aka Milk / Volume (1)

June 17, 2010

Cum-love can probably just exist due to the fact that ejaculating copious amounts of semen is at all possible and happening!

Quote: As a general rule, the volume of ejaculate averages around 2.75 – 3.4 ml after three days’ abstinence. The volume varies considerably both within and between individuals. After a prolonged ejaculatory abstinence, semen volume may increase dramatically to as much as 13 ml.

Well, as true adepts we know better. We don´t settle with just one ejaculation after coincidential periods of abstinence to puzzle over the volume achieved. However, as everyone is different from each other, different factors may be beneficial when it comes to volume. In this post I want to share some recommendations/ experiences on altering milk-volume. Read random accounts I found on a „board“ several years ago:

I don’t think there is one single answer to increasing semen production, but ideally you should have a good diet, preferably rich in fruits, veg, fish and nuts, and a general multivitamin + mineral supplement is useful – on top of this you could then add things like ginseng, gingko biloba, saw palmetto, zinc + copper, soya lecithin, l-arginine/ lysine/ alanine, pumpkin seeds. If that don´t increase your jizz production, nothing will! Oh, and make sure u drink plenty of water and try masturbating regularly without actually cumming – that way you’re gonna stimulate semen production ready for when you do need it!
— Daz

– Unfortunately, doctors either don`t know about these things, or they don`t want to tell you because they`re not going to make any money from you. There are several things that will increase semen:

1. Herbs (Damiana, Saw Palmetto, Ginseng, Pygeum Africanus)
2. Amino Acids (L-Arginine, L-Lysine, L-Alanine)
3. Vitamins (Zinc, Magnesium, Potassium, Selenium, Coral Calcium)
4. Learn Sexual ChiKong Breathing Technique
5. Drink your 8 ounces of water and/or herbal teas

Rule of thumb: Don`t overdo anything, including sex!
— Amir Ali

– I have found only 2 supplements that make a big difference for me. I am curious if it would work for someone else. Both are inexpensive. The herb Sarsaparilla (Root) is awesome for Virility and decreasing recovery time. Nature’s Herbs is the best brand… I am still amazed how well it works after years of taking it. For the volume concerns I recommend the Amino-Acid L-Arginine, it works.
— Gary S

– Try once a day a bunch of pumpkin seeds and two yohimbe bark tablets; you will be amazed after three days of therapy !
— Javier

– I have found that when I smoke Cannabis, the quantity and thickness of my semen increases dramatically. Of course, heavy long-term use apparently depresses sex drive and function, so moderation is the key.
— Dante

– I have been interested for a while in increasing my semen production. This is what I’ve done: Drink a lot of water, zinc, multi-vitamin, vitamin C, L-Arginine, Maca and something called Super Horny Goat Weed. The Super Horny Goat Weed contains: horny goat weed, zinc, copper, L-arginine, Yohimbe, Tribulus, and Mucuna Pruriens. I had a semen analysis done a few months back. I abstained from sex and masturbation for a week before, drank no alcolhol and wore boxer shorts. I shot a huge load (4+ ML) into the sample jar in the bathroom. I gave the sample jar to the nurse within minutes to have it analysed. My count came back very high, motility everything great.
— Steve

– Eat a handful of pumpkin seeds + walnuts every day and massage your testicles thoroughly an hour prior to sex. You’ll be amazed at the results.
— terry bulls

Raw organic eggs, 2-3 a day, plus arginine 5 grams twice a day. Throw in some vitamin C, tribulus, and horny goat weed. I’m 50 years old, and can shoot my wad 6 feet across the room! Didn’t used to be able to do that. I went to a massage parlor a while back, and the young girl that jerked me off was quite startled at the amount of sperm I unloaded on her….
— Alan

– Everyone’s body is different so what works for some might not work for others. People come in a blast a product and say it doesn’t work while another praises it, it’s difficult to know what to do.
Here’s what I do know. – Exercising, eating right, and drinking lots of water is the first step. You won’t be Peter North when you eat McDonalds everyday and sit around drinking beer. (Drugs and alcohol severely affect sperm production) -Vitamins like C, E, and B12 are more for energy rather than volume but they help the sperm travel out of your body. -Amino Acids like Arginine, Lysine, Carnitine, Lecithin, etc. usually help with sperm motility, volume, and somewhat with prostate health. -Extracts like Muira Puma, Maca, Horny Goat Weed help with sperm production and prostate health and can increase volume and intensity. -High priced products like Ropex, Ogoplex, etc. are all just supplements that can be bought cheaper separately and many times your getting better quality and more mg’s! However, sometimes the right mixture of products makes the difference so if anyone has had good results with these please speak up!

