Towards The Edge (3)

February 2, 2011

In the previous post I gave an example of an orderly how-to (edge) – with a tantric background – for establishing control over your arousal while closing in on PONR.

This time let me sum up what Bruce McFarland recommended years ago at when he explained his way to reach a lasting continuous orgasmic statebeyond the simple Stop & Go technique“ hence plateau-to-plateau surfing.
He kicks off with common wisdom: It is important to pay close attention to all the nuances of your arousal, stay conscious while masturbating.
For what he is aiming at, it „becomes crucial to notice the onset of ejaculation, with its two main components: emission and expulsion“.
He claims that with practice it is „possible to enter the emission stage and remain there indefinitely before entering the expulsion stage“. He does that thru consciously relaxing his entire pelvis and ceasing to stimulate his penis just before reaching PONR. Bruce does experience this emission stage as „a feeling of pleasurable fullness when seminal fluid is accumulating internally within the urethral bulb“, or as emission proper when „a small amount of semen oozes out — yet those muscle spasms have not begun“.

He recommends to „keep breathing! Your penis head may feel hot, filled with pressure, or almost as if you need to urinate. Train yourself gradually to edge closer and closer to that ejaculatory inevitability. Consciously relax that muscle controlling urination, allowing your excitation level to drop just enough to delay the expulsion stage — only try to drop it less and less with each approach. Here your mental control becomes vital“.

It is interesting to note that this way of edging equals one practice of cum-harvesting, about which I did write here. There is no difference other than the angle from which you care to incorporate this practise. Bruce (and countless edgers) seeks to put himself into „a state of continuous orgasmic intensity without a sense of interruption*. And it does not matter too much if he spills milk or not, it´s all about the sensations emission is unleashing inside of him. Milkharvesters instead are eager to collect as much semen from their system as they can and repeated emission is a great way to do that. Now with this technique they´d be edgers at the same time!

* I have a slight problem here. In my understanding (and by definition) emission does mean that the internal glands release their produce into the urethral bulb of the penis. Now can this state last continuously? If so, wouldn´t it mean that milk was oozing all the time until the glands are drained, with the sensations continuing? Is it possible to constantly peak at the level of 9.5 (of the 10-Point Scale Of Sexual Arousal) without falling off the edge either forward or backward? -Don´t forget, you are always welcome to comment.-

I believe we rather deal with edging between the levels of 9 and 9.5 – which to achieve for extended periods of time would mean mastery indeed. This blog features some footage demonstrating that emission (oozing cum) may last a while (surely depending on the volume of accumulated secretions within the glands). However, releasing semen this way is always a temporary process (like hitting 9.5 and bouncing back, unless falling forward to 9.9 resulting in 10 (ejaculation)). Watch a not yet offered clip showing this in my next post.

emission sequence

5 Responses to “Towards The Edge (3)”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    * I understand why you think that emmisions can’t really be continuous.After all wouldn’t your glands finnally be empty?
    I find the answer in this article by B.Benders-here is the excerpt.

    The presence of sperm, ampullary gland, and seminal fluid in my ejaculatory ducts is evidenced by sensations I can produce after nearly cumming. Shortly after ceasing stimulation I can contract my bulbospongiosus muscle and thereby press on my prostate and feel the fluids being pushed back up into the ampulla and seminal vesicles. This feeling of fluid movement and fullness is very pleasurable. I can stop masturbating, and hours (days) later still feel the semen in my loins eager for release. My testes swell, feel full, and are slightly sensitive to jostling.

    In other words you can push sex fluids back up into the seminal vesicles and ampula and then let them emmit back again.Over and over.And believe me,when you do this little muscular trick and are conscious of what you’re doing ,it is more fun than you’ve ever had playing with your semen.

    • nandisa Says:

      Eventually another long comment after a long time! Thank you very much James, I appreciate this a lot!
      Benders essay (and how-to) reflecting his experiences is kind of famous (at least among edgers I assume). It is spread over the net and – as a matter of fact – does suit this very post quite perfectly. When I first discovered it I found it to be totally arousing (it still is). That is why I linked to it in my blog.
      Still I was asking myself if it was possible what Benders describes (i.e. pushing seminal secretions up backwards into the glands)? I can´t do it, I don´t even clearly feel very much of a seeping (or flowing) inside of me other than semen collecting in my penile bulb after emission is triggered. If you can confirm the experiences of Benders – all the better! I believe though, that this ability would be extraordinary. It would be a special gift not many of us may be able to experience.
      Whoever does is a very lucky edger, no doubt.
      Unfortunately there seems to be no follow up neither anything else written by Benders. Yet I am truly grateful for Benders share!

    • addicted2edging Says:

      practicing hard core edging with partial ejaculations since 15 years . It is very addicting for the totally naked masculine body to practice the edging ritual in a cold outdoors area in the woods or a field ( at 14 degrees celsius or lower ). I force the totally naked masculine body to practice up to 57 partial ejaculations in approx 12 edging sessions ( each 1- 1,5 hours with breaks of 1-3 hours in between ) . At the end of one of these edging sessions the totally naked body is totally shivering because of the cold rain . It must be warmed up again with clothes in the breaks in between . It is totally frustrating to force the totally naked masculine body , when it is forced to be totally naked again after a too short time ( 5 – 10 minutes ). It is a very addicting edging ritual. the most difficult aspect of these edging rituals , is to resist the lure of ejaculating a full orgasm ejaculation, while the male body is experiencing the cold rain running down on the shaved skin of the upper body . the cold masculine body is lubed by the ejaculated sperm ( which becomes more and more watery with each emission ).

  2. James Says:

    I can definitely do this.It is quite pleasurable and has the effect of widening the gap between 8.5 and 9.5 on the stimulation scale.That is really nice when I have edged for a long while and have been having continuous emmision orgasms for a while already.Since elaculation is brought on by too much built up fluid pressure,and this technique temporarily reduces prostatic pressure,( till the next few emmisions,that is)I have a temporary wider margin between those delicious emmision orgasms and a full blown testicle implosion.
    By the way,Nandisa, You actually do feel fluid movement;if you have mastered the art of giving yourself emmision only orgasms then what those sensations are are the transfering and movement of the various fluids to thier respective next places as well as the swelling,hardening and contracting that all of the various sex organs do.
    The key to all of this is ,of course,a keen awareness of the exact progresssion of the events leading up to orgasm.You must learn the anatomy of your sex organs,learn the progression of events,and then practice being very consious of these sensations as they progress.Try edging and building up sort of slowly and saying to yourself things like ‘theres my spermatic cords contracting’or ‘that was my seminal vesicles hardening’.Really try to mentally pic apart what’s going on in your body.This does in itself improve your ability and ads another dimention to your masturbation.
    Benders article(yes, I find it really arousing too) is really a good way to learn and a good male sex organ chart is also quite valuable.Put it where you can see it while you masturbate so you can see seminal vesicles when you say it and feel it.
    Hope this helps,or at least gets you off.

    • nandisa Says:

      James, this is a very valuable comment! For one, because you confirm Benders experiences, a fact that I have not encountered anywhere else so far (who knows, I might have missed forums and entries somewhere, I´d be glad to learn more if this was the case). And secondly, because you give specific advice. I shall create a post with your comment above, thanks a lot!!

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