Walking The Edge – Finding Bliss

March 16, 2011

One more time I´d like to quote two guys and their edging experiences. I believe any committed edger will affirm without hesitation – making them statements of general validity. For the love of it read what edging feels like and why it deserves to be called the artof masturbation.

More stroking and I really feel my body now on the verge of orgasm. The familiar sensation of early stages of orgasm engulfs my body like slipping into a deep bath of hot pleasure. Soon my breathing becomes deeper and in shorter gasps and I’m totally focused on the exquisite sensations… “Oh God, this is bliss” I think to myself. Then it starts; the pure pleasure of the emission phase and impending orgasm begins. I sense the tickling of the fluids moving towards my prostate. I feel my pelvic muscle (the so-called ‘pee muscle’) contract during the emission phase and I realise I’m almost there, ready to go. My head is swimming with euphoria as the orgasm begins and the intense pleasure seems to climb the shaft of my cock. I’m only a millisecond away from ejaculation, head spinning with pleasure.

“Stop… now!” I think to myself and remove my hand from my cock. I press down internally with my pelvic muscle to stop myself ejaculating. As I hold muscle tension, my orgasm hangs for a few seconds before it slowly starts to subside. I look down and see my erect cock pulsing vigorously with contractions that would normally be expelling my semen. I lie here for a few moments basking in the euphoria and heightened state of arousal as my cock slowly stops twitching. About thirty seconds have gone by and I’m still in what I’d describe as a semi orgasmic plateau but I’m in no danger of ejaculating now.

A wonderful sense of anticipation engulfs me as I take hold of my cock once more. Slowly I begin stroking again, totally focused on my feelings and sensations. With just a few strokes this time I again sense the movement of the seminal fluids in my body and enter the emission phase once again. My pelvic muscle begins to contract and my body begins its second orgasm. The sensation seems to be centred in the head of my cock like a pleasurable tickling and spreads into my groin and abdomen. “Oh yes… Here it is again… That feeling” I think to myself as my head swims with euphoria. My pleasure climbs quickly and just as I’m about to ejaculate again, I stop all stimulation once more. Timing is critical; one stroke too many and I’ll take myself over the edge and ejaculate.

I repeat this process a dozen times or more before allowing myself the reward of climax and ejaculation. During the session I remain suspended in a heightened state of arousal and sexual tension. It’s wonderful. During each emission phase, more and more fluid accumulates inside my prostate so that when I do ejaculate, the amount of semen can be enormous.


It is possible to maintain the sensation of ecstasy that you feel just before the orgasm hits, but it takes practice, practice and more practice. […] You just have to easily be able to identify the point of no return for you and stay just under that point. Many claim they can stay there as long as they care to but I’ve never been able to for a great period of time. With me it’s a process of building up to that point, maintaining that heightened sense of pleasure until you know any further stimulation is going to bring on your orgasm and then backing down slightly, then building up to that point again and again. Of course every time you come close to cumming you intensify your orgasm. That’s what I call edging. You can almost faint, the pleasure is so intense after a lengthy edging session

… I usually edge for an hour or so then the desire to cum is so overpowering that I have to bring on my orgasm. When you are experiencing the level of pleasure that I’m talking about it’s as though you are truly having an out-of-body experience, like you are not even here but kind of a floating feeling, you’re in another plane, on another planet. Anyone could walk in on you and there’s no way you could stop because the pleasure is so intense. It truly is the art” of masturbation when you take yourself to this level.

In contrast to the intensity of lust, my next post will simply feature some (quoted) answers to the question for the max time guys have managed to „forget time“ while walking the edge.

17 Responses to “Walking The Edge – Finding Bliss”

  1. trmsomasf Says:

    The first description matches a technique I use when reaching that edge, when my cock is so hard and I feel so full inside, just on the verge of cumming. Instead of falling over, I tighten the internal muscles of my pelvis, the ones surrounding my prostate, in addition to tensing my buttock muscles, squeezing them rather tightly. My cock sticks straight up, and it feels like I should be shooting my sperm, but instead there is this incredible pressure that rises from deep inside. At this point I visualize that pressure, or energy, and can feel it start to rise up my spine, similar to that sense you have of your sperm rising up your cock. After some time I can relax my muscles as the feeling of orgasm has passed, and I am left with the most sweet, full feeling of being loaded with my milk, my creamy essence, filling me up. I will breathe and rhythmically contract my ass and pelvic muscles, pumping that energy up my spine, moving that energy up and out into the rest of my body. The surprising thing is how the sense of inevitability, of knowing that I am going to shoot, is no longer out of my control. I can control that sweet feeling of falling over the edge through simple muscular contraction and mindfulness. I am left with the ability to continue to love myself, to continue to tease and coax and play with my erotic energy. What an amazing gift this practice has become.

    • nandisa Says:

      Your contributions are very welcome indeed. Thanks once again, Tom!

      In fact what you are describing sounds like experiencing multiple dry orgasms. You achieve this thru clenching muscles at key locations contrary to relaxing into PONR, as was illustrated in several posts before. It is important to learn about your approach, I´m glad you let us know with your detailed description.

