Being Edged – What it Feels Like (1)

April 17, 2011

Read this story about a man giving feedback to his girlfriend while she is trying to edge him into a massive cumburst.

Her say in this color and His say in this color!

Me and my man have been a really good team when it came to sex. Most probably because we shared similar interests. I enjoyed to see him cum. It was not just to see his cock spurt, which most of the time it did spectacularly, it was rather to experience him cum. Because my man was very vocal (could afford that in an off the path house) he expressed his feelings without any inhibitions. So, after knowing him for years, that´s what we both enjoyed most: me making him cum, slowly, after some edging, after some fucking and lovemaking.

We had agreed upon that he was supposed to tell me in detail and on the spot while doing it, what he felt when he was filled with his milk and closing in on ejaculation. This may be the closest I could get to experiencing shooting cum, what I never will, because as a woman I lack a prostate and seminal vesicles. We had been fucking and giving each other head in the 69 fashion. He was a master in ejaculatory control, but eventually he just had to be increasingly alert not to have his reflex triggered. This is when edging begins. And one day I was to learn a lesson about his sensations and feelings while making him wander the edge.

So there he was lying on the bed, legs spread eagle, his cock throbbing, me sitting in front of his glistening wand and engorged shaved nutbag underneath.

What do you feel now?

I feel full. It´s a wonderful feeling. It´s not just from the blood in my boner and in my balls. It´s more, I now can sense that my glands are really filled up with my milk.

We called his semen milk or cream, following the consistency of his semen when he spilled it. Sometimes it was silky and viscid, we then called it cream. Most of the time it was more runny, then it was regarded milk. As a matter of fact often he provided both. And I was eager to consume it, I loved his sweet juices.

Ok, what are we going to do next?


Yeah, I mean I want to know what you feel. What do I do to you while you report?

First massage my balls, but very tenderly.

I touched his swollen scrotum with my fingertips after I applied some walnut oil and began to slowly massage his balls.

Oh yes, fuck yes, this feels great. You know the skin is so sensitive it feels so good.

How exactly?

It feels liberating, aaaah, so sweet. And then my balls feel so full and as if they liked to turn and twist around inside of me. Now apply more grip, you can really knead them, carefully, but go for it.

I was doing as he said.

Oh yeah, oh yeah, aarrhhh this is goood!

What now?

Your massaging impact. God, you really have me by the balls. Gosh this feels like a good massage. It hurts here and there when you press a little too much or rub the balls. And yet it feels so good. Unfortunately I can not stand that very long, cause suddenly the effect is gone, as you know. Easy, easy – loosen up, please.

I was becoming light in my touch again. He was precumming heavy now and I reached for his honey with my free hand to catch and consume it.

This was so good. The internal pressure is really high now. I suggest you visit my prostate and vesicles next. Just lube your finger and penetrate me slowly.

I did after lubing his rear entry and my middle finger. I went in easily. This was exciting every time. I was moving slowly towards his glands.

Easy baby. My prostate is full of milk, I bet. You´re almost there. Easy now!

And then I was there and palpated the bulge which was his gland. It indeed felt engorged and somewhat tight.

Ahhh yes, there you are. – Watch my cockeye, I have the feeling your magic touch sent some cream to the surface, I can feel it traveling inside of me. This is fucking awesome!

I pressed a bit more and he moaned and a little gush of cream left his cock.

I feel so full, it makes me want to explode so badly. And yet all the sensations and having you in me are so wonderful. It´s like I don´t know what I want more, to blow or to edge. But sure we will keep me from cumming for a while. Just that the urge to shoot is so strong!

Carefully I began to massage his gland.

Fuck yesss! Watch for more, you just squeezed me right.

Yep, more cream was oozing out of him. It was mixed with precum and I catched it and had a first taste of his cum.

You taste sweet today my love.

Great. I hope I can give you loads of it today. Ouuhh, it is so enjoyable what you do, it is such a love thing what you do, this is so fucking intimate. God you are in me touching the very core of my sexual center. Try to milk some more out of me.

I tried to reach deeper. I felt the triangle where the seminal vesicles and ampullae meet the prostate. My man moaned.

to be continued…

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