Deep Edging (2)

March 3, 2011

I consider Richard an experienced master of edging. He runs a great homepage and his excursions into the realms of (edging-) bliss are based on tantric knowledge. Read about his findings while ascending „The Hill of Pleasure“ via three stages:

Excitement Stage
Yes, excitement is the first stage of edging. When I first approach cumming, I automatically breathe much more deeply and audibly, my butthole clenches up, my prostate moves a bit forward, the canal from my anus to my prostate arches and stiffens and my cock hardens up. I must be very mindful to avoid cumming at this stage – often nigh impossible – in fact, this is when the danger of my prostate dumping its overfull load w/o any contractions [emission] or feeling is great, esp. if I have approached the edge too quickly. I have to work hard to get through the excitement stage successfully w/o cumming so I can then reach the higher states of more intense feelings and then altered consciousness.

Enjoyment Stage
After the excitement state has begun, say about 5 minutes, I calm down and my stroking is of course very slow to avoid cumming – often only with the slightest vibration by my index finger or slightest touch with the vibrator and I just cruise like this for a long time; often the charge dissipates a bit, though I do not realize it until I stroke a bit more and find I am not in danger of cumming. Then I oscillate between approaching inevitability [PONR] with slightly more intense stroking and backing off with a lighter touch, sort of going on both sides of the precipice of inevitability. It often also seems that it gets used to being so ready to cum and that my prostate can then hold more or tolerate more stimulation than in that first very hot stage of excitement. I especially love it if I get to inevitability [PONR], but am barely able to pull my finger out of my butt and stop stimulating my frenum and clench hard to avoid cumming. I love the tingle of almost cumming. I like to never completely stop stimulating my cock, but at this point I must. Then it is dicey to see how quickly I can resume stimulating. At first, I can do it after a few seconds, but later, after having been on the edge for 30+ minutes, the least touch even several minutes later starts this deep rumbling/vibration deep behind my prostate which is a precursor to cumming.

Trance Stage
Sometimes, if I am very lucky, there is a third stage where I can no longer keep my finger up my butt, because that greatly increases the danger of spontaneous cumming, so I just stroke ever so gently and very, very slowly go higher appreciating every separate tingle in my whole genital plumbing. Then I get to where there is a slight rumble deep down, not the vibration behind the prostate that signals I have started to cum (though, if I am quick enough, I can still avoid cumming), but everything is quivering with a new resonance and I ever so gently push it right to the precipice and as I get on the sharp edge of cumming, I stop stroking but keep my hand on my glans and frenum so this slight pressure stimulates me and then it happens: slight convulsions exactly like when cumming but less intense. This is delicious beyond words and after doing it for several minutes with a continuous feeling of fluid flowing (rather than the dam building up about to burst) I guess I let it down a bit. I take it this is what others refer to as “dry orgasm”. It is definitely other worldly, totally absorbing and very empowering, though after doing this several times in an hour and a half, I feel a bit tired in my genitals, but eager to return as soon as possible. My eyes go up inside my head, eyelids not tightly closed – even slightly ajar – and energy pouring up to my highest chakra.

These three stages are only a rough conceptualization putting arbitrary edges on feelings and states having no sharp edges. I recycle around from 1. to 2. to 3. and back to 1. again and the cycle repeats several times before I take a piss break or stop for a longer time feeling totally fulfilled. Letting myself relax into stages 2. and, perhaps, 3. (if I’m lucky) seems crucial to avoiding the excessively “edgy,” that is, the “on edge, brittle” feeling after raising so much energy and juice in our genitals. This seems to affect us all a bit differently, but I find I do not get so-called “blue balls” and I do not get this nervous edginess if (and only if) I let myself thoroughly relax into the deliciousness of riding the edge and let it go until my cock tells me I am bored and it is time to give it a rest. In this case, I lie back and savor how good it has been and consciously let the chi, the erotic energy, flow from my genitals to all the rest of my body, esp. my head (“crown chakra”). I sometimes do this physically by tracing the good vibes away from my crotch with my fingers, but I always do it mentally by feeling/imagining the good energy being distributed to the rest of my body.

In my next post I will take a look at three preferred ways to finish the act of edging. Because, unfortunately, even the best things in life require a break to be enjoyed over and over again.

9 Responses to “Deep Edging (2)”

  1. jboy Says:

    I learned Tantric Masturbation from the website Richard used to run, and I’m now exploring more on your blog. Thanks to both of you! Only I wish I could share this prolonged pleasure with someone.

    • festival42 Says:

      How long can u edge without ejaculation? I edged for 16 hours yesterday with only 4 minor spillages. I’m at it again today. Edging is great.

      • jboy Says:

        16 hours! Wow, that’s great. I just enjoy the edge for a couple of hours and stop without ejaculation but lots of precum. Then later when I find more time, I do the same. I cum once a week when my balls get too heavy between my legs.

      • Anonymous Says:

        Good to hear you can do this. Most men can’t do this for a week without ejaculation!

      • Wesley Says:

        My record is 14 days without ejaculation or dribbling (only pre-cum dribbles) – each session anything from 10 min. to two hours at a time.

      • festival42 Says:

        I like what Wesley says. Two hour sessions frequently and cumming every two weeks is very good. Keep edging and eventually you will be able to enjoy longer periods without cumming. Then every time you begin a new session you will be close to PONR with precum dripping for as long as you like. Good luck with this project.

        On Tuesday, June 30, 2015, peaks-n-pulses wrote:

        > Wesley commented: “My record is 14 days without ejaculation or > dribbling (only pre-cum dribbles) – each session anything from 10 min. to > two hours at a time.”

  2. Ann Says:

    I like to give tantric handjobs. I use the 789 technique to get feedback, works perfectly 😉


  3. festival42 Says:

    I like to edge, staying at close to PONR all day long in my vintage white jockey classic briefs either with balls and cock over the band or just my cock through the Y-front fly. My nipples get erect and I stimulate them as well. Sometimes I wear a swimmer jockstrap while edging either with balls and cock over the band or out the side of the pouch. These fetishes are a fun enhancement for me. Keep up these informative posts and NEVER STOP EDGING.

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