MMO – Extended Pleasure

September 30, 2010

In the previous post I discussed a bit the dilemma of what MMO is supposed to be. Sure, the abbreviation stands for Male Multiple Orgasm, but who says how to define MOs? The Rutgers Study was setting a benchmark in showing that MMO is well possible without MRP (which makes a lot of sense), and they call it True MMO. However, their Research Subject seems to display an ideal feature (the lack of MRP) supposedly connate and extremely rare.

Many more men are able to multiple peak, yet in varying performances (some as illustrated in the previous post) allowing all kinds of climaxes mellow or intense, with or without jizz. Even the Rutgers Page acknowledges in their Q&A-Section when asked:
So, then, you’re saying there are “real” multiple orgasms, and then there are “false” ones?
Answer: Not exactly, no. Where males are able to add to their sexual options, and to thus prolong the sexual pleasure of their female partners, more power to them! It is certainly not the intention of this study, nor of this website, to invalidate the orgasmic experiences of all males who have made the effort to become proficient in such techniques. […]

Let me add at this point that exploring all sexual options for men aims at prolonging foremost their own sexual pleasure! After all, which man wouldn´t care less about experiencing a proper climax or a not-fitting-the-symptoms peak, as long as he senses his high as a climax. For the connoisseur it´s like with the cock-size debate: Who cares, as long as you love your tool and it continues to provide you with sexual bliss. Male (and female) sex – alone or together – is about pleasure and prolonging it. And as long as we know the differences between ejaculation, orgasm and edging we have the knowledge enabling us to find those climactic experiences and learn to cultivate them in a very personal, individual way.

You may want to take a look at the explanations about MO and Orgasm Definition at WIKIPEDIA.

2 Responses to “MMO – Extended Pleasure”

  1. festival42 Says:

    I have had over a dozen MMOs in the last 24 hours. I am on a masturbation/edging binge. Has anyone here experienced this? I cannot stop and have no desire to do so. My cock remains hard over and over again. Is this too much and how to remedy this? All I can think about for two days is my cock and edging with MMOs.

    • nandisa Says:

      What you report to us sounds great. If you don´t have the desire to stop edging, and you got the time, just go for it and enjoy yourself peaking! Reminds me of this scheme:
      edging as a graph
      I´d say your body will signal you when you reached a satisfaction-level.

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