Clip of a Solid Emission (+ Ejaculation)

April 9, 2010

It is overdue to really observe what I am talking about in my past entries, i.e. emission. I´d like to link to one of the most stunning, most beautiful clips to be found on the net! How can I know this is the case? I can´t, but the guy you see here, calling himself Spritzing, is not only one of the best performers when it comes to ejaculation and emission, more so his clips do feature him in a very good quality.

I love his clips, rather his ability to shoot an extended volume of milk! You may find a series of clips by him at the linked source, and every single one is just delightful to watch.

In this clip Spritzing first triggers a massive emission! He strokes his beautiful cock until he passes a first PONR which makes his milk run out of his meatus, almost as if he was peeing semen (it seems he clenches his BC voluntarily). Then, at the end of emission, he applies couple more strokes to trigger the ejaculatory reflex. Just wonderful!

This all runs in slow motion (with sound, yet no moaning) illustrating perfectly the core theme of this blog.

4 Responses to “Clip of a Solid Emission (+ Ejaculation)”

  1. somebody Says:

    He’s user Krooga on XTube

  2. bobblushing Says:

    nothing happens!

  3. Sandy70 Says:

    The most beautiful ejaculation I have ever seen. Would love to feel his glans in my mouth and feel the throbbing of his ejaculation fill my mouth up!

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