Penis–Foreskin (1)

August 18, 2011

Foreskin issues may be a sensitive topic since many guys are circumcised, whether out of conviction or without their consent (like when their parents „decided“ for them). You will find an ongoing debate about the pros and cons in this matter once you search for it on the net. I´m not circumcised, hence this post is reflecting my point of view. Instead of uncircumcised I will use the term intact.

I don´t intend to tease those of you who in fact are circumcised, but I must say that I enjoy my foreskin tremendously, or, to be more exact, I love the sensations it is able to generate in my cock. In fact, those sensations are so fucking great, that they trigger my ejaculation with certainty! It is far from being a secret or miracle that some tissue of the foreskin is ment to trigger ejaculation/orgasm when stimulated. To the contrary, this fact is scientifically researched (more about it in my next post). Therefore I clearly state: don´t underestimate your penile skin, never neglect it!

The intact foreskin is the only motile part of your penis! This means that your penile caressing may reach far beyond mere touching and stroking, for you can actively play with your skin and thus it provides a sexual playground (closely connected to your cock) in its own right. The more so as it features such an increased sensitivity to touch due to its richness in specialized nerve endings. For all these reasons I certainly am convinced that a foreskin is nothing but natural and „needed“ to enjoy the full potential our penises are able to provide us with. To no surprise I highly recommend to learn more about the pros of being and staying intact. I permanently link to some informative pages via my blogroll, but check it out right here:

I need to point to another interesting fact! Just like our penises are unique, our foreskins are as well. Or, to put it in other words, the individually different skin developement (i.e. amount of skin) contributes to the enormous variety in appearance of our tools for bliss. I found a stunning page showing the range of skin developement in a basic overview, the Coverage Index (CI). The index spans from CI-1 (no loose skin on the shaft when soft) to CI-10 (when erect the foreskin still overhangs the tip of the head).

At this point take notice of the feasibility for some lucky guys with the „right“ CI-number! They may be able to choose how they want their cock to appear when flaccid. If you find yourself in the categories CI-5 and CI-6 you probably are able to leave your skin covering most of your head:


or to keep it retracted (held back by the coronal ridge) and your glans exposed, just as if you were circumcised:

The possibility of choice for these fortunate men may be taken as yet another reason to remain intact.

In my next post I will take a closer look at the special tissue transforming the foreskin into a very important part of the penis and its function for triggering an ejaculation.

6 Responses to “Penis–Foreskin (1)”

  1. Tom Says:

    I am cut and certainly have great enjoyment from my cock, but if I had a son there is no way I would circumcise him. It just makes sense that the foreskin adds levels of pleasure that clipping removes. As long as you understand the proper way to clean your penis, routine circumcision seems completely unnecessary.

  2. Tom Says:

    PS. Those two pics are so beautiful.

  3. Tom Says:

    This is a link to a short gif of a guy using his foreskin to work his penis. When I saw this I could completely understand beautiful an intact penis is and how having a foreskin opens up a whole new layer of pleasure that is missing with circumcision.

  4. Tom Says:

    This is a short clip that to me crystallizes the amazing beauty of a foreskin and what you can do with it. Again, this shows what you miss if you are circumcised, which I am.

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