Shared Penchant (4)

August 16, 2010

Final episode, continued from Part Three:

After uncounted heavenly Stop & Go moments she once again was teasing me towards the point. I was moaning and whispered Careful, and her touch became silky-soft. When I signaled her to let go of my cock she ignored me and stayed with her tender touch. I immediately knew that she now wanted to experience me cumming. So this was the moment then! And there I reached the point: the oh-so-sweet build-up was not aborted, I slowly merged toward the edge and knew there was no return possible anymore. Her delicate touch made my glands react like in slow motion. The sensation of rushing towards that freeing eruption intensified. I loudly moaned in expectation of my juices to flow. Then I felt my milk rising from the root of my cock, I felt it rushing thru my shaft and exiting in a first gush. I experienced an emission without the ejaculation yet having been triggered. My glands seemed to overflow from their accumulated secretions and the sweet sensation just before the shooting-reflex was still increasing! Her touch of my foreskin was sending strong triggering impulses still, just unbelievable! My cocklust and that of my glands became unbearably intense. I cried out loud from deeply felt lust in my system and I thought I was literally going to explode from the still existing pressure in my glands and the intensity of the sensations I currently was experiencing.

Eventually the most freeing reflex set in. My muscles began to rhythmically spasm, forcefully pumping up my milk. I shot my stored load in ropes without any control upon my ejaculation. I was totally lost in my climax and just felt long moments of cumming without caring about where I was or what else was happening. My glands were spilling my seed in unassumed volume never thought possible and I hoped so much for my angel that she now got what she was craving for so much.

As my ejaculation ended and my senses started to slowly return I noticed that my love was eagerly licking my milk from my chest in most obvious enjoyment. She was rubbing her pussy against my left thigh and it was soon clear to me that she was about to come herself! And she sure did. Just as I had regained my awareness I was lucky enough to witness her getting off in a most ardent and wild fashion – what a perfect timing! She was riding my thigh and cried out loud while waves of orgasmic climaxes shook her beautiful body from hair to toe. Again and again she was wetting one hand with my semen, which had been flooding my belly and drenched my pubic hair, and rubbed it in her face or licking it from her fingers. This seemed to definitely support and enhance her multiple orgasms. Finally, after long minutes of perpetual bliss, she subsided completely exhausted right next to me. Motionless but deeply breathing she was laying by my side, absolutely spent. I stroked her hair and kissed her forehead, nose and eyelids.

Her breathing calmed down and she was regaining her senses now.

Oh my God, what´d just happened to me? she was wondering in amazement. I never experienced such, not with myself – not with a man.

Me neither…nope… I only could agree.

As a matter of fact, she did have given me the most intense climax ever. And I never had experienced a woman living thru such a wild orgasm let alone due to my ejaculation and my semen.

I never came so hard before! I whispered into her ear.

Me neither, she agreed, what I just experienced with you… Jesus… that´s a once in a lifetime thing I´m afraid, don´t you think? She was looking at me. I just hope we can copy that at all some day.

Well I assume we will. You have been perfect all the way, I couldn´t believe it. You gave me such a wonderful, really intense explosion, pure bliss. And apparently you enjoyed it too!?

You saw how I did! I almost came from just watching you shoot, I mean, what a sight! And so much cum – and by the way you taste great. Really that´s been a serious trigger.

Good to know, I grinned, please never forget how you coaxed my load out of me, it was mind-boggling. I thought my ejaculation was hitting me in slow-mo, outstanding!

I thought so from the way you moaned and when you were screaming while you pumped your milk, gosh… I get wet when I think of it!

Oh yeah, I let go completely, I mean I just let it happen. And it did, so fuckin´ intense!

No surprise with that volume. Did you realize you were like almost pissing cum even before I triggered ejaculation? You must have been so very filled up…!

Fuck yes! It´s pure bliss when you cum and the sensations still intensify.

I sure witnessed that, you were screaming and then came. Look there… she was pointing to the wall, that´s where your second spurt landed. You were spraying cum like a fountain spring with thin milk at the beginning and delicious cream later on, just like I´m loving it. When I saw you in bliss and licked your tasty cream I couldn´t hold it myself. – Honey, as I said, I never experienced such with a man. Not the intensity of his reactions nor my own, not this extreme shooting and not the sheer volume of male-milk. I shall never forget this night and I dearly thank you for this!

You´re certainly welcome, my sweet little cum-loving angel. I need to thank you, you have no clue how happy you made me today. I love you!

Love ya too.


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