Harvesting Milk – Considerations

July 23, 2010

The previous two posts about the field trial of Tom (Part 1 and Part 2) serve as a bridge to the answer of the question: How can I harvest a big volume of semen? And I don´t mean a big volume from just a single ejaculation, because „harvestimplies gathering the complete produce from the sources, and that can´t be achieved with just one ejaculation.

It became clear that multiple ejaculations are the choice besides a further method, that of milking. But milking is somewhat another department. Milking comes with the mindset of femdom and orgasm-denial. You may be able to harvest semen thru milking, but rarely up to the amount even a single ejaculatory reflex will produce. That´s because only the muscular contractions from the reflex are powerful and deep enough to do the job – that´s what ejaculation, in an anatomical sense, is for. Externally applied pressure on the glands (storing seminal fluids) won´t do the trick. I will take a look at milking later on.

emission sequence

Hence multiple ejaculations, ideally combined with emission-climaxes are our objective. Toms field trial showed us that this is well possible, but may not be easily achieved. The main reason is MRP, the Male Refractory Period. This is all a big topic and I shall cover it in detail in the next chapter. Until then I want to savour the thought of craving for milk by you – and your partner.

2 Responses to “Harvesting Milk – Considerations”

  1. bobblushing Says:

    yes i savor the thought of craving for milk…please send helpful vids on this! Thanks!

    • nandisa Says:

      I will link to the clip of which you see the screenshots here. Before that I will post some fiction – it´s been a long time since my last story! 😉

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