For a Closer Look (13) – Testicles

June 19, 2011

Grab two short clips illustrating that balls move within the scrotum as they please. They´re awesome proof that when you observe male genitals and be patient, you will notice scrotum and testicles quite actively move around all the time, even without any external triggering. These clips are fast-forwarded for better viewing results.

Clip one.
You see:
the guy sitting with a relaxed cock and balls. While his cock seems to throb spilling precum, his testicles move within his meat-bag in an up-and-down-fashion. The guy seems to be highly aroused (though flaccid) and the overall movement may be a result from a combination of voluntarily and involuntarily contracting muscles.

It’s a slightly fast-forwarded scene in low quality and mute. It is 1.3 MB in size and running 61 seconds. The format of the clip is mov.

soft scrotum

Clip two.
You see:
the guy standing with a semi erect to erect cock and his scrotum almost relaxed. Notice the drop of precum at his cockslit which soon will be spilled. Enjoy his churning nuts giving the impression they are getting ready to bust a load! What a sight!

It’s a fast-forwarded scene with a blend-over in low quality and mute. It is 904 KB in size and running 14 seconds. The format of the clip is mov.


Expected streaming video? – Please refer to this explanation here about why and how I offer clips (tagged For a Closer Look) the way I do.

26 Responses to “For a Closer Look (13) – Testicles”

  1. I’m looking for more information on the subject.

  2. Rok Says:

    The past few months with my girlfriend have had quite the changing effect on our relationship, in all aspects, but especially the sexual one. I didn’t know exactly where to post this comment, but i figured this post would be the best one.

    A new position we have tried a while ago was doggystyle and we have both become quite fond of it, each of us for our own reasons which i will explain. Incidentally, she is the only girl who can enjoyably accommodate me without any pain or discomfort.

    We found out testicles can play a much more active role during intercourse in the doggystyle position. With good depth and rhythm she starts moaning a lot more and climaxes a lot faster, later we found out why after trying the position a few more times. It turns out i hit her clitoris just right with my testicles! While normally hidden, her clitoris gets quite exposed during penetration because of the way the labia get moved aside and so there is nothing between her little glans and my scrotum making contact. All i have to do then is find the right rhythm to give some momentum to the balls and keep my muscles relaxed to retain a little bit of sag. With this i ensure that every thrust is followed by a lightly audible slap when we make the extra contact.

    The feeling she describes is pure pleasure, the result of receiving internal and now external stimulation at the same time. I can say the same now, getting more internal stimulation.

    Reading your blog about testicular stimulation Nandisa has really helped me uncover a previously hidden pleasure center of my physiology. While particulars may vary, just like in the case of anal and prostate stimulation, i am blessed with being very receptive to having my testicles manipulated! During sex they do swell a bit more, as well as her clitoris and labia, hopefully my other glands aren’t lagging behind, and as a result our sex life has improved by quite a lot! Love your blog Nandisa!

    • nandisa Says:

      Rok, this is yet another of your long hot comments. Thanks so much for your detailed report turning out to be describing a revelation in both your and your girlfriends sex-lives! I am truly happy to learn this! 🙂

      I checked with my archives and found an image which very well illustrates what you profess:


      Still I believe that all the parameters working out so well for you two can not be taken for granted! As we do see, the man needs a soft scrotum and sagged testicles for making it possible to slap the clit with every thrust. Mostly the skin of the scrotum will be tight at this level of arousal, pulling the testicles closer to the body. We know this “rule (by the books)”, but we also know there are exceptions to every rule – as we witness above! 😉

    • Rok Says:

      That is a very nice animation you saved there Nandisa, i’m quite envious of the size and shape of the man’s scrotum, the amount of juices churning in there i can only imagine!

      The tightening and loss of sag during arousal, especially in a cold room, can be a problem, but we do get heated up quite a bit so it’s only temporary and with proper relaxation i can stay a bit more loose until the very end, when the testicles lift prior to orgasm. If i had saved up my cum for a couple of days this doesn’t really work, my scrotum is now tight and bunched up, accompanied with a super hard erection.

      By the way, love the two clips in this post, especially the second one, again, made me jealous of the precum drips 😉

      • Tom Says:

        Interesting that by holding off a few days and being full, your scrotum actually tightens up. I’m just the opposite. In that case for me by balls always seem heavier and don’t get drawn up as much, until orgasm is close. That’s a benefit of a cockring, Rok. It keeps your balls pulled out no matter how full or close to orgasm you get. Something to consider.

      • Rok Says:

        I see, we are quite different here Tom! I usually develop the most sag minutes after ejaculation, that’s when my scrotum is the most relaxed and hanging at its lowest, but as the days go by it becomes plumper and darker. I like the cockring idea, until now i have tried playing around with shoelaces and had a lot of fun!

      • Tom Says:

        Shoelaces work in a pinch, although a real one has its benefits over that. The leather ones with snaps are quite effective and easy to get off in a pinch. The metal ones are quite attractive in my view you just need to be careful with sizing to ensure it’s not too tight. I love the weight of them. And then there are rubber ones that are varying widths. An assortment is nice depending on how you feel or the kind of look you are trying to achieve (did I just say that? 😝)

      • Rok Says:

        Thank you for the insight! I like the look of the metal ones Tom! I like shoelaces because i can vary the amount of pressure around my penis and scrotum and i can also vary the number of loops i make and precisely where i make them, i can also form loops one after another around my scrotum to draw the testicles away from my body to the point where i’m getting quite a stretch and i’m left with a really shiny pair of balls!

      • Tom Says:

        Rok-dude-Who am I to school you in cockrings!? You are clearly an advanced user. UMF! Your description of your binding skills sounds incredible. Rock on, Rok, with your bound shiny balls. UMF!

    • nandisa Says:

      For everyone who likes this animated gif I thought I´d post the link, also because its frame is a bit cut from the right!

      Oh, I just see that the gif shows (once more)! Notice the different framing! You can also click the gif and watch it enlarged; I guess you also can save it now.

      Rok, glad you enjoyed the 2 short clips of this post, despite they come in “not-HD-quality”! 😉

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