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June 13, 2010

In my previous post I stated that quality, taste and volume of the milk a man produces are key-factors to get hooked on it. I want to share some random recommendations on altering cum-taste. These are statements I found at a how-to sub-page few years ago:

– One of the biggest complaints I hear is from the salinity of cum (i.e. it’s very salty). One way to change that is to super hydrate the body. Drinking plenty of water will reduce the amount of salt in the body and in the cum. Another way to reduce the amount of salt (or conversely increase it) is to stop (start) taking diuretics. These are substances which bind with the water molecules and prevent their relatively easy absorption from the large intestines. These substances include anything with caffeine in it. Coffee, soda, and tea will all increase the amount of salt in the cum by binding with the water molecules.
Another noticeable taste is from the Cowper’s glands, which secretes a sort of cleaner/lubricant. This has a very bitter taste. The Cowper’s glands are very sensitive to changes in pH levels. So, any food with a high level of pH will decrease the acidity. If you want to reduce the bitterness, try ginger extract.
Another thing to try is increasing the glucose levels in the blood. This simple sugar can flow across the blood barrier and into the semen. This will make the cum “sweeter” (though not by much). If the cum actually gets to be sweet, the boy has diabetes and after sex you should take him to the hospital to have his kidneys checked out.
The last thing you can do is change the level of testosterone in the body. This hormone, actually produced in the testes, gives cum that “dry-chalkish drying out” flavor and contributes much to the “after-taste” that many people find distasteful. By controlling the level of hormones through bio-feedback you can tailor the taste to your partner’s fancy.
There are other ways to change the flavor, but these are the main ones, so try it and enjoy. Please remember that the processes take a couple of days and that the food concentrations or the chemical concentrations have many interactions so plan ahead.
–The woman who sent this would like to remain anonymous

– Lots of orange juice and lemonade. Actually – if your man eats lots of fruit and drinks a lot of water, his cum will taste much better. However, if your man is into philly cheesestakes, cheetos and cherry coke, his cum will be kinda – well…not as pleasant tasting. An apple a day… Definitely have him try various vitamin supplements which purge the body of impurities. –anonymous

In the past I have used pineapple juice which my ex-wife has claimed to have sweetened the taste. however, I believe that as much as a person would like to improve their tastes, that there is no quick means of improving the taste of sperm in a few minutes or even prior to ejaculation. what i have been able to find out especially through the eastern philosophies are that diet is important. if you know you are going to have a good weekend then it should be three or four days before the weekend you begin to cleanse your system. i normally will clean mine through by fasting the first day then start my diet with large quantities of apple juice, then i stay on a fruit diet until the day of the event of which i will consume large amounts of pineapple juice. anything i might eat after that should not affect the acidity or changes in the sperm.
What i strongly believe is the preparation process for this activity if you are going to have an erotic evening and can plan ahead. there are many recipes that claim to change the taste, however, it still takes time for our system to metabolize the intake, then convert or absorb into the system of sperm or fluids. sometimes there is more to sex than carnalism, however i wouldn’t complain about that, but the way i have enjoyed it the most deals with again the preparation process and cleansing the body’s system. –syin

– Eat LOTS of celeryavoid asparagus. –Jim C.

– It has been my experience that non-smoking vegetarian or vegan men have the least nasty tasting ejaculate. Diet DOES matter! –Thanks, Huckster

– Try this:

  • Three good-sized sticks celery diced,
  • two capsicums, chopped finely,
  • two bananas chopped,
  • half a cup orange juice,
  • half a cup sweet sherry.

Mix all ingredients and have the guy eat it for breakfast (it’s really very tasty as well) on the day you want to taste his juice and tell him to avoid all dairy products, onions, garlic and fish for the day.
My partner and I came up with this a couple of years ago and he can’t get enough of mine and I can’t get enough of his!!!


– I’ve found that having my boyfriend eat mostly fruits and veggies for the day before I suck his penis really improves the taste of his cum. Strawberries and other berries work the best, and citrus fruits help as well. He reports that my semen tastes best when I drink lots of water and fruit juice. –David

– You’re never going to believe this but I swear I’m not lying. One night my boyfriend had been chewing spearmint gum ALL night (I mean, like 2 packs) and I swear that his cum tasted minty!!! Weird but true. Maybe it works – hey it’s worth a try, tasty breath and tasty cum all at once!!!

– Diet can make a difference – enhancers (reducing that bitter taste, and giving a slightly sweet essence) include kiwi fruit and celery. Yes, really. –an anonymous woman

– I have heard that if the guy drinks mango juice, over a period of time, his cum will taste sweeter. I was also told that a Jolly Rancher helps out during oral sex. –Cris.

– Things that sweeten cum are eating parsley and eating celery …that’s the guy eating them. Ciggies and coffee make it more bitter. –A.S.

– I’ve found that my boyfriend’s cum tastes best when he is on a vegetarian diet and avoids garlic. –D.W.

Sweets such as pastries, brownies, and anything with cinnamon or nutmeg will greatly improve the taste. My all-time favorite is French toast with extra syrup.
I have tried these culinary delights with my own semen first (recycling is good anywhere) and later with my boyfriend. The results are spectacular. Smooth, thick, warm, and creamy, and ooh sooo gooood!! –Trevor

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