PONR = The Edge

March 27, 2010

This is an excerpt of a dialog within a Yahoo-Group about Edging. There is no say about emission (I will focus on that soon as I will on the very complex theme of edging later), but this guy is reflecting on the PONR with a clear insight. He is very conscious about the PONR indeed:

Did you see my other post about staying CLOSE on the edge?
As I said there, the body is fluid, the genitals especially, always in flux, always pulsating. The EDGE is a line (and a line has no width, remember!) which separates ejaculation from non-ejaculation (or almost-ejaculation). Given the pulsing fluidity of the body, it seems to me that the best you can do is to approach the edge very closely and back off a very short distance, and, as they say in the shampoo ads, “rinse and repeat.”
We speak in a kind of shorthand [
here]. We talk about “being on the edge” for X number of hours, days, or weeks. But really and logically, no one is ever exactly ON the Edge. You are always either approaching it and receding from it OR in a particular instance, going THROUGH it to complete ejaculation. By definition, you cannot embrace and rest ON the Edge. That would be like sitting on the point of an upright pin. It can’t be done. By definition, you have to “fall off” to one side or the other. Or to put it another way, the Edge is not a broad plateau, it’s a narrow fence. You can get REAL close to it. You can even press up against it with a great deal of force. But ultimately, you will always be on one side or the other.

4 Responses to “PONR = The Edge”

  1. festival42 Says:

    Right, never exactly on the edge just approaching it continuously. What fun!

  2. festival42 Says:

    I have learned how to stay within 1/4 second of ejaculation for much of the day. Edging is fantastic and I enjoy gooning. Unfortunately, I have not yet learned to be able to do nipple play nor Fleshlight while edging as both cause quick ejaculation. Any readers have any tips or suggestions to improve my skill?

    • nandisa Says:

      I´d consider you a master-edger from how you describe your skill(s) – as also in this post. Riding the edge close to PONR always bears the possibility to trigger ejaculation without wanting to, just because you applied a tactile stimuli too many. Nipple play and applying Fleshlight seem to be very effective in pushing you towards PONR. Knowing this gives you the chance to be very careful and disciplined about it when you are aroused to the max already.

      • addicted2edging Says:

        It is very difficult to practice partial ejaculation edging at 9,9 before PONR . It is frustrating the totally naked masculine body. I force the masculine body to practice 57 partial ejaculations in long edging sessions ( 40 minutes to 2 hours ). In between there a breaks of 1-3 hours . Practicing this in a cold cellar or cold night on a field or in a cold rain , it can prolong this edging ritual. After reaching 9,9 with a partial ejaculation it is important to cool down the masculine body with a break min. 2 or 5 minutes . I write down on a paper all specifications of this ritual : number of partial ejaculation , time, quantity of sperm ( from 0,5 % to 25% / a full orgasm ejaculation would be 40% compared with partial ejac ), quality of sperm ( 100% sperm, oeko mix 50% , watery sperm ). Each partial ejaculation the sperm gets more and more watery. The nipples of the masculine body are lubed by this sperm . Watery sperm has more friction on the nipples . the final last ejaculation is very frustrating and unsatisfying for the masculine body, because all glands are empty. It is a very addicting practice for the male body.

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