Ejaculation – From the Books

April 23, 2010

Yeah, ejaculation! This most significant male sexual climax, at least in the physical sense of the experience, finally arrives as main focus here, and I am eager to talk about it. 🙂

This climax is really interesting. It can´t be halted once triggered, and it runs rather a limited length of time, unfortunately. Yet it can feature quite different qualities: it produces variable quantities of cum, it can be repeated (I mean immediately), it can be stretched duration-wise… – in other words it can be altered!

Although I was writing about the bliss of ejaculation here and about PONR, emission and ejaculation here, I like to once more elaborate what happens when we cum. The description is slightly further detailed and it illustrates how semen builds and travels. It´s like from the books, telling the basics – for starters.

During the emission phase, seminal fluid is prepared to be ejaculated. In fact, this fluid (aka cum) consists out of several fluids, all mixed up inside the male body.

The first component, the spermatozoa, comes from the epididymis (the storage room of sperm on top of the testes). Sperm travels from the epididymis through two vas deferens (sperm ducts or spermatic cord) till they reach the ampullae. The ampullae are just a wide part of the vas deferens, acting as a small container for the spermatozoa. Although the vas deferens is the thickness of a thin pencil, the central channel running through it is only 0.25 to 0.33 mm in diameter (the width of a coarse hair). The remaining thickness of the vas is composed of muscle, needed to transport the sperm to the ampullae.

The second (and largest) component is made in the two seminal vesicles. These look like small pouches, surrounded by small muscles. During the emission phase of the orgasm, they both contract forcing their contents towards the prostate. The seminal vesicles secrete a significant proportion of the fluid that ultimately becomes semen. About 60% of the seminal fluid originates from the seminal vesicles.

The contents of the two ampullae (up to 5% of cum) and the two seminal vesicles are pushed towards the prostate during the emission phase. The prostate gland is a cone-shaped gland about the size of a chestnut and is made up of connective tissue and smooth muscle. It adds about 30% of volume to the mix. The three components of semen accumulate inside the prostatic urethra, the part of the urethra running through the prostate.

The filling of the prostatic urethra with fluid results in an increased intraprostatic pressure because the cum is entrapped there due to the concomitant and intermittent closure of the external sphincter. The widening of the posterior urethra by the seminal bulk was considered to be (PONR, thus) the main trigger of the ejaculatory reflex, but this reflex does have additional afferent triggers, as not only radical prostatectomy patients can attest, but adepts of emission-climax as well! It is parasympathetic nerves which control the contraction of muscles responsible for ejaculation. Stimulation of these nerves can be via tactile or psychic input. Eventually the (different) stimuli lead to impulses that trigger the reflex of the well-known series of involuntary muscle contractions of the BC and all the other muscles of the reproductive system that contribute to ejaculation proper.

Well, the BC does the pumping, and the Dartos muscle of the scrotum lifts your balls.

On the way to the tip of the penis the milk passes the Cowper’s glands (or bulbourethral glands) right before the cocks base. These are two small, rounded, and somewhat lobulated bodies of a yellow color, about the size of peas. These glands also add their clear fluid to the cumload (about 5% – so that the math here is correct). But as we know Cowper’s glands start producing excretions during sexual arousal a long time before ejaculation. Hence we speak of pre-cum (sometimes pre-ejaculate), – I like to call it pure nectar, tears of bliss or salty honey; Milk & Honey is a very nice thought, isn´t it!

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  1. bobblushing Says:

    mood loop is hypnotic!!!


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  3. mark Says:

    mood loop is GREAT

  4. bobblushing Says:

    Nandisa, your material is enlightening and I must get to see your recent contributions sooner than I have been, lately. Thanks so much for your observations and research.

    • nandisa Says:

      bobblushing, good to know you are around and browsing my posts, even early ones! Although this one is very basic and I link to it often. I hope there is still enough for you to check out. My library has grown to 230 entries since yesterday! But you will know many (most?) of them, I´m sure.

  5. bobblushing Says:

    Wondering if you speak on the phone regarding your site?

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    That’s fine…you have a really fun, informative site. Thanks!

    • nandisa Says:

      I wished for more readers like you, bobblushing, but there are not really many, compared to like numerous hits for clips at YouTube or whatever other social media entries. I consider this blog – as you say – fun and informative and important, not only for men. But I am shy and don´t ring the advertisement-bell. After all I am happy to find comments like yours once in a while. And the ClustrMaps clearly reveal that my audience is a global one, which is just great as well!

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