aka Milk / Volume (2)

June 22, 2010

More random accounts from the same „board“ several years ago:

I have tried a variety of supplements/methods to increase semen. What I have found works is the following in order of effectiveness, for me at least:
1.) Masturbation w/o ejaculation. What I mean is that if you know you will have a sexual encounter you want to blast her just flog it for about 5-15 min. earlier that day but do NOT ejaculate. This may seem difficult and give you blue balls, but when I do this I can shoot it over my girl’s head when I pull out to cum on her back or tits, depending on how we are doing it, and I usually dribble if I ejaculate naturally. When I pre-masturbate I usually do it just until I see the first bit of pre-cum, then I know the pipes are primed and only takes a few min.
2.) For distance, Kegel exercises. I won’t go into these because they are described all over the web, but they help you shoot farther, but did not do much for volume for me. Another method you can practice is reverse kegeling right before “the point of no return” when ejaculating. What I mean is that when you feel your ejaculation coming on reverse kegel it like pushing like you are trying to pee (dont worry, you wont pee anywhere, its phyiscally impossible when erect) then when you can’t possible hold the push any more quickly kegel-flex hard and you should fire a missle. It´s hard to time subsequent reverse kegel/kegel contractions after the first, but is possible with practice. Also when you are coming you can squeeze your dick real hard behind the head and trap the cum for a few contractions then let it go at the same time as your 5-6th contraction and that will send a HUGE wad a long distance. You can also use the squeeze method stealthily with practice. I have to becuase me lady hates cum on her face.
3.) Supplement: Lecithin, this stuff works but you have to take like 6-10 grams a day which can get annoying, but works within 24-48 hrs.
4.) Supplement: Vitamin E, I don’t see this on this board much but 3-6 caps a day will increase your load.
5.) Supplement: Maca, for some reason I benefit from this more than any other “boner” pills like arginine, yohimbe, horny goat weed. Gets me rock hard and increases my libido which has a side effect of making me cum more and farther.

— Johnny Spreadseed

Well for sexual increase, i would suggest you to drink Avocado milk shake, it really works, and u can eat lots of protein foods like spinach and lady fingure… i advise u dont go for drugs, as it will be bad for the long run… try eating healthy foods and see the effect, u can also try milk with saffron every nite….
— Sunny

Guys, just an observation. i had some loving last night! yeah baby! i had abstained from anything for two days to have sex, well actually a bit longer if you look at hours. probably more like 52 hours or so. roughly two days. anyway, i had taken lecithin each day roughly 4 tablespoons per day of the lecithin granules and i have always taken 1 zinc supplement (50mg) astaxanthin (1 mg per day), vitamin E (about 2 pills now per day roughly 800 IUs total) and i multivitamin in addition to some ropex (which at the time of this writing I am out of). In all honestly, the longer you wait, the more “pop” you should have.
— Larry

I think that everyone’s anatomy is different so there may not be a magic bullet that will work for you. – I have been experimenting with Tongkat Ali (TKA) which is a root from the far east. My volume has increased a bit, but the biggest change has been the strength of the orgasm overall. Where I used to dribble instead of shoot, I now launch two longshots and then a few shorter shots and dribbles. I will never be mistaken for Peter North but the increased performance has been very pleasant. There is another gentleman who has been taking the Tongkat Ali as well. His screen name is Twisted Path and he has also been reporting on the effects of his usage of Tongkat Ali. From what limited clinical trials have shown is that Tongkat Ali has shown noticeable increases in testosterone in test subjects from mice to humans. The biggest effect of TKA is increased libido but also stronger explosive type orgasms are reported as well. I for one can say I notice a difference after having been taking it for over 3 weeks on and off.
— Jughed

