For a Closer Look (5) – Ejaculating

June 4, 2010

You gonna looove what you get to observe in these clips, they´re really hot!

In my previous post I was talking about the sequential order in which the milks´ components surface at ejaculation. With the clips offered here you can witness how different ejaculation may occur (keyword performance) as well as how different the quality of milk can be compared to what the book/general rule says (but we know that already quite well, don´t we).  🙂

You see:
1 the guy cumming twice into a strange little container, rather close-up.
The clip begins with a drop of clear precum already been lowered into the jar. His penis is pointing down and later on reminds of a trunk or udder having been milked.
The guy is stroking his foreskin just below his cock-head to trigger a climax. He is coaxing an emission in which he releases milk apparently originating from his prostate. Emission is immediately followed by his first ejaculatory climax producing highly viscous gushes from his seminal vesicles.
When the last drop is collected the guy jacks himself to a second ejaculation. Now his pumped milk is more runny once again.

It´s an unedited scene in good quality with sound (decent moaning when climaxing), 20.4 MB in size and running 2:04 minutes.

2 I very much love this clip which I found on the net! It is intensely arousing to me. You see a guy filming himselfbefore a mirror! The guy is shooting a big load in ten (!) prolific spurts. His ejaculation is truly amazing. It seems that he is releasing his milk in a relaxed way. His glands must have been saturated quite to the limit and eventually he is pumping away what they had produced and stored. This guy is quite in control (as you can see in the mirror), making no sounds while filming his beautiful extended spurting. His milk is of curious quality and almost contrary to what is stated in the books! He shoots very runny milk throughout his climax with some creamy content already in the second rope (supposedly the part from the seminal vesicles) finishing with rather clear and thin juice! It is all very nice to study as he is hitting the mirror! Hence the milk running down the mirrors surface clearly shows its quality/characteristics. His ejaculation and the quality of his (skim) milk are just amazing!

It´s an unedited scene in fair quality with sound (no moaning though), 7.4 MB in size and running 36 seconds (of which you see him shooting 24 secs!).

Expected streaming video? – Please refer to this explanation here about why and how I offer clips the way I do, captioned: For a Closer Look.

9 Responses to “For a Closer Look (5) – Ejaculating”

  1. James Says:

    I had an idea for sampleing the products of different stages of emissions. Create a table maybe 4ft wide and 10ft long which the ejaculatory subject stands at one end and ejaculates onto the table (shooting across the 4ft way). The table is fitted with a long roll of black plastic at one end which stretches across the length of the table, covering it. At the other end is a motor driven spool which will take up the plastic and cause the plasic to move across the table; it is speed adjustable so you can vary how fast the plastic travels. Since the plastic you cum on moves and you stand still you would get a quite well defined sampleing of the differing ejaculate components along the length of the squirted on plastic. Someone should build it and film it.

  2. James Says:

    I just wonder If anyone else ever heard of a yahoo group called ‘cumshot mechanic’? Most of what it was was the moderator narrating photos and vids of ejaculations. He was really good at it,too. Quite arrousing. Too bad the group got killed.

    • nandisa Says:

      James that rings a bell. I remember I checked it out and liked it, but that´s years ago. And you are right, that group – unfortunately – is gone.

  3. The first video was very nice but I could not get the second one,, to play in either QuickTime or RealPlayer. I have the DivX, Xvid, and Autodesk codecs installed already. Any idea on what codec I need to get it to play?

    • nandisa Says:

      Sorry to hear that. It is a .mov and runs in QuickTime normally (I use Mac by the way). My only suggestion would be to try with the VLC-Player (free, both platforms). Hope you can open it!

      • I had forgotten that VLC will play MOV files. Still, when I tried it with VLC, I got this message:
        No suitable decoder module:
        VLC does not support the audio or video format “WMV3”. Unfortunately there is no way for you to fix this.
        Very strange. It is so rare to have any problem playing a MOV file and, being a Windows user, I should be able to play something encoded in WMV3. I think this is a problem on my end so I will have to investigate it further.

  4. chas Says:

    Nandisa, just like what you said in the first sentence. I DID love what I saw from these two clips!! Very hot indeed!
    Makes me kinda upset that I am cut also. Seeing all that hotness at it’s moment of glory!

    • nandisa Says:

      Hot clips indeed! – I just realize that I posted this 5 years ago! Many more posts and clips found its way into the blog since then, but as I said, with this genre nothing gets outdated! 🙂
      As for the visuals of an ejaculation, my favourite is presented in this post. Stunning and graceful alike!

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