Being Masturbated

March 30, 2011

When you think about it, being masturbated – or likewise masturbating a partner – can be executed in many ways. It´s far from being just jacking another cock until ejaculation occurs.

The realm of being sexually pleasured (aside from intercourse) covers a vast terrain of very different settings and techniques of which some can´t be properly performed solely for oneself. The reason for this variety is the broad span between the sexual illiterate and the mastery of male sexual matters as well as the motivational plane from which sexual encounters thrive.

Take a look at the chart presenting The Evolution of Being Masturbated. The two axis defining the grid are:

  • vertical – representing the level of expertise and
  • horizontal – representing the psycho-sexual motivation.

The foundation from which the evolution of applied masturbation took off was plain and simple mutual masturbation when one of the two partners involved turned passive, now surrendering to being masturbated for the full enjoyment of the sensations the active other was able to generate upon him (or her).

Study the chart!* It may be incomplete and only a rough representation of all the possible variation there is. But I guess it about illustrates fairly correct the evolution of applied masturbation. (The two connections in green color are only tinted green to avoid confusion.) – Almost needless to add that this chart relates exclusively to the male being the receiver! – *(Click into the chart to enlarge!)

You can make out two main branches. One grows upon the purely carnal side incorporating variations of role-play, finding its extremes in a sophisticated master-slave situation which may not only deny sexual climax, but will hurt your genitals. This (S&M) is definitely not for me.

Followers of my blog do know very well that I am fascinated and turned on by the other branch evolving out of commitment. Here the masturbator acts in the interest of the receiver as best as he can and he (she) is lovingly passionate for the physique and/or the receiver himself.

To be able to effectively edge another guy (rather than yourself) you must be highly skilled and very much familiar with the male anatomy and mentality. Sure that males edging males must naturally carry an advantage over females. But gals can cope, because they may learn what they don´t know by experience. This thought is a big turn on for me, which is reflected in my fictional posts you can find here as well.

3 Responses to “Being Masturbated”

  1. bobblushing Says:

    Excellent work, here! Thanks

  2. tom cornell Says:

    If you want to see an edging expert in action then search for user “cumcontrol101” on xtube. He has some hot and sexy young guys with their hands restrained behind their back and he brings them sooooooo close to the edge multiple times. GREAT videos! And they are free!

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