April 27, 2011

When we speak of edging we generally associate it with a solosexual practice aimed at the utmost generation of sexual bliss on end for and with ourselves. As I have shown there may be a gain possible if a passionate partner knows us so well, that he or she is able to lock us close to the edge while we are left to just relax and cumpletely surrender to those divine sensations. Now could there still be a maximization of this heavenly circumstance? Yes, in theory at least.

That´s with the help of electrical current working inside of us in a way one could not achieve thru touch alone. I am speaking of Erotic Electro Stimulation (EES). Since the neuronal organisation of our bodies is based on (very weak) electricity it is quite obvious to consider EES for edging. Let me quote a short passage about these biological basics out of a larger text on the subject I found years ago:

The body has its own circuitry known as the nervous system, conducting electrical signals from touch receptors to the brain that register on the consciousness as sensations, and from the brain to the muscles stimulating them into movement. Electrical toys intervene in this directly, sending deceptive sensation signals to the brain and prompting involuntary muscular movements which in turn can cause their own peculiar sensations.

Our objective only can be to incorporate external weak current to generate sensations within our genitals and reproductive system unique to EES for keeping us extremely close to PONR while remaining passive/receiving only (let the device do the job with a finger or two steering it). This, in theory, could be the pinnacle of an edging experience (given you are focused at (or imprinted to) the raw edging sensation and nothing but).

However, the whole subject of EES is quite complex and needs to be studied at least in its basics. It can be considered some masturbatory rocket science (pun intended) and foremost I need to address you with this warning now:

ONLY play with low powered battery devices, not with the mains supply, and DO NOT allow even small currents to pass across the chest cavity or brain! Get acquainted with the technical side of EES, you will find further info on the net!

You probably need extended experimentation on yourself until you find out how to ideally electro-edge yourself. Fortunately there is a variety of specially designed devices on the market for the very purpose (like this neat piece of equipment for example).

In my next post I will present a Closer Look at a guy being triggered to cum via EES!

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