Shared Penchant (1)

August 3, 2010

Imagine a cum-loving guy getting involved with a gal like Linda (read the preceeding post) – not yet knowing about her passion. Both have to find out at some point that they are made for each other.

Read my fairly long story about that truly exciting moment of truth and what the couple makes of it. (This piece of fiction features four parts.) Enjoy!

We definitely had a crush on each other and quickly got sexually involved. I noticed that my new love-interest apparently enjoyed my cock pretty much. And furthermore she obviously enjoyed my juices, a factor which filled me with joy and totally aroused me, because my pleasure gain lies in the anticipation of me ejaculating voluminously.

Was she supposed to be that angel I was longing for so much? A woman who would love my genitals and my milk as much as I do myself? I had to find an answer to that question at the very next occasion.

I mustn´t wait long. The day had taken off with a short yet passionate fuck before work. The evening provided a romantic mood while she and I just relaxed from the days tasks. We had placed ourselves on the sofa and exchanged the latest news. I was resting my head on her lap. Just when I thought I was sensing some rising vibes of the sexual kind and thus remembered to approach her about her likings, she – to my surprize – was coming forward with it:

Say, the quicky this morning was really kind of overdue and I loved it, but do you also like it slower?

Um…sure! She caught me by surprize. Yeah, sure do! Very much so, I must say. Why do you ask?

Well… you know, we don´t know each other neither that long a time nor really well. I mean we shall discover many more details about each other, don´t you think? And my question is one of that matter… I mean getting to know each other well and in detail.

Hey baby, yeah, let´s talk. That´s just perfect, because I also have a question for you!

Really? Then shoot! Don´t be shy, you can ask me anything. What is it?

Well… now this was THE occasion …[uhem]… I believe that I have noticed that you developed a definite liking for my penis. I mean not just when it…he is filling you up, but rather as a character by himself, as a love-object, so to speak? With this question I sure wanted to provoke an answer and I gazed at her patiently waiting for her reply.

She smiled at me and triggered a mild erection with that, which in turn she immediately noticed, as if she was sensor equipped. She reached out for my bulge and applied some tender grasping making me spreading my thighs. Only after her retreat couple instants later she began speaking which showed me that talking was her preference for the moment.

Yep. I can confirm that. I love him! Although I don´t even truly know him yet. And I love even more down there. Your balls for instance. Although I don´t know ´em either.

Her straight forward answer gave me a throbbing hardon! At the same time I thought I was blushing, if this was biologically possible at all.

Wow! I gasped …Now that is news! Guess it is about time then that you get to know me better?

She was grinning. My words! Because there is this and that I need to know much better.

I felt heat in my stomach. Before I started to speculate about what she meant I quickly asked, hoping for the „right“ answer: And what exactly do you mean?

For instance details concerning your juicesReally…!?Yes, I want to know how much precum and cum you produce. And I want to watch you shoot it, and how you get there.

I was struck by her words! She had just revealed her likings! She seemed a woman to be hooked on cock and cum, could it be different? Hence she would be my dream-come-true!? But I needed to be sure.

Wait a minute. You´re saying you are a woman who loves my penis and cares a lot for my semen right?

Absolutely. I already love your cock and balls. And I will love your juices, especially warm and fresh, and have no doubt about that, cause you eat healthy.

She again smiled at me while I was flabbergasted. Her direct way was rather disarming. I noticed that she appeared much more innocently when the talk was not about sex. ‚Silent waters are deep’ I thought. I couldn´t quite believe what I just heard!

Sorry… you took me here. Then it is true, you are one of those rare gals who worship a mans cock and… I hesitated one more time …swallow?

She giggled. You´re cute. You really speak like a priest in disbelieve, don´t you.

She was looking at me as if she was saying: Don´t you get it? And then she spit it out:
Okay, listen, this is who I am: I am cock-crazy! And I lust for swollen balls and buckets of cum. I adore the cock of my actual lover. And why is that so? Because the penis of a man is a smaller version of himself. And I love the juices of my lover, both of them, the clear dew and, even more so, the milky one. I could bathe in it, the more the better! And if the milk of my man tastes sweet, then I will drink it with gusto! – Now you know. Guess you wanted to hear such, didn´t ya.

My heart was jumping! Until today I hadn´t been blessed with a woman who loved „my“ fetish. But now my dream seemed to come true! OMG! I felt excitement heating me up and my dick was throbbing with an erection almost hurting.

I´m speechless… wow… wanna know why?Sure.Because I am dreaming of a woman like you! I dreamt about her for a long time already, and suddenly here you are! I just can´t believe it…!

Well, you better do. I arrived hon, and it seems we have a perfect match here cause you can give me what I love most, right!?

You bet I can. I love my cock, my ejaculations, my semen. I was always longing for a partner who would share my love and whom I could offer myself completely. I will be yours, literally!

I am really happy to learn that! She was smiling with a hint of surprize in her face, as if I had been revealing a secret. You have no idea how few men enjoy to be more often masturbated than being invited to fuck. Now what you´re offering to me seems to be that match we both were looking for. Or am I misunderstanding something here in some ways?

I thought I had made myself understood. But it probably was good to leave no doubts. You are saying you rather want to watch me cum and drink my semen than being fucked by me?Yes, more than less!Then we have a deal, although no fucking at all?…Don´t worry, I need that as well once in a while.…Cool. Then it is like this: you may play with me how ever you please to fulfill our desires. Take my genitals and juices and satisfy your hunger for both.

I needed to specify my offer and quickly added: Just to be sure, I am not talking of an S&M situation in which you are my mistress and I be your slave. This turns me off, this is not my world! I am rather speaking of free devotion in love. I was looking at her hoping that she was going to agree and not revealing herself as disciple of S&M.

Wow! A man – a word. Don´t you worry, I´m not into S&M either, not even femdom. If you were into that, I´d go along to make you feel good. But I see you don´t care for that scenario and I like it all the better. Really, it is just perfect as it turns out now, because I myself was dreaming of a man who would totally surrender to me. For I can play with his genitals like I please aiming for two things: to send him into the realms of purest lust and to reward me with what I am craving for, his seed. All I need to know is what works best for us, cause every man is reacting a bit different, right?

to be continued…

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