For a Closer Look (1) – Emission

April 19, 2010

When you did read my intro you know that I rely on my private library for almost all the citings and quotes I present here. This also applies for pics and prose and should cover clips likewise. Now, to the benefit of my readers I will deposit clips with RapidShare, hence if you want to watch, you download these little illustrations freely for private usage. Correction in Summer 2014: I don´t use RapidShare no more and the clips and pics I present meanwhile are also from other sources than my private fault!

⊕ Addendum in Spring 2015: RapidShare does not exist anymore! Please give notice via the comment-option (of a respective post) and I will renew old links! Please read this as well! ⊕

These clips serve the purpose of the blog: to celebrate the male climax and his produce. The clippings extend what the texts emphasize, they actually show what you read about, they show that certain reactions are possibly. They don´t put on a perfect show (there is enough of that on the net) they rather mean to be small and humble examples supplementing this blog.

The two main reasons for the download-option with RS are: A) the clips are mostly small in size and ratio, and B) they were mostly not published on the net before, – they simply can neither be streamed nor linked for direct display! This is unpublished material! (This refers to all the nandi-clips!)

Since I was closely looking at emission in my past entries, I now want to offer you 2 clips here. You see:

– a cockhead (close-up) and how milk just runs out of the slit like from a faucet. The guy then triggers an ejaculation thru short strokes at the rim of his helmet. More milk pulses out in ever smaller amounts. It´s an uncut scene and mute, 3.6 MB in size and runs 1:31 minutes.


– the guy sitting opposite the cam, legs wide open. He holds his penis at his lower shaft and emission sets in, releasing a big volume of milk running down his shaft and balls. The guy does nothing when suddenly he is spurting his cum with a forceful first shot, indicating that he merged over the edge, surrendering to ejaculation proper. What a river of semen!

It´s an uncut scene and mute in slow motion, low quality – still beautiful, 896 KB in size and runs 1:18 minutes.

With this blog progressing, hence covering more and different themes, I shall offer further clips respectively. Stay tuned!  😉

4 Responses to “For a Closer Look (1) – Emission”

  1. Big Bi Says:

    Downloaded both clips and get Windows Media Player errors on both. Disappointing ’cause they sound like must see clips.

  2. dancingyogi Says:

    Oh sir, the second clip was inspirational, but the first clip, unfortunately, will not play. I visited the VLC player link, but I am not on windows. If you would be so kind as to reload the first clip for your readers, it would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for your efforts in orgasmic education!

    • nandisa Says:

      DancingYogi, I am happy to learn that you follow my blog closely!
      I was checking with this post now and see that there is an issue with the clip(s) unfortunately. The links are ok, so that you were able to obtain those clips, so far so good. For viewing: VLC, after all, is the best option and can be retrieved for many OSs, look again here, – also at the bottom of any of their pages you find links for other systems beside Windows. I hope this helps eventually!!

      I just recall that I have an animated-gif of that scene in my library, almost as good as the clip (maybe even hotter, for the flow of milk never stops! 🙂 ):

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