Edging – Take Your Time

March 23, 2011

After many first hand accounts on the feelings and sensations edging is able to provide us with (posted in previous entries), one question remains. The one concerning the time spent with generating high levels of lusty bliss. As we´ve seen here, time is crucial for edging. The sexual practise we are labeling with the term edging just requires a certain time span for developing the desired effects and thus making it as much a pastime as a condition. We need patience, skill and longing to establish and maintain this sweet state.

Yet as individuals we are bound to obey certain circumstances (for very different reasons). Hence the time our edging sessions last may differ greatly and with that said, length may not equal best in any case. I stumbled upon the time-question (asking for the longest session without cumming) in a board (read more and full statements here) and need to cite a selection of truly noteworthy replies:

I think my longest was about 3 hours and when I finally came my balls actually hurt from the release.

My longest was 8 hours & my penis was swelling due to continuous stroking.

My longest is edging 8-9 hours then ejaculating.

My longest was 21 hrs. The cumshot was fucking huge, I think I shot about 25 strands of cum and wow it was my best orgasm ever.

I think 8 hours and came 3 times. It was heavenly! I’ve gone up to six hours quite a few times.

My longest edging session is 6 hours. But I average 2/3 hours.

When time permits I will edge for 4 or 5 hours but then deny myself the orgasm. The desire just builds and after a few days of this the effect resembles intoxication.

Over the years I’ve had many 20 to 24 hr sessions, sometimes getting so sore it ‘almost’ hurt to keep playing with my cock, sometimes seeing the cum starting to ooze but without ejaculating it…


In the past I have gone 8-10 hours many, many times and probably 14 hours would be my record for non-stop edging.

My best was about 12 hours and after all of that teasing my dick squirted hands-free.

I’ve edged continuously for as long as 10 hours until my balls were swollen and tender and my prostate was cramping up.

My longest has been around 12 hours, but usually its about 8 hours on Saturdays.

I´ve done all in all 9 hours. It took me all day and I didn´t cum till the next. Probably looking at 12 hours wanking on and off over a weekend. My balls ached!

Masturbating alone, I could go indefinitely, but I think I have the best orgasms after about 4 hours of edging. Masturbating with a bud, the longest I have gone is 2.5 hours, but the usual time is just over an hour.

The last quote builds the bridge to my next post. It´s about being masturbated by a partner.

37 Responses to “Edging – Take Your Time”

  1. Tom Says:

    I agree completely on the need for time and relaxation to fully get the benefit of an edging experience. I have tried edging when I know I only have an hour or so and the pressure of the clock takes away from the experience. I often cannot last even the full hour! However, knowing that I have unlimited time allows me to relax and ride wave after wave for several hours. I leak drop after drop of precum and will often have either dry orgasms or full emissions as I build up so much juice it has to leak to relieve the pressure. But I am amazed how no (time) pressure (other than the pressure of my swollen prostate, balls, and greasy cock!) takes me to a place of endless pleasure where time stands still. I will sometimes come out of the moment (for example, needing to pee) and am amazed that two hours has passed.

    I find one of the best edging places is a hotel. I am on my own without anything pressing to do. I find hotel rooms extremely sexy for some reason, which stokes the fire. I can set aside a whole evening for cock pleasure, just like I did last night arriving in a new city for business. I checked in, got into my room, and quickly found myself ringed up with Abolene spread all over my throbbing member. After about two hours (which went by in a flash of hot, horned pleasure) I took a break and headed out for dinner, my greased cock rubbing between my legs in my jeans. After dinner I returned, now fueled up, with the plan of spending the rest of evening in cock lust. Fuck it was sweet. After three hours of edging I worked myself into a voluminous, shuddering orgasm that covered my stomach and chest. Still hard (I don’t lose my hard-on for a bit after such a long edge), I massaged my milk into my torso, bringing my cum-covered hands to my nose so I could smell it. As a final dessert, I slowly licked my dripping essence off my fingers.

    It was so good. I am hard again now just reliving it.

    Oh man, having all of that time is a rare gift in a busy life.

  2. jiminysmokeiit Says:

    i went about 8 hours before and when i cummed it sprayed up hit the back of my wall three times and then my face two times. it must have shot about 7 feet in the air about 12 times and i wouldnt stop cumming. never felt a orgasim like that ever. it was worth my balls hurting.

