Shooting or Spilling? (1)

May 2, 2010

The most significant characteristic of an ejaculation is cum-shooting. From an external point of view that is. Expelling or shooting cum is mainly due to the BC-muscle and its contractions. But there are other factors to consider, for we all know the wide range between shooting and gushing cum, when we think of ejaculatory performance.

Well, in this context I don´t like to use the word performance in the meaning of a show, although it seems obvious. Simply because shooting cum is hardly a matter of will and intention. One exception would be the voluntary contraction of the BC while emission. This results in a cum-spurt, contrary to the oozing of milk characteristic to emission. But ejaculation is defined – and here I quote myself – thru »the well known series of involuntary muscle contractions of the BC and all the other muscles of the reproductive system«. The reflex pumps out the semen in a time-set rhythm. And not only do some guys literally shoot and others spill. No, you yourself sometimes shoot and other times slosh, or even more likely: you shoot some and you gush some during the very same ejaculation.

You will be taken by surprize on how you perform whilst ejaculation every time you cum! OK, there are probabilities that may characterize you individually at a given age or situation, and predictions are likely to arrive, but still you never know. That is because you are subject to several factors and how they play together when finally the reflex sets in. They are:

  • first and foremost the amount of semen you have produced and in store,
  • the capacity of the penile urethra within the bulb of the penis in which the semen is sucked/propelled when the BC-spasms occur,
  • the momentum and force of the BC´s contraction (yes, Kegels will strengthen your muscles),
  • the width of your meatus (your piss-slit), because the smaller or narrower it is, the more pressure builds in the system resulting in an accelerated ejection when your milk leaves your penis (think of a pinched garden hose),
  • and last not least the fluidity of your individual milk, which will vary due to further different factors again.


As you can see there is a lot of genetic predisposition, anatomical nature and secretory parameters in the game! That´s why you never know exactly how you gonna “shoot” the next time. For the same reasons we experience guys spraying, shooting, roping, sloshing, gushing and spilling their milk or rather a combination of it all. But does performance really matter? And if so, why? – I ask you to just be patient until my next post.  🙂

3 Responses to “Shooting or Spilling? (1)”

  1. bobblushing Says:

    I can…and, will, be patient.
    Twice a day is reasonable.

  2. Tom Says:

    Mid flight!
    I recognize that beautiful member 😉

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