PENIS – My One And Only!

July 17, 2011

Oh yes, what a great topic! 🙂 Certainly one for which you do find a plethora of (net-based) info about almost every aspect on your magic wand. So what to add? As I mentioned before I want to try to set the focus at some aspects off the beaten path.

Cock is so much more than a tool just used to stick into someone or something. It is more than a boner to be (only) jacked hard. And it is more than the sum of its parts. Well, whom to tell, I believe most of my readers know this. Penis is a very beautiful and complex structure that deserves to get our full attention (not to say worship!), not only because it is a miracle on a daily basis, but because cock is our main key to sexual bliss which may be obtained in many different ways.

Many men may not be aware of the numerous properties that cock features. General discussion mostly circles around size and erection (or the lack of it) and even ejaculatory performance. (As for the latter I have mentioned that penis by itself (tend to say himself) is not entirely accountable for (we know him to be able to spurt without being hard)). However, penis is so much more than that, or at least to be seen in a different light!

Take his appearance. We do not run around with a hardon 24/7, although we might love the looks (and feel) of our wand in this condition. So, naturally cock is flaccid as well. But flaccid does not equal flaccid. As a true shapeshifter (even more so than scrotum) penis is able to take (and maintain) almost any size and condition between the extremes of fully erect and shrunk (think of ice plus fear). I dare to suggest that cock acts like a gauge of our mental and overall physical mood/condition (try to reflect upon this for a moment). After all the looks of one and the same penis may be countless (even more so when you take into consideration the foreskin (covering the helmet more or less, being fully retracted or even removed). And after all every single penis is unique!


Take his size. An endless discussion. Don´t we always want to be what we not are (exceptions to the rule)? Penis enlargement is a „tough business“, but you are free to go ahead and do what you like. Everything has its two sides. I fully admit that even fantasizing about a long and/or massive cock (anything is possible in the realm of phantasy-land) is a huge, huge turn-on indeed. But did it occur to you that penis size is not really an abstract issue, yet rather a relationational one? Meaning that one ought to consider body size (rather general physical frame) in relation to the erect cock. Take a look at this chart, which puts the penis length into relation to the body height. It´s the proportion that really counts! Do read this introduction first!

Take his divinity. More than size and appearance I believe we ought to regard our glorious wands as tools with which we are able to forward ourselves (and sexual partners in the same if desired!) into the heavenly realms of bliss. Penis (with scrotum) becomes the executive tool of the (reproductive) system which allows us (like with a remote control) to navigate ourselves to the epitomes of sexual self-realization. Our tools are so beautiful that every part of them, every inch, deserves to be explored and savored over and over again in the quest for utmost satisfaction.

Penis is like an (almost) independent (divine) entity attached to the male body. It´s as if he is leading his own life at times yet mostly serving our interests when it comes to sexual activity and fulfillment. This „acting in his own will“ is one of the best known facts among men (by experience). Concerning independent erections this fact was neatly covered recently (May 20, 2011) in the Scientific American by author Jesse Bering:

For those with penises, you may be surprised to learn how frequently your member stands up while the rest of your body is rendered catatonic by the muscular paralysis that keeps you from acting out your dreams. Scientists have determined that the average 13- to 79-year-old penis is erect for about 90 minutes each night, or 20 percent of overall sleep time. With your brain cycling between the four sleep stages, your “sleep-related erections” appear at 85-minute intervals lasting, on average, 25 minutes. (It’s true; they used a stopwatch.) I didn’t come upon any evolutionary theories or a proposed “adaptive function” of NPT, but we do know that it’s not related to daytime sexual activity, it declines (no pun intended) with age, and it’s correlated positively with testosterone levels.

21 Responses to “PENIS – My One And Only!”

  1. Blu Says:

    You’ve got a nice one and I see you enjoy it! Keep it up buddy.

  2. chas Says:

    I love this post and how you describe the penis and all it’s glory. It truly is a divine tool for us men to enjoy it to it’s fullest potential!!

    And is that your penis in the pictures?? If so, very nice!! 🙂

    • nandisa Says:

      Chas, making discoveries, eh! 😉

      Yes, penis is so central, one can´t praise enough our tools I think.
      «And is that your penis in the pictures??»
      While Blu just assumed that this is the case, you are asking. But yes, this is the case!
      So you see that this post (like most of all) comes from the bottom of my heart! 🙂

      • Tom Says:

        A most fascinating mystery is the night time erection when we are in the deepest of slumber. I love waking in the dark of night to discover that sweet hardness of my penis, suggesting he has been on a wonderful adventure.

        And I could not agree more with Chas. These pics are boner inducing, particularly the last one. Beautifully composed and framed. I love how your balls are drawn up equally on either side of your perfectly shaped shaft.

  3. Tom Says:

    Wow-that second pic is so boner inducing. Perfectly framed and composed. Great angle. Beautifully shaped cock. I love how your balls are drawn up equally on either side. Gorgeous.

    • nandisa Says:

      Thank you guys, your image-praise fills me with joy and excitement. As a solo-sexual you don´t hear the like too often! 🙂

      For my early posts I used most only photos I had taken of myself. That changed over time, I needed images for all kinds of situations. Same is basically true for clips. 😉

  4. chas Says:

    Damn you 2! Nandisa and Tom. 🙂
    The suspense in waiting for this story is killing me!
    And doing a number on my other head! It’s gaining “momentum” as I type this in anticipation! 😉

    • Tom Says:

      Sweet! Stay relaxed!

    • nandisa Says:

      Chas, Tom, I read the story and it is a – hot – homage on a broad scope, wow! Quite to the point in diverse aspects, yet with enough fictitious freedom (true fiction, as you called it, Tom).

      The story is long and I´m thinking of splitting it into three parts even, but will publish it then in rather short succession. Thank you Tom! And yeah, stay relaxed Chas! 😉

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