Leaving the Edge

March 9, 2011

Taking a Break

Most edgers finish their session climaxing (hard or soft), some decide to not spill their milk but rather spread their energy within their body (known as the Big Draw). Let me take a look at those different options.

Just like you follow your preferences in designing your edging session you will do so when you choose to leave the walk on the edge. I believe there are three most preferred ways of climaxing after some time of solid edging:

  1. allowing a powerful ejaculatory reflex (shooting cum)
  2. relaxing into PONR resulting in an emissjaculation intensely felt
  3. waiving ejaculation and dissolving energy via a Big Draw.

1. Edging does generate a big volume of semen throughout its course. Some guys do edge exactly for that purpose. Besides savoring the sweet sensations of peaking they aim for a spectacular ejaculation at the end of the dance. Some guys seem to be made for this. Their glands produce a big volume of milk, they will avoid emission while edging and their plumbing and BC-muscle are just right to provide them with a most powerful eruption when they decide to finally let go. Watch this clip illustrating such a climax:

I found this clip as edited as it is. The first frame already contains the first rope of this guys ejaculation. At second 9 into the clip (overall length 26 secs) his spectacular shooting is repeated in slowmo. In the 1:1 part you have sound. So you are witnessing his climax right from the start and count 9 wonderfully propelled ropes of milk covering him from head to belly button! After three shots the highly aroused and slightly moaning guy let go of his beautiful cock, fully enjoying the pumping spasms of his reflex. This is an outstanding sight!

2. There are guys who play with PONR being able to voluntarily allow emissions while surfing the edge. Those lucky men drool milk throughout their sessions leaving their glands more than less drained when they decide to leave their sessions. Their glands may be empty, but their sexual energy still needs to be released. When they decide to approach PONR they aim for a most intense and stretched climactic experience. They will slowly trigger emission once again and then continue triggering the ejaculatory reflex. They don´t care about shooting distance, rather they surrender to the intense sensations their reproductive system provides them with. Watch this clip illustrating such a climax:

This clip is more important for its audio than for the visuals which are of low quality (you still are able to observe him oozing milk from emission and after that pumping cum with his ejaculation). What makes this clip so special is the fact that this very vocal guy gives us a clue about how long his climax lasts and how intense he feels it. The overall length of this clip counts 40 secs. The howling/whining guy experiences intense sensations for about 30 secs being apparently most intense with the onset of his ejaculatory spasms at sec 15 into the clip. He applies the OK-grip just below his cockhead and keeps on (minimally) jacking throughout his climax. It is fucking hot to hear him surrendering to the intense sensations he is able to generate thru his genitals.


3. There are guys who love limitless edging and gooning so much, that they avoid ejaculation at all (because e.g. ejaculation bears the risk of MRP which would impose an interruption to arousal) when they decide to leave their edging sessions. However, it showed to be wise to dissolve their accumulated sexual energy (while they are able to cope with accumulated milk in their respective glands). This is tantric wisdom and the process is known as Big Draw. Read what that means (thanks to Richard for this how-to):

The Big Draw can be done in various ways, but the main way taught by Body Electric and Joe Kramer comes when you want to end your edging and to raise all the erotic energy you have generated within your erotic furnace – when you want to raise it up to your mind and to have it flow throughout your whole body (and, I think, to take your mind off your cock a bit). Any way, it is preceded by intense breathing during your edging, then you stop breathing and tighten up every muscle in your body, consciously thinking of each part while you lie on your back (this is the usual posture, anyway) and raising your legs and your shoulders and head so you are balanced on your butt grimacing as you tighten your face and arms and hands, etc. Hold this for 10 -15 seconds (NO MORE!) then relax COMPLETELY and do not move a muscle for as long as you want. Let your mind savor how good you have just been to yourself and be aware of whatever you feel, sad – happy – content – whatever; again, let this awareness just flow across your mind as if your mind were swimming in a refreshing, nurturing current of aliveness.

It is good and natural to take a break from edging because you need to drink, eat, piss and sleep, only to go pleasure yourself again before long. Read further experiences in my next post.

5 Responses to “Leaving the Edge”

  1. Tom Says:

    The other description of the big draw can be found in the book The Multi-Orgasmic Man, which draws heavily on Taoist technique. It is a bit different than the Body Electric Big Draw, which I have done and found to be much less technical and so easier for the beginner.

    In this description there is a lot more visualization of energy moving up from your genitals through your spine to your brain, where it swirls around and around, before being then channeled down the front of your body, distributing that erotic, healing energy into your organs and the rest of your body. There are also exercises in this book that describe ways to help distribute the built up tension in your genitals if you do not cum after a long edge session. They include testicular massage and massaging your sacrum.

  2. Ace Says:

    This is one of your best posts, and the comment is terrific.

  3. addicted2edging Says:

    “There are guys who play with PONR being able to voluntarily allow emissions while surfing the edge. Those lucky men drool milk throughout their sessions leaving their glands more than less drained when they decide to leave their sessions. Their glands may be empty, but their sexual energy still needs to be released. ” practicing up to 57 partial ejaculation edging my masculine body made following experience : edging this way ( ejaculation without orgasming ) totally frustrates the male body. at the final last ejaculation no release is possible, because all glands are totally empty. the sexual energy still needs to be released, but it is not possible. although the masculine body is totally addicted to this edging ritual.

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