linking i did. I’m glad you like the links, i have lot of fun with the teases made by this user 🙂

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