  3. festival42 Says:

    I’m at it again lately. I edged Friday for many hours and with all my experience, I accidentally had a full blown ejaculation in the afternoon which really surprised me. I usually have 3 or 4 minor accidental spills which of course do not limit additional activity but this time I had to stop until later in the day. It was because I got to stroking too hard and fast over my entire cock. Saturday went well without incident so it was a very pleasant experience. I prefer to shoot an entire load only about two times a week.

  4. Bob; azedgcam on Bateworld Says:

    My longest continuous edging session was a shade over 10 hours. I’ve gone 6 to 8 hours a few times and 4 to 5 hours many times, but 2 to 3 hours is most usual. Discovered marathon masturbating and edging sort of by accident at the age of 42. Been devoted and dedicated ever since, practicing, refining, experimenting. Wish I had learned about marathon masturbation and edging sooner, figure I lost about 25 years of bliss.
    Have been in a motel last 2 days. Got in 7 hours edging yesterday over 3 sessions. And 5 hours so far today over 2 sessions. Motels are quite a turn-on for edging. Planning other sessions later in the day. Cum only about once a week, maximizing edging quality and duration.

  5. festival42 Says:

    My longest edging session was 16 hours and I avoided ejaculation. It is not uncommon for me to do several 3-4 hour sessions each day. Sure happy I learned this technique because I used to ejaculate lots of times but now only about once a week. Thanks Nandisa for your great posts and to members for their comments.

  6. Raymond Gordon Says:

    I edge for many hours each day staying within 1/4 second of ejaculation without any major spurt. I cannot do any nipple play or use a Fleshlight when I edge as these cause me to ejaculate quickly. Any tips or suggestions on how to improve my ejaculation control when introducing these activities?

  7. festival42 Says:

    I have been edging about 10 hours on and off all day for 5 days now. Minor accidental spurts twice but controlled ejaculation without spilling full load each time. I’m totally addicted and very happy with it. Have done some nipple play but still gets me to near accident in minutes and I’m very careful with this but am trying to learn better control and do more and more various sexual activities while edging. I will succeed!

    • addicted2edging Says:

      practicing edging small leaking ejaculations without orgasmic relief is no real fun , if you force the totally naked masculine body to practice this in a cold outdoor inviroment ( field , forest, mountain …with cold air ). the masculine body is shivering from cold after a long 1,5 hour edging session . it is no real fun for the naked male body …it is like forcing the male body as athlete for olympia to train it to bring the maximum exercise . practicing edging with many sessions ( duration 1-2 hours ) in this way for hours or days ( with breaks of 1 hour in between ) is very addicting and demanding for the male body.

  8. bill johns Says:

    I can’t ride the edge for more than 3 hours without having to spurt. I want to really try for 4+ hours this weekend and lose myself in a pleasure trance.

    • nandisa Says:

      Bill johns, you have my virtual support in your endeavour!! I myself am not really much of an edger, I usually don´t last much longer than 30-40 minutes, which you can hardly even call edging. I guess that is due to the fact that I am a “multiple orgasmic”! This concept bears a different approach to pleasure from (solo) sex. – I have covered this whole theme in this blog.

    • Keep trying to extend your edging time by minutes each day and eventually you will be able to last indefinitely by just slowing down and avoiding the most sensitive areas of the penis until urge ceases. Stroke only shaft and never near the penis head at the crucial period. As soon as urge passes do not allow penis to become flaccid but continue until next urge begins and repeat over and over. I have learned how to do this and I’m sure you can too. Good luck for successful edging.

    • festival42 Says:

      Wonder how long you can last now with more experience? Do you now edge for longer than 3 hours? Do you edge several times a day or in one long session usually? I could probably give you some tips if you’d like. Reply to me here if interested in some coaching for free.

