I Just Love His Plumbing (2)

April 30, 2010

Read the sequel of my story:

After I milked a first drop of his sweet cum, I will pull my finger slowly out of his rectum and change to the dildo. With oil applied I will continue to massage his prostate. This produces more milk at the tip of his dick. Sometimes more, sometimes less. That depends on how much he is aroused by then. I lick all the thin milk spills from his cock and it makes me want more. He will signal me for how long he likes to be massaged inside. He certainly prefers cocktease over prostate massage.

Finally the time has come for cocktease. With lots of oil I will gently begin to appreciate his wonderful wand. Soon this tease will become a journey of refined strategical touches applied. Because touching his cock in a certain way will send him to lust-heaven. It takes some time until we arrive at the trigger-zone. And then my full skills are required.

My option is to hold him close to the threshold of cumming. His excitement and sensitivity are at a high level. It is in this phase that his glands produce milk at full rate. I use the technique of Stop & Go. I have to, if I do not want to send him over the edge, and I don´t want to yet (although I want his milk so badly).

The more he is excited, the lighter becomes my touch. Actually it varies. My touches alter between feathery light and tight. Now comes his foreskin into play. His skin will actually trigger any release of milk for sure. And this is exactly the most pleasurable trigger for him. In the phase closest to his pending ejaculation, or rather emission, I exclusively play with his foreskin. It is my objective to trigger the release of his milk in an emission, meaning he will not shoot but will have a ooze-out of his milk first.

He is moaning loud when he nears the point of no return. I slowly and lightly stroke his skin and the rim of his helmet. He is breathing deeply. This goes on for some time. He is producing high amounts of precum now. An almost steady little stream of his clear nectar leaks down his now rock hard shaft. It is such a sight, such an experience! I become impatient. I need to harvest his milk, I am thirsty to drink from him. He has fully surrendered to me anticipating his first climax. His cock throbs in sync with his increased heartbeat.

I want him now. I massage his skin lightly. He is moaning loud. Suddenly the pitch of his voice changes. He begins to howl. It shows me that he is very close at the triggerpoint for release. I let go of his dick only to touch him again after a few seconds. I stroke his skin ever so lightly. He begins to breathe and moan and suddenly mumbles: ‚I´m melting’! I let go and soon after I see a small rinse of his milk oozing out. Quickly I touch him again and slowly stroke some more and he answers with a very loud and long wine. I let go, I know he will have a full emission. I grab a small bowl to catch his milk. And I am right in time for now he produces a strong stream of thin skim milk into the jar. After I caught all I put the container aside and continue to lightly rub his foreskin and glans, quite knowing that this will trigger his full ejaculation.

He continues to moan, loud and from the bottom of his lungs. OMG, his feelings must be so intense, I know he is cumming now! Milk starts to shoot, his ejaculation begins with forceful ropes of hot milk. He does not stop pumping his precious produce, which has drenched his chest already. He cums and cums. I grab the jar to catch some of his white and creamy milk. He still moans and his body is shaken by waves of lust. I manage to collect some of his milk in the jar. Eventually I grab his cock directing it into my mouth to suck and drink the last pulses of his lasting ejaculation. After his cock-spasms ceased I lick some of his cream from his chest and drink his milk from the jar, enjoying his fruity tasting man-juice. Meanwhile he seems pretty much spent from his powerful, ever so luscious climax. What a wonderful lovemaking we shared!


Love His Plumbing - Sorry for just thumbs and the low quality!

3 Responses to “I Just Love His Plumbing (2)”

  1. James Mullen Says:

    Many thanks for the fantastic post. Where can I get this video?

    • nandisa Says:

      I´m happy you liked my story! 🙂
      As for the clip, of which – yes – I had included sreenshots, I found that somewhere on the net, yet without keeping the source. However, I am able to make it available to you via dl as like with all the other videos I offer here. Follow this link!
      Mind you that the contents of the clip has no direct connection to the text but the setting. What you see is much softer, quite lovely nonetheless! It runs just about 5 minutes.

  2. James Mullen Says:

    Many thanks for the very rapid response to my request. Most appreciated!

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