    • Rok Says:

      That is a fantastic description of a dry orgasm, i am using the same technique to separate ejaculation from the orgasm and the feelings described here are spot on! It can be a little bit tricky (mentally) to perform the first time but otherwise simple. When reaching the PONR, one of the things you feel are your pelvic floor muscles performing one strong and prolonged contraction, usually hardening your penis to the max, before relaxing and then immediately begining to pump as the ejaculatory reflex has set in. For a dry orgasm, simply go along with the first contraction and conscientiously clench and hold it as hard as you can like that for about 15 to 30 seconds and then relax. If performed correctly, no semen will leave your body and you can just continue masturbating, or stop there and leave your glands full and primed 😉

      • Tom Says:

        Great description Rok. Makes it very understandable and accessible. It’s interesting because it is the opposite of what you do if you are trying to achieve emission (the actual spilling of seed without ejaculation). To do that the pelvic muscles must stay relaxed, so that when your glands start to produce, mix, and move your semen forward, the buildup can eventually spill over and out of your hardened and sensitive cock as you reach the edge of your PONR. Stopping just before allows your semen to flow through your relaxed muscles, rather than keeping them contracted to hold off the ejaculatory reflex.

        Isn’t it great the different ways we can play with our physiology and anatomy, and capitalize on the incredible sensations built into our bodies. Through simple techniques such as this we can learn to really make love to ourselves rather than simply jerk off.

      • Rok Says:

        I agree with you 100% of the way Tom, i certainly didn’t see as a teenager so many different ways of finding bliss!

  2. John James Says:

    I have been able to edge for days so as to maintain that heightened sexual bliss. When you decide to let go it really is the mother of all orgasms.

    • nandisa Says:

      Thanks John James! Could you decide on which aspect of such a climax you savor most: the intensity of the change of sensations, the feelings of surrender and liberation or the increased volume of cum that your ejaculation produces?

      • John James Says:

        I have never really thought of putting my wonderful orgasm into different categories. I do know that me and my cock are utterly and thoroughly satisfied. Anybody who has not edged their cock really have no idea what they are missing. It is a whole body experience which starts and ends with your cock. Edging really is a drug to me which is why I can not and do not want to ever stop.

  3. festival42 Says:

    John James: Edging is an addiction for me too! I’ve masturbated and edged for 56 years now since I was 14. I ejaculated 6 times a day in the beginning and now try to cum only about twice a week with minor spills about 3 or 4 times a day and hope I can continue for a little bit longer. I’m retired and it occupies all my time now. What a great finale!

    • nandisa Says:

      festival42 you are a true expert concerning edging, you do live your passion. You were lucky (and smart) to develope edging at age 14! Most kids that age are just way too impatient I guess. But who can look back at an edging-career that long (56 years now), very impressive indeed!
      As stated in an edging-blog: “There isn’t a cure for edging and denying ejaculation. When you catch the bug, you want it forever”.

      • festival42 Says:

        I’ve recommended this site in my comments to masturbation stories on Experience Project. Hopefully more men will be signing up or at least viewing peaks-n-pulses soon. I’m still at it all the time and my cock is loving it! Your posts are much appreciated and I return to peaks-n-pulses frequently..

      • nandisa Says:

        Thanks for your recommendations and your praise, this is just great! 🙂

  4. Festival42 Says:

    Edging is the best thing I ever learned. I can usually edge for as long as I like without ejaculation. I avoid the penis head and just below when I get the urge to cum but concentrate only on the lower shaft until it it seems safe to begin full strokes again. With this method I never have a refractory period and can always begin where I stopped the last time. Sometimes I do several sessions a day.

    • nandisa Says:

      🙂 Festival42, almost exactly four years on you comment again on this post, I am happy to know you around all this time!

      Yeah, you mastered edging. As you stated above you changed your masturbation habit in the course of your adulthood. Great that you are very happy with this kind of sexual realization. Edging is something that has to be excercised, learned even, one needs dicipline, patience to reach the hights you do frequently reach. I often marvel about the range our sexuality offers us to relish in. 🙂

      • festival42 Says:

        Edging again off and on all night. It is a lifelong journey and a habit I cannot break nor do I want to. Remember, when you edge try cum avoidance. When you learn to avoid ejaculation, you can begin over and over again without any recovery period and the penis is always very horny and ready for immediate activity at the point you stopped the last session. Please try using all cum avoidance techniques and you will be a very happy camper.

      • festival42 Says:

        Oops, made a mistake and took on stroke too many. Now I am finding it didn’t matter today. I am hard again and all horned up to go again, I think I am multi-orgasmic too. What a wonderful night.

      • nandisa Says:

        Festival42, you truly are a faithful visitor/reader/commenter and be assured, your notes do not go unnoticed!

        Seems you are on a rather constant high level of arousal, a sure characteristic of edging. No surprise then, that you are able to keep or regain your sexual excitement quickly, even though that one-stroke-too-many happens now and then! 😉

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