MMO – Personal Questions & Answers

November 16, 2010

Okay now,

  • I revealed how I became MO.
  • I published some fine examples of my MO sessions (in the previous post).
  • What else? Well, in this post I like to share a dialog between me and one member of a MMO-Forum years ago. The guy nicked himself Pandragon. This conversation is a neat addition to the current topic, touching some very interesting further aspects:

Pandragon says:
I noticed you mentioned exploring tantric techniques and PC exercises, which did not help me achieve nonejaculatory orgasms either.
Just out of curiosity, have you ever considered the Male Multiple Orgasm Trigger Technique? Or Amygdala Clicking?
As for the PC exercises I believe that a lot of guys are able to integrate their strengthened PC muscles in a routine in which they are able to experience yet another way of multiple dry climaxes. I read about this claim/fact quite often. As I said, every man is different hence there will be numerous guys who live well with a strong PC and a clenching method to inhibit ejaculation. It is just that neither you nor I mastered this method due to what ever reason (anatomical for instance and most likely I presume).
I never really considered the Johnston Method because it is connected to making sound/noise and because it is regarding orgasm in a different way as my conviction of what a real/ full body-orgasm should be like. There is a story of orgasm-definition behind my point of view to which I may return later. My attitude may seem to be stupid because orgasmic feelings should be welcomed by any means by anyone. Yet as I said, the sound attribute was keeping me from following this way until now.
As for the Amygdala Clicking: I went to the URL when I read about it in another subforum but could never find out what it really meant or rather how it can be achieved. I know one would have to buy the book in which this method is explained in detail. It sounds intriguing, but I […] have the feeling that this approach may not suit me.
[Please download the file using this linked remark, which explains a bit more the methods of Jack Johnston and Neil Slade!]

I find this especially fascinating. Personally, I would frequently ejaculate several times in rapid succession a great deal as a teenager, gradually decreasing into my late 20’s, until I learned MMO’s, at which point I lost interest in ejaculation as my primary form of orgasmic release.
See, as a teenager I never tried to find out if I was able to perform multiple ejaculations. For some reason I never got the idea. I was probably convinced that one ejaculation/climax was all there is to it. What I though do remember very clearly are masturbation sessions around the instance when I first squirted semen. I am sure that I then experienced multiple dry orgasms in succession (before it happened). I was quite hooked once I found out to provide myself with those lustful peaks (which felt just the like ones I am able to provide today – those followed by ejaculation). And one day I felt an increased wetness in my briefs under the sheets after I enjoyed another blissful feeling, I had cum for the first time (I know that I already was precumming at those sessions). I guess after that incident I tried to avoid ejaculation in subsequent masturbatory sessions with an early Stop&Go routine which then changed or rather disappeared over time. I must have had learned that ejaculation will mean the end of sexual lust (MRP had developed, unfortunately).

However, every once in a while, I make a conscious decision to “empty my tank,” and ejaculate several times over a 30 minutes to an hour.
This sounds quite familiar!!

I believe this is good for prostate health and just plain fun!
I agree absolutely!


However, I must say, I’ve noticed as time goes by that my body seems not to “want” to ejaculate as much as it used to when I was younger. So I find it very interesting that you apparently began as a “single ejaculator” and then slowly built up to what I think most people would consider an impressive number of ejaculations in such a short period of time for a man your age.
The number of ejaculatory climaxes is one thing, the volume of semen another! When I was new to the ability to cum several times in a row like about few years ago, I found – in retrospect – I have been at the height of a new discovered fetish. I decided to film my abilities and I am glad I did. Not only did I document my ability to repeatedly ejaculate, yet the amount of semen I expelled with it was copious! I know that the self-taping increased my sexual excitement a lot! And this contributed to the production of seminal fluid in my glands (excitement is the best stimulant to seminal fluid production!).

Many men (myself included), slowly develop sensitivity and greater pleasure from prostate stimulation over weeks, months, or even years. Many men seem to require a period of adjustment before they are able to feel any positive sensations from prostate stimulation at all.
I agree! And this accounts to me as well. I would consider myself a slow adjuster. In the beginning prostate stimulation soon would turn uncomfortable, concerning the feelings of/within the prostate itself. Meanwhile I consider it a very positive and distinct sexual feeling; lubrication is crucial!

I wonder what role, if any, circumcision might play in learning to enjoy MMO’s…
Circumcision is a big theme by itself. And it is an important one! However I just can speak for myself in this respect. I discovered that this inner part of my foreskin is extremely sensitive to touch. My observation is indeed backed by investigations of a medical doctor who is working on the subject in Canada. I was leading a brief conversation thru mail with him some years ago.
[An interesting dialog which I saved and may post separately.]
The URL of Dr. Taylors site here.

I’ve noticed […] that the more non-ejaculatory orgasms I enjoy prior to my first ejaculatory orgasm, the easier it is to enjoy a second or third ejaculation, while maintaining a more constant and intense level of arousal. I believe […] it has to do with releasing higher amounts of endorphins through longer periods of extreme arousal, so that when ejaculation does occur, the endorphins can “overlap” the release of prolactin and therefore bypass, at least for a while, the refractory period.
That may be a very good explanation. The MRP remains to be some mystery to date. If science would uncover the workings of MRP it could mean that men may overcome MRP with a drug. Lots of people (men) indeed are experimenting voluntarily yet privately in this respect.

Well, I hope I wasn’t alienating anyone with my personal standards for MMO’s! I think the most important factors are satisfaction and fulfillment. It seems as though you have both of those well in hand, and therefore who’s to say if one way is “better” than another?
I agree. Yet your standards make sense in a way. I guess there are two parameters for MMO:

  1. to freely produce orgasm (without specific tricks) and
  2. certain qualities of the bodyreaction (orgasm) ought to be met.

So please don’t take my personal standards as something I think everyone should conform to. I realize now that I should have been more clear by simply defining a specific form of MMO’s and explaining why I prefer it over others. I’m glad you brought this to my attention and illustrated with your own experience how there is no one “ultimate” experience of orgasm to achieve, but rather a wide variety of experiences to explore and enjoy.


Finally read Pandragon´s personal standards for MMO’s:
To me, an MMO technique that “works” must meet at least three requirements:

  1. It must enable a man to experience as much pleasure as he wants, plain and simple.
  2. It must enable the man to experience orgasms without any need to manipulate or control his ejaculatory reflex, i.e. no “holding back,” from the pleasure.
  3. It must enable the man to enjoy orgasms for as long as he desires without specific effort or concentration required.

Put simply, the technique must enable a man to enjoy multiple orgasm in essentially the same way a multi-orgasmic women does – without any specific effort, concentration, or distraction from the pleasure. So while I know from personal experience that PC exercises and learning to hover at the PONR can result in increased pleasure and multiple orgasms, they don’t meet my personal standards for truly satisfying MMO’s.

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  1. I usually get bored easily and close the tab but i think you can add some value. Cheers !

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