Why Edging?

January 12, 2011

I hear you laugh! ‚What a question!’ you may call out. However, there are many answers when you think about it. Some guys did (think and answer) and I want to share their arguments.

Edging is a masturbatory practice. It developes (generally and individually) out of Prolonged Masturbation. Follow the evolution of masturbation reading these observations by a guy called ninerdick:

it [Prolonged Masturbation] increases intensity of sensation, both for stroking, and for cumming & climax. There are a lot of things I have discovered that I can do:

  • Maintain sex desire and sensation after climax.
  • Reach a second, and a third climax without going soft.
  • Extend Climax to last many seconds, half a minute is not too hard. I can’t do this on command, but I can do it, usually when having a good time with friends.
  • Climax soft.
  • Climax without cumming (takes a long session – separate the emission and the sensation triggers).
  • Climax without body muscle support – the paralyzed cum I call it. This is the most intense. It takes some work to suppress the desire to tense your muscles when you get hot.
  • Masturbate with limited touch, usually frenulum or cockhead.
  • Learn other body triggers. Tits are common w/ lots of guys. For me, its my balls
  • Train and Learn stuff while masturbating. This is very powerful. … Mental connections made while masturbating are richer. You learn more profoundly.
  • Healing and Mental Well-being. The tension release value of masturbation is widely known. I used this thru middle and late teens as a primary benefit of getting off. There is some evidence that masturbation has a direct and positive healing effect on spinal nerve pathways…

I have been masturbating as long as I can remember. In 3rd grade (age 9) I was already very busy with my dick, and showing it to other boys. Playing with it and climaxing in class. It was 2 more years till I was cumming…
The most significant skill to learn is what a lot of masturbators call Edging. This means playing on the edge of climax. Right up next to the sensation of climax, but not passing the trigger. Back off, let your dick calm down for a moment, and then take yourself up there again. When you get good, you can play for longer periods on the edge. The sensations are delicious. Five minutes of edging can feel like 15 minutes because of the intensity of sensation. You’ll get to like it, and prefer to jack off this way…
Besides sensation, there is another benefit. The longer you edge, the bigger the load you’ll shoot. Think of it as priming the pump. It absolutely works.

We see with the above statement that prolonged masturbation overlaps with edging in many aspects already. But read now what an experienced edger, called Rusty, has to say about the benefits of conscious and long-term edging:

First, there is NOTHING like the wonderful mind-altering body-wracking feeling a man gets when he BLOWS his LOAD. I recommend it highly to men of all ages.

Edging, however, increases the intensity and power of this experience in truly amazing ways. The ejac will have more power (shooting out further), will last significantly longer, will expel more jism in a greater number of pulses or jets, and will produce internal physical and emotional sensations that are magnitudes higher than what you get with a straight-forward JO if you edge before you shoot.

Also, if you have edged for more than a few days, you will likely find that your refractory period is reduced quite a bit, that you are ready to cum again only a few to 20 minutes after your first shot; and that you are even ready to unload a third time within an hour. If you have been holding off for as much as 2 weeks or more, you will find that your 2nd and 3rd ejacs (and even the 4th and 5th) are longer, bigger, and more powerful than your typical daily or twice a day shootings.

Second, the body, the cock and balls, the internal “man” glands, do some pretty amazing things and undergo some very interesting changes when you stay on the edge and don’t cum for more than a couple of days. […]


Any or all of the following are goon-zone effects to look out for and enjoy the longer you stay on the edge. Your cock is ALWAYS ready & EAGER to play. Boners come on faster, more frequently, and last longer. Your balls will dance up and down more (both when you are edging and between sessions) and they will clinch up much tighter and firmer when you get close to the brink of shooting. Your groin will develop a muskier & manlier smell.

For those lucky enough to produce it, precum slime will POUR out of your piss-slit more and more heavily the longer you go without cumming. Because of the handy location of the prostate and inner ejac glands, after a few days on the edge, bowel movements can take on an almost orgasmic quality. Best of all, the longer you stay on the edge the more intensely aware you will become of your cock and balls every hour of the day and in all kinds of situations. It’s like being a horny, hormone-jacked teenager again. Your cock is ALWAYS there. Your balls are ALWAYS talking to you.

Third, saving the best for last, we long-range gooners have discovered a “dirty” little secret. It is truly wonderful to shoot, to ejac full force, but we have discovered that THE most powerful and glorious sensations are those that occur in that micro-split-second just BEFORE you let it all go and spill out your man-juices.

A horny dude may shoot his load 3 times a day. One in good physical shape who gets regular vigorous exercise may be able to do it 5 to 6 times a day on a regular basis. But a man who has discovered how to get right up to the very brink of shooting and PULL BACK, can enjoy THAT wonderfully mind-blowing pleasure dozens, hundreds, even a THOUSAND times in a day — day in, day out, week after week, for months on end if he likes.

The thing about the long-term edge (and this is that little secret I referred to) is that, while it is strictly defined as being the absence of an orgasmic ejaculation, you can “cummm” (that is have your PEAK experience) over and over and OVER again, all day long, whenever you wank. AND there is NO recovery period, no need to wait to be ready to go again. You are ALWAYS ready!

Well, sounds like pure bliss, doesn´t it!!

5 Responses to “Why Edging?”

  1. festival42 Says:

    I edge most of the day 5 days a week with 2 days off. This is an amazing exercise. I usually spill about 4 times a day.

  2. Old Poly Guy Says:

    Another benefit to edging is training one’s self to delay ejaculation during regular sex. This is especially important when pleasing 2 women at the same time. Using e stim regularly has desensitised my ejaculatory response, (this might be helpful to men who suffer from premature emissions). Without ejaculations, i can concentrate on pleasing my lady’s.

  3. Tom Says:

    Re-read this excellent post. Damn that picture is so hot.

    • nandisa Says:

      Had a look at this post, and yes, it´s a nice entry. And the pic … you got to take a close look and then you discover this beautiful drip of precum! – I just agree with you!!

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