The Secret Life of Balls / Scrotum

June 12, 2011

In my previous post I explained why testicles may move up and down and scrotum is shifting shape. It basically comes to this:

Testicles do respond unintentionally to the reflexive actions of the cremasteric muscle. This muscle serves to retract the testicles so they are drawn up closer to the body when it gets too cold and also to relax them when it gets too hot. This up-and-down action happens on a moment-to-moment basis, thus male bodies continually optimize the gonadal climate for spermatogenesis and sperm storage. This function is supported by the scrotal dartos muscle accordingly.

It´s those two factors which primarily contribute to the movement of/in your sack, the wandering testicles and the change of the skin of the scrotum. To a lesser degree the swelling/engorgement of testicles due to sexual arousal contributes to the ever-changing appearance of your nutbag. And having mentioned arousal, stress and fear have their effects as well (much like a chill that is). Just interpret this as an automatic body-reaction in the case of looming danger.

Avid connoisseurs of the male genitalia do realize, that the before mentioned functionings reflect yet once more the mere basics of the textbooks. The info now allows us to become players in the ball-game since we actively can handle the shapeshifting thru applying temperature change. Furthermore we can utilize the cremasteric reflex, because it can be triggered thru touch alone (without temp-change).

However, the balls and the scrotum still have a (secret) life of their own without temp-change nor touch being applied. Especially when you are highly aroused this life can be observed, as arousal kick-starts your muscles for joy, and thus the ones making your nuts and sack move.

In my next post I will take a closer look at scrotal/testicular movement. A fast forwarded footage is most revealing and awe-inspiring!

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