For a Closer Look (8) – MMO

September 5, 2010

YES! Multiple Male Orgasm (MMO) exists! And you know that.

Still, at the beginning of a new chapter dedicated to the subject, I want to share with you some remarkable documentary evidence exclusively premiering (webwise) thru this blog of mine. This clip is fascinating proof that a male is able to experience sexual climaxes in rather quick repetition. After the initial climax the guy just continues to jack himself triggering additional cum-producing peaks. He does so five times!

You see:
– the guy working his lubed cock right below the rim of its helmet with his right hand. With his left hand he is holding a large wineglass standby for catching the milk he is going to release. Apparently the guy had been edging himself for a while. Now he is ready to trigger his first climax. – He is breathing deep when he spills a first emission of clear and thin juice into the glas. – After a short time, with him modestly moaning, he slowly triggers an extended emission of runny milk completed by a first set of ejaculatory spurts. Right after that he begins to heavily moan when his second ejaculation provides him with intense sensations in his genitals! After these first climaxes he begins to firmly jack his dick to trigger consecutive orgasmic peaks. He does so three times, always spilling additional milk into the glas, although his cock keeps on losing its erection!

Here you see screenshots of this document to give you an idea of the setting. Naturally you ought to view the clip, for clearly witnessing this males MO even surpassing the double or triple cummings you also are able to find in store within this blog!

multiple ejaculation

It’s an uncut scene in good quality with sound and text commenting on the multi-orgasmic process, 55.6 MB in size and running 5:10 minutes. The format of the clip is m4v which is supposed to work on mobile devices (as well).

Expected streaming video? – Please refer to this explanation here about why and how I offer clips (captioned: For a Closer Look) the way I do.

One Response to “For a Closer Look (8) – MMO”

  1. Tom Says:

    Simply amazing and inspiring. That spot under the glans is clearly a sensitive trigger point since he works that spot each time. The moaning just adds to the excitement of watching this amazing demonstration. I wonder what happened to the glass full of milk?

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