      • nandisa Says:

        Ray, I believe you are adressing me?! I was confused because you use 2 profiles.
        Thanks for prompting me though. As I stated above, I am not really an edger, my personal fetish or niche certainly is ejaculating, and I became a multi (cummer). I shared my way with interested readers in this blog, as you may know. Personally I am currently more interested in male sprinkling (mostly referred to as male squirting), a climacting body-reaction which is puzzling me!
        By the way, if I try to extend my masturbatory session I do so in one long attempt, not in split-up ones.
        I believe that some guys are made for becoming edgers, while others chose to develope into being multi-orgasmic. I guess both concepts can be combined but rarely are, because edging is closer related to cum-denial, the opposite of cumming many times in a row.
        Feel free though to share more specific tips for avid edgers here. It is always hot and ever appreciated to learn individual approaches to this way of finding bliss! 🙂

  9. Rick Says:

    I have gotten to 3 hours or so. I find thin silky rayon or nylon running shorts a great help. I wear them under other clothes, shorts, slacks et cetera and it keeps the precum from showing through. That way, I can edge most anywhere.

  10. James Says:

    I’ve been edging for 8 hours now as i write this. I want to cum so badly but i don’t want to stop masturbating. I’ve been trying to find someone who wants their cock sucked on Craigslist and because i haven’t found anybody I’ve just kept masturbating. I don’t think I’ve ever been this horny before in my life, i don’t know what to do with myself…

    • nandisa Says:

      James, 8 hours is looong session indeed! If you like, you may want to tell us what happened with you!? Did you have a Big Draw or did you find a strong release (i.e. climax)?

      • festival42 Says:

        I was very good at edging for many hours each session but lately I have had several unexpected trigger releases which surprised me very much.

    • Tom Says:

      James: I’ve been there. Edged. Lost in the endless pleasure. Wanting to end it, but then not wanting to stop. Aching from the constant stimulation. Full and leaking and sore. And wanting to connect and share it with someone. I hope that however this ended you were able to finally release and explode in ecstasy. What did it feel like afterward?

      • festival42 Says:

        I think that men need to edge for at least one hour a day without release in order to regain control of their penis so that it doesn’t ejaculate every time. For several years I cold avoid ejaculation for an indefinite period of time. Now that I have not been edging very often I can’t seem to control the release very well.

      • nandisa Says:

        It´s an interesting thesis and self-observation you report, festival42! Triggering the ejaculatory reflex is a complex affaire, difficult to say why your pattern changed!? But any practise should improve a skill, yes.

      • James Says:

        I managed to find someone to meet up with. I released a massive load into their mouth after about 45 minutes of getting blown. They were very surprised by the volume haha.

        After I got home I was still super horny and ended up edging for another hour and releasing a good 9-10 more pulses of cum.

        it was probably my longest day of sexual arousal ever

      • Tom Says:

        That’s quite a story. That dude probably didn’t know what hit him. And then to cum home and go at it again! Wow, talk about being drained. You’ll probably need a few days rest.

      • festival42 Says:

        I use all methods known to refrain from any accidental spillage and I can last a long, long time. I am continually horny as long as I am able to keep near the edge without falling off. Everyone takes that one stroke too many sometimes but it is certainly more enjoyable than being totally drained frequently.

      • nandisa Says:

        Thanks for letting us know, James. What a blissful journey that was, really awesome! Nice that you could take your time for this extended trip. 🙂

    • festival42 Says:

      Try ejaculation control methods and you can last as long as you like. Then there is never any refractory period whatsoever and you are ready again whenever you wish. Everyone makes a mistake and accidentally ejaculates sometimes and this is a lifetime hobby that is very special to me. Try it and enjoy!

      • nandisa Says:

        Hey festival42, thanks for your recent activity here in commenting! You did many times over a period of many years, as this post dates back to March 2011. I am glad about such a faithful follower. 🙂

      • festival42 Says:

        I have moved several times since 2013, and I had forgotten about this great site until recently. Thank You for the kind words, I am very devoted to my edging “hobby”.

  11. Raymond Gordon Says:

    Edging for several hours today with nipple play as a stimulus. Almost took one stroke too may several times but was fortunate to know this might happen and stopped short of ejaculation each time.

    • nandisa Says:

      I admire you for that you (are able to) fully indulge in your beloved passion, Raymond. Best thing to do in this troubled world, keep going! 😉

  12. festival42 Says:

    Edging so very close today. I have begun to count strokes in an effort to ensure success without any accident.

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