MMO – Bob´s Arrival

October 29, 2010

In this post you read a detailed description of a guy named Bob and how he managed to trigger a double ejaculation utilizing the Hands Off Method.

I now use this way of cumming almost exclusively when I jack off. Once in a while I’ll go back to the traditional “one-cum” way, but I’ve found multiples to be so fuckin´ fine, that I’ve rapidly switched camps. To date, I’ve only been able to manage two full ejac/orgasms in a session. I’ve tried for three but haven’t reached that goal yet.

The method:

A summary:
The first “ejac/orgasm” is achieved with minimal manipulation of your cock and nuts. It is done with slow and light manipulation. Your muscles need to be as relaxed as possible. And the primary requirement is that you release hold of your cock IMMEDIATELY when the PC spasms begin, and do NOT touch your cock until the spasms end and you have a belly wet with your first load.
IMMEDIATELY after you have shot that first load, grab your cock and begin jacking again… with normal hand-pressure, normal muscular tightening, and lots of vigor. You will feel the cumtrigger being reached within about ten or fifteen seconds. AND YOU WILL HAVE A SECOND FULL EJAC/ORGASM – perhaps twenty or thirty seconds after you had your first.
The level of orgasm will be as intense the second time as the first – perhaps even higher. The amount of cum that you shoot will be approximately the same the second time as the first.
Guys – you will have, at your disposal, twice the normal amount of your own jizz to play with, eat, whatever.

A detailed description:
As mentioned above, the first ejac/orgasm is achieved with light cock manipulation and relaxed muscles. Let me describe what I’ve found those to be for me…
When I work my cock for the first ejac/orgasm, I work slowly, with minimal finger pressure, with my own spit or precum as a lube and with slow strokes that approach a kind of cock tickling more than stroking as we think of it. Personally, I like to do the same kind of light manipulation/tickling of my shaved nuts at the same time with my other hand. A byproduct of this method for me is that I’ve discovered exactly how hot it can be for me to have my nuts worked this way – something that I rarely got into before.

It’s a bit tough at first to learn to relax muscles for this first ejac/orgasm. My normal tendency is to tense up my gut muscles, leg muscles and to tighten up my breathing rhythm. All three are counterproductive to achieving the first ejac/orgasm. It just takes a bit of mental concentration as ya play to get to a relaxed state and to stay there. I envision the end-goal while I’m working my cock and nuts. I think about all the cum I am going to have when I’m done. I focus on the goal of a multiple, and that helps me both relax and aim for the final result… a river of fresh warm cum.

When I first tried this way of jacking, I assumed INCORRECTLY that the first ejac/orgasm would take a while to arrive. I thought that working my cock lightly would mean that it’d take forever to reach a cumtrigger point. It doesn’t. It’s actually quite quick for me. And what I’ve found is that I now have a slightly different image and focus when I think about jerking off. I don’t think of it necessarily, as a vigorous act with lots of panting and real meatbeating. It doesn’t have to be that at all. So, anyway, it doesn’t have to take an extended amount of time to get to the trigger point of your first ejac/orgasm. Try it.
Again, make sure you completely release hold of your cock and do NOT stroke, once you have reached that first trigger point. If you work your cock at all once the PC spasms begin, you’re probably nixing the chance of getting multiple ejacs/orgasms. I HAVE managed to do multiples with a rubber on my cock, however. So some kind of minimal contact with your cock as its spasming is possible for me.

As mentioned above, you will have a full ejaculation and full orgasm that first time. And as soon as the spasming has ended and your cock has expelled a full load, start working it again. I’m not talking about five or ten seconds later… I’m talking about immediately after the shooting and spasms stop.
Again, allow yourself to really go at your meat the second time. You will feel the building of that second trigger point within a few seconds. I concentrate on the image of how beautiful it will be to see and feel a second flood of cum right into the mess of my first one. You have the added advantage of a ready supply of your own wet cum as lube for the second jack. USE IT. I do.
You will feel that trigger and you will start cumming a second time within about fifteen seconds of the first ejac/orgasm ending. It will be a full orgasm and full ejac. I’ve found the second orgasm to be amazingly pleasant.

If you want to try for a third, these are the guidelines. Again, I have not achieved three to date but am determined.
Waiting time between #2 and #3 should be minimal – a matter of second rather than minutes. Take just enough time to “prepare yourself mentally”. Focus is extremely important at this point. Use your mind, as much as your hand, to get up to that trigger again. Physical manipulation of your cock and nuts should be intense. Really go at it. Work it hard and fast, guys. Keep a high level of tension in your muscles for this one. I’ve been using a kind of panting breath control in my attempts. – I can’t wait to get there, guys.

Does this illustration sound familiar to you? Well, Bob actually did follow my personal observations! Guess it works, at least for a double-O. And since his field trial dates back quite some time I´m sure he will be true MO by now. 😉

One Response to “MMO – Bob´s Arrival”

  1. Tom Says:

    His recommendation to use your first load as lube is spot on.

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