For a Closer Look (4) – Precumming

May 21, 2010

Have two closer looks at a guy precumming!

cowpers gland

artist impression of internal gland

Precumming is a truly fascinating sexual reaction. Fluid production of the Cowper’s glands may vary with the intensity of arousal. They kick-in secreting when you encounter a strong stimulus (which can be a very subtle thing) rather than after a passed period of time being involved with sexual matters. I give you an account of my own: it happened at several occasions that I was precumming really heavy when I was on the phone with a woman I was craving. And I haven´t had a boner nor were we talking sex all the time. Just the fact that I thought she was hot and that I wanted to be with her was enough to let my glands work in advanced mode. And only after the talk I fully realized how much I´ve been aroused in my system. It was as if my trigger had worked on an unconscious level. – I believe it is a matter of being sexually inscripted. That means everyone has a very particular set of scenarios, fantasies and objects that cause sexual interest, arousal and even climax in each of us (look at this blog and you know with what I am inscripted!)  🙂

However, once your glands produce while you keep pursuing sexual satisfaction, your nectar will ooze“miraculously” – until you release your flood of milk. And that is the beauty of precumming!

Every man who is able to precum (and there are few who are not or little) is able to play and experiment with his nectar. You ought to try to harvest it on your way to climax!

You see:
1 the tip of the guys penis, pointing downward, and a drop of precum slowly descending from his meatus into a sub-lit shot glas forming a super elastic thread. After the first drop is down another follows immediately.

It´s an unedited scene, a small-sized clip and mute, 3.9 MB in size and running 1:08 minutes.

2 the tip of the guys penis, pointing downward, and he is harvesting 7 drops of precum into a shot glas while he is jerking his cock at the rim of his helmet (partly involving his foreskin).

It´s an edited scene (to bypass time between drop-developement), a small-sized clip and mute, 2.1 MB in size and running 2:36 minutes.

Expected streaming video? – Please refer to this explanation here about why and how I offer clips the way I do, captioned: For a Closer Look.

3 Responses to “For a Closer Look (4) – Precumming”

  1. Tanru Says:

    It’s a shame these clips are no longer available!

    • nandisa Says:

      Tanru, it´s great you are pointing this out to me! The file-hoster Rapidshare sucks big time meanwhile. I now did re-upload the clips in question, so you should be able to dl them for your enjoyment!
      To all readers: when you find a dead link, please report via a comment – most easy thing to do! Thanks. 🙂

      • Tanru Says:

        Thanks for that! The second one — sigh, just makes me want to open my mouth …

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