Edging And Yohimbe (2)

May 16, 2011

Continued from the previous post:

Indeed, the engorgement of the penis that results from the ingestion of Yohimbe gives the cock noticeably extra heft: it feels heavier in the hand, and this also contributes to heightened masturbatory pleasure. The cock also becomes very hot. Every part of the surface of the penis and scrotum becomes super-sensitive to the touch, especially the head, the meatus (slit) and the frenulum, which I love to “strum” during edging sessions, producing a steady ooze of precum. In my case, with Yohimbe, my nipples also become instantaneously erect, and remain so for many hours. The herb contributes (even if it is only via suggestion) to a generally heightened state of sexual arousal, which, for me, means that solosex sessions can last even longer than usual – as much as 12 hours or more.

The effects of the herb seem to be felt in waves, which enhances the “peaks and valleys” effect of a good edging session, producing a delicious mix of erotic agony and ecstasy.

Yohimbe seems to produce a sense of constant pressure pushing on the base of the cock. Thus masturbation becomes a very intense experience, in which the physical feel of the cock, and the body generally, is at the center. The cock stays hard for hours and submits to every form of stimulation, including, in my case at least, sustained stroking, with a hard grip, without orgasm being induced. A buzzing, tingly feeling shoots through the body at intervals. The ears ring. It is a real high!


At the end of such sessions, my orgasms are invariably intense. Riding the “crest of the wave” to climax, I can feel as if I am close to blacking out. The climax itself is tantalizingly delayed: even once the orgasmic contractions have begun, there can be an ecstatic period of perhaps 15 or 20 seconds of “suspended animation” before the actual ejaculation of semen begins, during which one can undergo almost an out-of-body experience. When the actual ejaculation finally begins, a great wave of pleasure crashes over one, causing the knees to buckle and the back to contract.

The climax itself is usually spectacular: I generally ejaculate 6 to 8 (sometime more) streaming spurts of thick cum, which shoot out of my cock with explosive force, causing spontaneous contractions of the entire body. During ejaculation while on a Yohimbe high, I can often actually feel the cum surging through my reproductive system, along the entire length of its journey from prostate gland, through the pulsating cock, and out of the throbbing dickhead. It is as if the urethra has sensors, tracking each surge of cum as it travels along its journey to liberation. There is a palpable tingle when the thick spurts of jism finally emerge explosively from the slit of the cock (similar to a “painful” urination) – and a delicious pain it is! The aftermath is a feeling of total fulfillment and exhaustion. Usually, once the immediate effects of Yohimbe have worn off, I can very quickly resume masturbation, savouring my renewed tactile appreciation for every part of my body and usually cumming once again in an ecstatically “delayed”, drawn out and intense ejaculation.

The effects of a single day’s ingestion of Yohimbe (I usually can only take one capsule a day – it is a powerful dosage – augmented by sips of the liquid stuff at four- or five-hourly intervals) can continue to be felt for up to 24 hours. This is experienced mainly in a continued engorgement of the penis. In my case, this means that even the next day I will be walking around with a semi-tumescent penis. My cock will retain an odd appearance, too: enlarged at the base and sticking out and then bending downwards in an inverted ‘J’ shape. My balls will remain contracted in a tightened sack.

The herb does have other side effects, too. It tends to cause “gas” leading to flatulence. It can produce a dull pain at the base of the back. It makes the ears ring. But the sexual stimulation makes it worthwhile.

Willy [noted in 2002]

Mind you the text was written many years ago, and I don´t know if the references on the marketing and units (in the first part) are still valid. – By the way I never tried Yohimbe myself.

Well, it is time to move on, themewise that is. With this report I will leave the topic of edging. This post is ideal to span the bridge to my next focus, I want to take a look at the wonderful tools nature provided us with. It is these tools which primarily enable us to generate sexual bliss.

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