We Call it Edging

January 7, 2011

It´s funny, I think every man knows edging from experience but forgets about it when he is able to cum. How´s that? Well, when a boy discovers his sexuality he will masturbate extended periods of time. He often may not be able to ejaculate yet, but what he does is a way of edging (naturally, so to speak!). However, since his body does not yet provide ejaculation and is thus lacking PONR, a boy can not know about riding the edge and neither anything about truly high stages of arousal. When a boy eventually experiences ejaculation (and orgasm) he is overwhelmed by these intense reflexes and all he wants is to duplicate his climaxes. And because nobody explains different approaches in the quest of finding bliss, he may only rediscover edging by chance in later years. This is my thesis. At least it would explain why I came across statements like: ‚I didn´t know it had a name what I´m doing!’

Let´s see what the experts say! Here comes a note by a guy who had checked the web (years ago) and found these explanations:

Edging is the practice of masturbating right up until just prior to ejaculating, letting the penis relax, and then repeating the process again, often over and over.

This reminds us of the Stop&Go Method:

  1. Masturbate in any comfortable way until you feel yourself almost get to the point of orgasm.
  2. Take a break when you start to feel the orgasm coming. Stop all together and take your hands off your penis for just a moment.
  3. Start up again once the really intense feeling of almost ejaculating subsides a little bit.

Read another definition and one possible motivation for edging:

The practice of masturbating until you feel like you’re just seconds away from ejaculation and then stopping before you actually “go over the edge” to a full-blown orgasm. Once that near-orgasmic sensation has subsided a bit, resume jacking. Rinse, lather, repeat, for as many cycles as you can possibly stand it before you’ve just got to let that hot cum go all over yourself. Experienced edgers will often go for hours before cumming, or even have several different j/o sessions over successive days without pushing themselves all the way to orgasm, in order to yield a bigger sperm load in the end. Sometimes, with practice, you can learn to release a bit of semen and then back off without having a full orgasm and losing the whole load… [and experience MRP, I might add].

Experienced edgers have surpassed the urge of cumming. They favor edging over climax, edging became their climax. This is a statement illustrating such an enlightenment:

Some refer to the intense feelings while riding very close to cumming as ORGASM-WITHOUT-EJACULATION; that is, without the sharp contractions we have when we shoot out cum. I find that the intensity of pleasure gotten while riding the edge is at least as great as what I get when I actually do cum, and the prospect of doing it again very soon with the same or even greater pleasure the next time is what convinces me (usually) to pull back away from pushing over the edge and just enjoying the incredibly intense pleasure I can give myself.
It is very hard to communicate what edging is w/o DOING it, experiencing it yourself and for each of us and, indeed, each time I do it, it is a bit different. That is our god Priapus surprising us!

full erection

I guess it became quite clear what edging means. Sometimes other terms appear here and there, but “edging” is widely established. I found a text of a guy who did the effort to note down the most common tags for this sexual practise (the list may not be complete):

Edging refers to getting to the EDGE of cumming, a stroke or several away, and then staying there for a while. It goes by many names:

  • EDGING = staying on the EDGE of cumming;
  • PEAKING = staying at the PEAK of arousal;
  • BRINKING = staying on the BRINK of cumming;
  • CRESTING = staying in a preorgasmic state below the CREST by slow jerking;
  • PLATEAUING = cruising on the Western Prairie of BLISS;
  • VERGING = surfing on the edge of the Wave of BLISS;
  • ENDORPHING = ever so gently stroking your Erotic Handle to increase the flow of ENDORPHINS in your brain;
  • PROLONGED AROUSAL = staying AROUSED for a VERY long time;
  • GOONING = becoming stupid on ones own cock thru extended jacking.

Edging only makes sense when it is regarded as valuable alternative to a passionate jack-off with a relieving ejaculation/orgasm, or even the elaborate ritual leading to MO (if that is your goal). And yes, edging sure does carry full qualification in this respect, because it offers a very conscious approach in the quest for bliss which is redeemed in a highly intense and prolonged state of arousal within the same act. It turns out that edging is the perfect solo-sexual practise, because all that matters is oneself and the own reproductive system. It is an internal affair with no performance value in its extreme execution (when ejaculation is waived). However, edging among partners may not be rare.

12 Responses to “We Call it Edging”

  1. Rein Whitt-Pritchette Says:

    I just stumbled upon your website. It is impressive. I am a masturbator; I’m also a professional artist who has from time to time taken off to mastubate in front of my work.

    I love my work; I also love my dick. I feel that I given too much time to coming, rather than enjoying. So, am embarking on a learning curve. I’m trying to connect with others that have the same idea. It is really not that easy. […]

    Rein Whitt-Pritchette
    Artist | Serigrapher

  2. bobblushing Says:

    Excellent moodloop! you’ve had some good ones!

  3. festival42 Says:

    I am 70 and edged yesterday for 16 hours with 4 mini cums. Edging is the greatest pleasure I’ve ever experienced.

  4. festival42 Says:

    Still edging and enjoying it MORE and MORE all the time. Yesterday I edged until I got too excited in the afternoon and accidentally shot my load instead of having a minor accidental spill 3 or 4 times a day which for me is very much more pleasurable and then a having a full blown ejaculation every couple days. But I was able to start again last night and am at it again this morning. What a great retirement. Life is good!

  5. dannyfrigginkay Says:

    Reblogged this on Danny Kay and commented:
    This is a cool article about edging from PeaksnPulses. Love this blog!!

    • Raymond Gordon Says:

      Been edging daily for months now without cumming but last weekend I went on a masturbation binge and cum 12 times in two days. After resting until last night, I have edged in two sessions successfully without cumming. Back on the road to extended bliss!

  6. thrilloftherisk Says:

    I love edging myself. It enhances the whole masturbation experience.

  7. Edging is the most enjoyable thing I have ever experienced. Still edging my Rock Solid cock almost everyday. Wouldn’t trade edging for any other sport. Those that have never experienced edging need to try this most pleasurable activity.

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