Emission – Between Edging and Milking

April 10, 2010

Let me sum up a bit before I soon gonna move on to the issue of ejaculation.

With describing emission as a stand-alone climactic experience, a subject well worth to explore in its own right as you can read, I touched a much greater realm. This realm of sexual self-fulfillment contains the areas of edging and milking, both of which I will take my focus to in times ahead (yes, male sexuality is like a whole continent to discover).

So, where lie the differences of areas within this realm of intensifying and prolonging pleasure? Here goes:

EDGING is a method enabling the male to savor intense sensations of his (reproductive) system and get lost in it without spilling much cum. He may leak precum in high volume but not so much milk itself. He has learned to avoid to hit PONR, at least PONR for ejaculation proper. His system will become used to this, so that the edger can build up enormous levels of arousal and stay just there and with it. This area lies before the land-of-emission.

EMISSION needs self-control and self-discipline. It is a very refined way to experience the mildest form of sexual climax. Along this way there is always a chance (not to say risk) to induce the ejaculatory reflex. If you perform emission all by yourself you need to be very conscious about how you masturbate, you must be awake and focused, and you need to stay relaxed. You walk within the land-of-edging until you reach that edge. And here you try to taste bits of the edge in making your cum move (up). If you do that with a partner it is even more trickier, but more arousing as well. Emission fills the gap between edging and milking.

MILKING involves two (participants) right from the beginning! You sure can perform that all alone as well, but I would then always prefer coaxing out my milk rather than »forcing« it out (thru the squeezing of my glands). Nonetheless, prostate-/vesicle-milking definitely is a nice variation in your edging routine! But milking marks a particular story. It is highly bound to a master-dependant (not to say slave) scenario. Milking is basically a story of denial. That is: the denial of a climax, be it emission, ejaculation or/and orgasm. However, forced ejaculations fall into this area as well. Last not least you can call a emission-scenario with two involved a milking session. And this is a scenario which keeps returning to heat me up big time.

So, coming up next is a short story about just that.

6 Responses to “Emission – Between Edging and Milking”

  1. bobblushing Says:

    please direct me to the story you mention at the end.

  2. bobblushing Says:



  3. Anonymous Says:

    I am now into extreme edging and cum denial and am very, very happy staying uncummed as long as possible. No MRP and always right there all the time. Nothing could make me happier.

  4. addicted2edging Says:

    practicing emission edging is very addicting and unsatisfying for the masculine body . I force the totally naked masculine body to practice up to 57 partial ejaculations in many sessions and hours ( days ) . edging ritual is frustrating the male body and it needs really iron will not to ejaculate with orgasm . practicing edging in cold air at a cold and wet river forces the masculine body not to ejaculate so soon . after a cold edging outdoor session the whole masculine body is shivering from cold. it is a very frustrating and demanding experience for the male body.

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