Penis–The Shaft

August 28, 2011

Our penises are highly complex structures. What we see hanging or standing between our legs is made of much more than a cylindrical tube, more or less skin and a mushroom-shaped tip at the end of the organ. I promised to not get into anatomical detail too much, as there is plenty out there to find if you were interested in the biological particulars.

I just wanted pay tribute to the body, to the shaft that makes cock. This is what we grasp when we work our tools or what we insert into something suitable in the search for bliss. It is interesting to know these two facts:

  • that a shaft continues to extend inside of the pelvis,
  • that the shaft is made of two different kinds of erectile tissue.

The two bodies (i.e. erectile tissues) are the corpora cavernosa (actually a connected double-structure) and corpus spongiosum (the latter referred to as corpus cavernosum urethrae in the above pic, because thru its center runs the urethra, the passage for cum). Inside your body the corpus spongiosum forms the bulb (surrounded by the BC-muscle), at the other end it forms the glans, the cocks helmet. The corpora cavernosa splits up (inside your pelvis) in single endings, the crus, and is covered with your helmet at the other end.

It may be worthwhile to explore those erectile bodies a bit closer for masturbatory benefits. An email-buddy sent me his findings about that and I like to share ´em with you. He writes:

I believe that, during masturbation, when the penis is rubbed up and down, there is a friction between the cc [corpora cavernosa] and the cs [corpus spongiosum]. This friction at the interface between these two corpora stimulates nerves located there and ultimately induces ejaculation. With this realization of how the pathway to semen liberation is regulated, it is possible to masturbate more meaningfully, and gain full pleasure from the situation.

Please load this foto-enhanced pdf with detailed information.

3 Responses to “Penis–The Shaft”

  1. Tom Says:

    The male cock is really filled with wonders, isn’t it. Even on this anatomical level, there is something so sexy.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Sometimes the shaft is curved. Watch in wiki.

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