— Hugh Load

– Much of the information on this page is accurate. I can only add that, in addition to supplements, vitamins, diet, and good hydration, the trick will always remain what it was when you were a kid. Remember? You’re twelve years old, you shoot the biggest load of your life — how did it happen? You kept building and building and building until you were bored with jerking off. Poof: the biggest load of your young life.
During sex, it’s pretty much the same thing. The trick is to stay as close to orgasm as possible, and for as long as possible. If you’re not feeling like you’re about to come, you’ve got work to do (pump fast and furious, for example). The more you do this, the more times you have to resist coming, the more times you approach and resist orgasm, the more powerful the orgasm.
As an added bonus, your member will be hard as a rock virtually the whole time. Master this approach, and you’ll not only shoot a bigger load, but you’ll be a better lover.

— Jeff

– Lecithin granules have helped me a lot to produce and maintain daily amounts of semen. I masturbate at least once a day, and my loads seem like I haven’t ejaculated for three days. Lecithin granules give me a FULL load of semen every day. Without it I am drained. BUT, and this is VERY important, you MUST take a lot of it. I take at least three tablespoons, three times a day. NOW makes 1 lb and even 2 lb containers of lecithin granules which are very good quality, and cheap too.
Read up on lecithin. It is absolutely wonderful for digestion, even better than enzymes in my opinion, because it EMULSIFIES fat. It also really helps your mood. It keeps you happy all the time. And it is very good for your liver too. It will clean it out. On top of all these great things, it will lower your cholesterol like a bomb if you take it a lot, three times a day. But you MUST take lots of it. You can’t take too much. And it doesn’t interfere with anything. I mix three tablespoons of granules in a small glass of water and down it in several large gulps. It may increase stomach acid, and give you mild heartburn. But it’s a small sacrifice for the enormous benefits.
Like I said, when I jack off each morning, it’s like I haven’t done so for three days, even though I do it every morning.

— John Angelo

– I’m 32 and found that what many of you are experiencing is the same for me. Diet, Supplements, General Health, Arousal, all play a part has to how hard, how long, and how much. I found that Kegel exercises and gentle massage of the testicles helped me. Strong PC muscles make for POWERFUL orgasms and helped “go the distance” with semen volume. Gently squeezing the testicles like an egg and holding them increased blood flow too…
— Daivi Cambel

– Hmm, I have to put in my 2 cents. I take the Arginine and I think that helps, but the best thing is waiting about 2 days, and going for at least 2 hours. The volume is tremendous (1/4 cup I guess; never measured). My biggest problem is strength. It just comes out with an occasional big spurt. Nothing like when I was younger (32 now). And I do the Kegel’s regularly. What can I do/take?
— Twisted Path


to be continued…

6 Responses to “aka Milk / Volume (1)”

  1. bobblushing Says:

    love these directives and the pics!

  2. bobblushing Says:

    love that picture! mouth watering!

  3. James Says:

    Most of this is true to one degree or other, especially the water and the lecithin. Zinc is also key. I advise against eating eggs raw due to the possibillity of ecoili & others.

    Also, I can’t think that 3.4ml is average, especially after a few days abstinence. Less than 4 cc? Really? That is a really small amount. Mine is around 12-16 ml most of the time and that’s only because I have sex 2-3x a day. On days where I’ve been too busy for even just a day I will cum 20-30ml; and like a fire hose. Don’t know what happens if I wait ‘a few days’ (OMG!) never done it.

    If you ask me, constantly stimulating your sex organs makes them grow stronger and healthier and strive to keep up with demand. Nothing wrong with saving it up occasionally, but in the long run more and more frequent orgasms make for more cum.
    Your sex organs are like every other part of your body, when excercised, they get stronger.

    • nandisa Says:

      Great comment James, thank you! I tend to agree with you. The abstinence formula may not work at all if you were not aroused in this time. If you are, and here we close in on edging, this may support the given suggestion of being abstinent for a couple days to improve volume. On the other hand I believe it is correct what you say: when you excercise, when you use your parts, you and your parts will be stronger – more efficient!
      Your great comment also demonstrates that those data from the books, which tend to reflect average figures, are indeed that: average. They are NOT carved-in-stone data. Thank God everyone is different and alterable.

  4. bobblushing Says:

    “Hall of Fame” for current MD-LOOP.

  5. bobblushing Says:

    Kiegels and testicle massage and pulling is excellent with timely quick sessions of caring tickling with nail tips is very helpful in cum buildup and storage… all done in a serious way and if you have trainers or therapists observing… done with complete respect for their interests.

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