Very interesting answers so far, and i’m surprised i’ve seen only one other email suggesting using my solution to a increased quantity of ejaculate which is eating eggs, lots of eggs. You all are suggesting all sorts of organic and inorganic chemicals that none really know what will do to them long term… One solution you have said works was lecithin which is found in large quantities in egg yolk. Any way I’m a 44 year old slightly overweight married male that was being embarrassed by the small amount of cum that i had begun to produce and my wife was used to much larger mouthfuls until i reached about 40… I was told about eggs by a friend and I swear by them, omellettes, scrambled, boiled in salads on toast… I eat at least one egg per day and a two or three egg omellette on the weekends and boys believe me you wouldn’t believe the increase in volume and by the way i’m not in the egg industry so i’m not pushing a product 🙂 …two words men…. GET CRACKING!!!
— Ian Graham

regarding eggs above, i think he has a point. i noticed a considerable difference in ejaculate one day. i had a 5 egg white omellete from a health res’t one day for brunch and that night, my ejaculate was bigger, thicker and whiter even with a lot of water. strange. anyway, eggs must have an impact, but is it the egg whites or the entire egg!!? 😉
— David

I was reading Tommy Lee’s new biography the other day called Tommyland. In it, he says he asked Peter North how he shoots those famous wads and Peter told him he eats an entire stalk of celery the day before a shoot (no pun intended.) Not just one stick, but the whole bunch, the whole stalk. He says it’s the water in it and something else (I can’t remember) triples your volume of semen.
— Charlie Hitchcock


Ok guys, going to throw my 50 cents in here. First off, I am in my 20s, I don’t have any problems at all, I just want to increase my semen load (Peter North would be just fine, if more, the better 😀 ) … Anyway, I agree that everyone’s body is different, and everything will take some experimenting to find the right thing for you
Step 1. I started this whole research by accident, went to the parent’s house one day and my mom had just roasted a bunch of Pumpkin seeds from a pumpkin they carve, (about a year ago, after Halloween). I ate a ton of them while I was just visiting, and later the next day, when I did have sex, my volume was better, (not peter north mind you, but i did notice a big difference. I really liked the effect, and I didn’t change anything with my diet, so I KNEW it was the pumpkin seeds.. I have tried stor brand of pumpkin seeds, and they help a little, but not the same a wholemade. I don’t recommend seed with losts of sodium, (salt), it really doesn’t help and the taste is horrible. go for fresh seeds, low sodium.
Homemade is the BEST.
Step 2. I started doing PC muscle excersises, these help with shooting, (opposite of dribbling), and also with orgasm effect. I would do this all the time, even when you are just standing around at work, or even at your desk, you can do it anywhere; and it does help your staying power, at least with me it does.
Step 3. This is where I really started trying new things.. For supplements, I have always taken Vitamin C, B complex, E, AND a multivitamin, so I had no news there, I have always done that.. Although I did start trying other things. Selenium I did notice will help my recovery time, Zinc I have just started taking, I will update with that later. I also started just today taking Horny Goat Weed…
Soon after eating pumpkin seeds, I started to take L-arginine, and noticed a difference there also. I HAVE taken L-carnitine, L- ornithine, and L-lysine, but those really didn’t help much.
I always drink lots of juice, water, (not soda), all the time. Never ever had any complaints about the taste of my cum from women.
Besides the PC-excersises, Pumpkin Seeds, and L-arginine, so far nothing has made a noticable difference. I was thinking about giving this Lecithin a try, see how that works.
— JD

** Update** Stay away from the friggin carbs !!! I cut them out since I wasn’t firing anymore……after 36 hours of mostly protein I have shooting orgasms again and am back in the saddle !! Stay away from the junk food carbs like pizza, Burger King, candy and other junk!! Stay away!!!
— Jughed

Clomid use is not recomended for extended periods of time it can mess up hormone balance. Ropex i`ve tried this and seen no improvement there may be health benefits but prob obtainable more cheaply DONT BELIEVE THE HYPE PROB GOES FOR VOLUME STUFF AND ALL THE OTHER `SPECIAL` TREATMENTS HIGH. Good protein diet, fruit and vegs, regular exercise etc will help!
— Jonny

Maca, Pumpkin seed oil, Ginseng, L-Arginine and drink Green Tea an hour before bed you will be cumming. Please allow 2 weeks for results.
— Rej Ykesda

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  1. Rok Says:

    I agree with just about everything in this post! A great guide for anyone wanting to be a bull, all that’s left then is to have a skilled partner who is able to squeeze out big healthy amounts as well as encourage you to make as much as possible 😉

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