Reel Fiction (2)

August 25, 2010

Change of Routine – Part 2

Sunday night! We were in bed together since about an hour. We spent that time hugging, kissing and mildly masturbating each other. We even allowed ourselves a brief fuck at the beginning of our session. I could sense her desire to get serious about consuming my load. As for me I was totally aroused in anticipation of her wonderful mouth-job. The diet, the celibacy-period and now the solid hour of genital teasing were showing effect. Not only was I heavily precumming, I also felt cum-loaded in my glands. My lovely lady would get what she craved so much tonight.

Suddenly she was moving downwards which made my heartbeat pick up pace. I immediately noticed that she did not turn around into the 69-position. She was between my legs and while gazing at my cock she was fondling my balls.

Yeah, I love your cock. And I know you are full of sweet milk for me. Your balls are quite swollen once again. I know honey, it´s time for your release.

With these words she began to suck my helmet. Ooh that felt good! I tried to relax and surrender to the sensations she was bringing to my dick-tip. Soon after I heard her say: Honey, I want you! She returned to suck. I want your beautiful cock! She returned to suck. I want your sweet milk! She returned to suck. But I want it differently today! And she stopped her mouth-work while I got up and looked at her quite surprised and not quite understanding.

Different? What do you mean? Don´t you want all of my cock inside your mouth – you just said you want it!?

Hon, don´t lose your arousal-state, I still need to drink your milk! I just want to see you shoot it into this glas. She suddenly held a champagne flute in her hand which I hadn´t noticed her bringing.

While she slowly massaged my penis and scrotum for me to keep my level of arousal she further explained.

I love to swallow your cock and get your load right into my gullet, but I thought for a change I´d actually like to watch you shooting your load and after that fully enjoy drinking your sweet milk. I brought this glas you´re supposed to cum into. And guess what, I´ve brought the cam too so we can tape it now and share later.

I was bit perplex but liked the thought, although I was not sure if I could get lost in the act as much as I knew I would with her deepthroating me.

Pew… sounds hot but it´s also like being on a stage. I am not sure if I can meet your expectations, it´s a very different situation after all.

Oh no no no honey, don´t you slip into any kind of performance-anxiety! It´s not about performing anything for me – or for the cam in that respect. It is just about you enjoying yourself in coaxing out your sweet milk for me to savour. That´s even a double treat for watching you cum and then drinking your love-juice as if drawn from the tab!

I smiled at her as she had dissolved my fears and added to my arousal with her intriguing suggestion. While I started to masturbate myself, she was hooking up the cam and let it roll.

It took not very long anymore and I was in the zone. She just was watching me from a short distance behind the cam while playing with herself.

I´m ready to go, I whispered.

Yeah, I can tell. Just go for it!

Good. Just wait after I came. I´m so loaded that I may be able to cum twice, I´ll try that.

God, that´d be awesome! I wait until you give me the glas, – love ya!!

So I jacked myself close to the brink, lubed my helmet with my precum and inserted my cockhead into the glas. The thought of shooting in front of my lady was so hot now that I did not need any firm stroking anymore. I felt me reaching the point of no return and had to moan inevitably from the sweet feelings inside of me while I started to pump my milk for my lady.

After the pulses had subsided I felt I could make it to a second shot and jacked my cock right into a further ejaculation, pumping another, slightly smaller load into the glas. After having milked the last drop out of my now softening penis I handed over the glas to my patiently waiting lady who drank my milk with gusto.

Mmhh, honey, thanks for your delicious pineapple milkshake after this awesome double-feature! I think we added to our love life. – Did I say I love you?

You did. And I love you too. – And you´re right, this is so hot! Let´s check the clip!


The same viewing-procedures as for For a Closer Look apply.

2 Responses to “Reel Fiction (2)”

  1. Tom Says:

    OMG that embedded video is incredible. And with sound, even more awesome. And a double ejaculation to boot. I loved how the second part was so much whiter and thicker, a bit of surprise as I would expect a second ejaculation to be thinner.

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