Precum – Pure Nectar (1)

May 17, 2010

What story does this picture tell you?


Well, if we put it scientifically, we learn this: The Cowper’s glands, also known as bulbourethral glands, are two small (about pea-sized) structures near the base of the penis; their function is to secrete glycerine-like mucus that lubricates and readies the urethra (i.e. neutralizing the acidity within the urethra itself) prior to ejaculation. They were named after anatomist William Cowper and are homologous to Bartholin’s glands in females. Most guys know this secretion as “pre-cum”. Some men secrete much more of it than others; in fact, many men don’t even notice it at all.

Many men don’t even notice it at all“ – really? I guess that does not account for all you guys reading this! Precuming is very well a highly arousing subject in its own right. And the fluid itself is nothing less than perfect. It is crystal clear, absolutely lubricating and bears a slightly salty taste (if any) assumingly with the majority of guys. It signals that its producer is sexually excited to his core! Hence we can read the above picture this way:

The guy is as much aroused that he is beginning to literally get wet (no difference to women here, by the way). A first pearl of precum appears at the meatus (piss-slit) of his erect cock. He may either begin to enjoy himself witnessing more precum to rise from the depths of his awakened system and watch his nectar drooling down over his glans and cock-shaft, or he will utilize his produce to lube his helmet to achieve exquisite sensations while stroking his tender cock-head. Sooner than later the whole scenario may resemble this image:


It is a fact that some guys, unfortunately, run low on precum production (causing them to probably neglect this wonderful feature of sexual response) while others leak notable amounts of this awesome stuff. This may be regarded as a genetic cause rather than contributed to some alterable parameters (unfortunately again).

Similar to the (key feature of the) seminal vesicles, the Cowper’s glands constantly produce fluid when the male is sexually aroused. Unlike the seminal vesicles though, the Cowper’s glands don´t store their produce but secrete it continuously into the bulbous portion of the urethra where it travels immediately upward within the penis to surface at its tip. This outstanding biological feat is one to enjoy in any sexual activity and may be incorporated into specific delights such as (pre-) cum-harvest and/or edging!


I need to mention very tiny urethral glands which are mainly neglected because their contribution to the overall sexual secretion is really small. I quote from Wikipedia:
The urethral or periurethral glands (also Littre glands after Alexis Littré, French physician and anatomist (July 21, 1658 – February 3, 1726)) are glands that branch off the wall of the urethra of male mammals. The glands secrete mucus, which is incorporated into the semen, and are most numerous in the section of the urethra that runs through the penis.


Just to let you know that two years after I posted this information it turned out that this entry became the definite favorite one measured by hits! Please check out this anniversary-post informing you about some numbers, statistics and pursuers!

22 Responses to “Precum – Pure Nectar (1)”

  1. Tom Baker Says:

    I’m a first time visitor and this is a very interesting blog. For some reason I make a lot of pre cum but my wife likes it. I’ve read several posts and more than likely I will be back.

  2. Derrick Says:

    I’ve always enjoyed my precum ever since I was 10. I made this about one year before I could fully cum. It turns me on when I get wetter and I usually taste it. It’s actually sweet sometimes.

  3. Anonymous Says:

    Precum juice is a favorite, I lick up all I can produce.

  4. Show Joe Says:

    Some really great stuff here, Nandisa.

    The item “ShowJoe’s Cock” in your Links column, points to my blog, which has been renamed “Extreme Edging and Cum Denial” to more accurately express its content. When you have a chance, could you update the link here?

    OK, now back to reading more of your stuff.

    Show Joe

  5. dakota9 Says:

    interesting, i was hoping to find out why when i shove a tic tak mint in the head of my cock i precum huge amounts…… my bf is a real cum whore, so that’s a real pleaser for him….. sometimes, i’ve waken up with a mint it my dickhead and my cock in his mouth…. i have a p a piercing so it doesn’t hurt at all. i really can’t feel it, but my cock precums like you wouldn’t believe

    • nandisa Says:

      Thanks for sharing this curious phenomenon you experience, dakota9! Never heard of this effect. Precumming is closely connected (I´d say based upon) arousal or sexual excitement. Sometimes mere thoughts or moods may trigger the flow, the production of precum. And I would have assumed that “external manipulation” can not alter the volume of precum produced, however, it apparently does with you!
      Maybe someone who reads this is eager to try and verify, telling us about their experience. Mind you that this menthol/peppermint containing substance on ones mucous membrane is far not for everyone! In case, try with a fraction of a whole tic tac first. – At last I wonder how you, dakota9, came to tic taccing your cock-mouth? And isn´t the mint flushed out sooner or later?

  6. John Says:

    Why did it take me so long to find this site? You have done a very nice job here, and your photos are gorgeous. I call myself a serial masturbator. I have enjoyed this kind of pleasure since I was a young boy. I have always wanted to be able to prolong my pleasure, and after reading some of your posts, I think I be in the right place to learn how to do that.

    I seep precum whenever I am aroused. I like to read (and write) erotic stories, and I always find a big wet spot in my underwear when I do either. If I am touching myself, a drop of precum rises up on my penis. This is like a nectar. I have tasted it and let it flow and cover the entire head of my penis. It is a superior lubricant to anything that I have found. One of my favorite things is to touch the precum, get a little on my finger, then touch my nipples. Oh boy! That just opens the door.

    • nandisa Says:

      I am glad you found my blog, welcome John!

      Thanks for your extended comment and praise. I know it is great to be blessed with an easy precum-production, we are similar in this respect. 🙂

  7. festival42 Says:

    The longer I edge causes precum to flow like a fawcet. I love it but lately i’ve began stroking too fast and hard again and am experiencing full ejaculation without warning. I’ve got to get back to edging using the technique outlined in these posts and also be more careful about rubbing my nipples too much as this can cause full ejaculation unexpectedly as well. In any event, it’s all great fun. Thanks, nandisa for all the great info available here. Ray

  8. aqua Says:

    Awesome article.

    • festival42 Says:

      I have been edging on and off all night long and also this morning. Precum flows like water almost instantly while I watch tumblr photos of other men edging and precumming. There are several X-tube videos of men precumming which are very interesting as well. I consider myself a master edger, but never accident free and I am ever vigilant so as to not take that one stroke too many. Edging for me is very recreational and my greatest hobby. Thank you, Nandisa for posting these great updates on Edging and Precumming. I think the Cowper’s glands needs to be trained over time to secrete this juice in large amounts.

      On Saturday, February 6, 2016, peaks-n-pulses wrote:

      > aqua commented: “Awesome article.” >

      • nandisa Says:

        Hello Ray, nice to read from you and about your favorite sexual activity!
        You are pursuing edging for years and I bet you are a master edger (also because you state that you are in control since many hours right now). The occasionally occurring “accidents” (=ejaculations) are very natural I believe, because when one is wandering the edge, one tiny (neuronal) impulse (even a visual stimulus – as you mention tumblr + x-tube) can be sufficient to trigger emission or even the ejaculatory reflex.

        As for the Cowper´s glands, we know that they perform differently in different guys. It is an interesting thought that these glands could be trained to produce more pre-cum the more often they are stimulated (and here I mean arousal – curious little glands!). It is great for any edger when the Cowper´s glands produce a significant volume of pre-cum while in the act; I am happy your glands perform so well! 🙂

      • Anonymous Says:

        You need someone to drink from your dick.

  9. festival42 Says:

    You need to keep your judgments to yourself.

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