Shared Penchant (2)

August 8, 2010

Continued from Part One:

I was filled with joy, this was like winning the Lottery! Yep. …Seems you know about the male plumbings?

In fact I believe I know it pretty well. Erection, frenulum, prostate – the basics are always pretty much the same. Multiple orgasms are intriguing. In the end every man has his individual going to find bliss. And I can´t wait to know yours!

Our conversation took a direction I didn´t dare to dream about only a short while ago! Now I was convinced that this woman would do anything I was going to ask from her.

She was impatient: Come on, tell me. What triggers you? Where do I have to focus to make you go insane?

Okay, I wonder what you say, here goes: I love to be caressed at the inner part of my foreskin. I love it and it triggers my ejaculation with just a wonderful sensation within my cock. Ever heard of it?

No, I didn´t. That´s new to me, sounds nice!

Yeah, believe me, there is no better feeling for me than being taken over the edge with this kind of stroking. And yet I never met a woman so far who was willing to try and who brought enough patience with her to go for it, for it takes its time. I just know these sensations from doing it myself. But it must be fucking mind-blowing when you will do me. – I was getting wet with describing my favorite trigger to her, I could definitely feel it!

I sure can imagine that. She was smiling at me. And don´t you worry, since I adore your cock and for I will enjoy the bliss I can bring to you, I shall just savour the situation extendedly the longer it takes to trigger you. And last not least this method will give me more of your milk, right?

God, this woman was unbelievable! Sure, this is exactly the point! But did you know that we could literally harvest my milk?

She was listening up. Harvest your milk? Really? No way! What do you mean, milking?

Not quite, but kind of. You may mean something else. However, I can manage to gush some milk without losing my lust. And I can do that repeatedly. It is a bit tricky, but I can do it, – alone so far.

No way! You need to tell me right now, I never heard of it. How is that possible? She was really getting excited. I want to see that and I want to learn it for us, absolutely!

You will, you will. I will teach you all.

You know, a good way to start would be to masturbate in front of me. This way I can see and learn how you do it yourself, hence what you like!

That´s a brilliant idea. Only it may be not as easy to perform in front of you as it sounds now. I´ve never done such, but it must be fucking hot the more I think about it.

She was giving me a kiss and her smiling eyes were gazing into mine. Suddenly she began to rub my still throbbing cock thru my jeans. You could start right here to show me how your foreskin works, how about that? she whispering in a seductive way.

God was I aroused! And how about if you´d unwrap your toy to see how it is equipped? I answered.

She was opening my belt and unbuttoned, one by one, my fly. After that I quickly got rid of my jeans and socks and was lying now close to her, just dressed in t-shirt and boxers. I was observing her while she was looking at my covered erection. Just a thin layer of cotton was between her and her new toy; she was biting her lower lip.

Come on. Go ahead, unwrap him. He is yours anyway and I will explain anything you want to know.

She was lifting and pulling down my boxers without touching my dick!

Wow, you´re totally wet! I did see the stain in your boxers, but this is a sight, man, I love that.

Yes, when I am intensely aroused I am wet, and I love it too.

Okay honey, don´t move, – may I? She was slowly reaching for my cock. I could see a big drop of precum right at my slit. Before I knew it she caught this drop with a finger and took it into her mouth.


Hmmmh, delicious! Your precum tastes slightly salty, just the way I like it. Makes me hungry for more … much more. She was winking at me. Now, how about your foreskin? Explain that to me, I want to know every detail.

Yeah, wait! I was getting rid of my boxers and t-shirt and started my lesson:

Okay, here you see my head still partly covered by my skin, although I have a boner. I guess every man is different here, you will know better than me.

I do, but this sight is not unusual with uncut men.

Good. Now watch, when I pull back my skin the inner portion will turn like inside out. This hidden portion suddenly becomes an outside portion as well.
I did what I had told her, I slowly retracted my skin, ever more, as far as possible. Then I contracted my BC-muscle resulting in a swelling of my helmet.

Your head is just very, very pretty, she was raving, I knew it! Finally I do see your head right in front of me in all its splendor. God, I could devour your cock right away. I love cockhead when it is as defined as yours. You got a real helmet with a prominent rim, beautiful! Let me touch it, I need to!

No answer was necessary and she was not waiting for one anyway. While I was still holding my penis with my skin retracted, she took some of my slightly leaking precum and began to softly massage my glans. I immediately needed to deeply moan. Oh my… I watched her enjoying to feel my cocktip at her fingertips and her soft massage felt so good to me. After a short while she let go of me and licked her fingertips.

Sorry, you wanted to introduce your foreskin…

Did I, I uttered, …yes I did. Pew… well, look here. Now I let go of my skin and it slipped back below the rim of my head. See this coloring of the skin? She nodded. With that you can distinguish what part is from the inside. But anyway, the portion below the rim is the sensitive part. Here, where the tiny wrinkles are located, that´s the most irritable area. Touching me here will send me to lust-heaven. Look, I show you how I do it.

I was beginning to stroke my skin with the crown-grip, I let my fingertips work my tender tissue.

Wait, let me try! I gave way. – OMG, what a difference in my perception, now that it was her touching my skin and not I like I used to! She must have had observed well because her touch was just wonderful. I couldn´t help but surrender to her tender caressing. I moaned and enjoyed her stroking. All I was wishing for was that she never stopped doing what she did. And she did not stop.

to be continued…

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