Milkfactory – Seminal Vesicles

May 14, 2010

If there is a milkfactory in the male body it certainly is the two seminal vesicles!

I´d like to hit it off with a very interesting quote from a forum (I link to via my blogroll):

In every man’s body there are two small organs called “seminal vesicles“. Only men have them and, although they have a profound effect on men’s behaviour, men have no conscious awareness of their existence or function. The seminal vesicles are probably the most neglected organs in discussions of human sexuality.

Each seminal vesicle looks like a little wrinkled sausage about 5cm (2″) long. Inside there is a coiled tube. Their function is to produce seminal fluid, which is produced continually. Since they never cease their production, the seminal vesicles keep filling up after each ejaculation, and as they fill they swell. The swelling is accompanied by elongation, just as a coiled garden hose tends to stretch out when filled with water. The seminal vesicles cannot release any of the seminal fluid other than by ejaculation. [and emission, I might add]

This is the beginning of an article proposing a thesis on „Why Men Need Sex!“. It is an interesting read though not the subject I intend to dwell on here.

Yeah, I agree, the seminal vesicles may be the most neglected organs in discussions of male sexuality. And yet they provide us with the biggest portion of the most precious fluid a male is able to generate. Those twin glands produce about two-thirds of all the milk we spill with ejaculation. Lets take a closer look.

About the name: ‘Seminal’ refers to sperm, and ‘Vesicle’ means ‘little sac’, so together the words mean ‘little sperm sac’. The seminal vesicles got their name because scientists once thought that sperm were stored there until they were ejaculated. We now know that sperm are stored in the two ampullae, but the name hasn’t been changed.

These milkfactories are elongated sacs (about 5 cm (2″) long and 2-3 cm (1″) wide), which taper where they open into the vas deferens (ampullae) as they enter the prostate gland. Each seminal vesicle consists of one coiling tube (about 15cm (6″) long). The coils adhere to each other where they come into contact.

seminal vesicles

Their secretion constitutes 60-70 % of the cum leaving the body at ejaculatory climax. With the beginning of the reflex (at emission), the muscular wall of the seminal vesicles contract to propel the fluid from the lumen of the glands into the ejaculatory ducts (which are the terminal portions of the vas deferens (ampullae) as well).

The viscous, slightly yellowish secretory product of the columnar cell is strongly acidophilic. It contains large amounts of fructose which the spermatozoa utilise as a source of energy. Furthermore, the secretion contains prostaglandins, flavins (yellow fluorescing pigment – of use in forensic medicine to detect semen stains), vitamin C, phosphorylcholine and several other proteins and enzymes.

This cocktail of compounds which is released by the seminal vesicles in addition to fructose has three main functions:

  1. the formation of the sperm coagulum,
  2. the regulation of sperm motility / prolonging the lifespan of sperm and
  3. the suppression of immune function / neutralizing the acidity in the female genital tract.

These structures really are amazing! They continually produce and store your juices and increasingly do so, the more you are aroused. Although these extraordinary glands may not be as receptive to direct touch (thru the anus) as the prostate is, be aware of the fact, that without the seminal vesicles we barely would be able to savor the following:

  • voluminous and extended ejaculation,
  • repeated emission,
  • multiple ejaculation,
  • milking and cum-harvest,
  • edging
  • and even wet-dreams.

Praise to the seminal vesicles! – Yet there is one more glandular structure in the game. All about it in my next post!

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  2. You’ve done it once more! Superb post!

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