Reel Fiction (5)

November 2, 2011

I am a bit low on my Reel Fiction Stories, but eventually here is No. 5! Please refer to Story No. 1 for an explanation to why I call these Reel Fiction. No. 5 is based on one of the hottest clips I encountered on the net. Not only is she stroking him exquisitely with just thumb and pointer at his most sensitive penile area just below his cockhead, the lucky guy also owns a very beautiful penis which in the course of the expert handjob (rather fingerjob) seems to respond with independent inner movement (guess we could call it active throbbing). And notice the separate live of his balls! A great little clip (16.7 MB, 2 min, sound, .avi) of a very special two-finger-stroke:

  • HER say
  • HIS say

It was an ordinary Saturday, time to get some home-cleaning done, shopping and so on. I had been thru the bathroom and was doing the dishes, when I noticed that my man was „in heat“, so to speak. He was arranging the china when I paused and looked at him.

What? he asked and he clearly had that impression in his face.

Can you hold it until tonight? I replied smiling at him.

Shall I be honest? he asked in full understanding of what I was talking about. I nodded.

No! I can´t. Just to be near you, just to watch you work makes me wanna jump at you. Damn, I am so fucking loaded!

But look at me, I´m not even lightly dressed and I do the dishes! Is this really sexy to you? I honestly wondered.

Doesn´t matter. It´s about you and that we had no sex all week long he said. The latter was a fact. The week had been tough with loads of business and other tasks. I myself was looking forward to get involved with him, but in the right ambiance and with enough time.

Yeah, I know, you´re right. But can´t you try to last until later? It probably will be even greater than with your anticipation at extreme heights?

God, what you say makes me… You know it´s like I could explode right here and now. I feel tormented since we woke up! I just didn´t want to hassle you, I know we have things to – I cut his word.

OK, I appreciate that, thanks. Here´s the deal: I jack you off right now, simple and straight. I won´t get undressed, it´s just for your release. No fucking, no fancy teasing, no multiples. I still want something from you tonight. Do we have a deal?

He did not answer me, but started to get undressed right away.

I headed to our office where I thought would be the best location for an instant jerk. My plan was to place him on his desk-chair since the back-rest could be lowered. It crossed my mind to hook up our cam for taping the whole session. That would make a nice souvenir, – and how it did!

While I arranged the place he entered the room naked. I had noticed that he hit the bathroom in the meantime. God, his beautiful cock was rock hard, pointing straight upward like a rocket. I could see him throb in anticipation.

Come, sit here! I said and we quickly found our positions, me kneeling on a cushion aside of him by the armrest.

The cam is rolling already I explained, me approaching him from the side, not the front. You really are loaded, aren´t you?

Yeah he whispered.

Gosh, your cock makes me so hot, but we have a deal. Lets say it´s just a fore-runner until later on. Now listen. You just sit here and open up to what I do. Steady yourself and keep your hands away. I want to generate most intense sensations in your cock and glands. I want to make you cum thru a teasing jerk of your sensitive upper end of your amazing rod. And now Baby relax and enjoy.

I was taking his throbbing wand between thumb and index finger and began to sensually massage his ever so lovely organ between his helmet and not lower than half way down. My index finger was repeatedly rubbing his frenulum while my thumb was massaging the soft rim of his mushroom head with my steady up-and-down jerk.

After a while I noticed that he was working with his bc and pc muscles which soon gave me the awesome impression that his penis had a life of its own. His dick was literally stretching and pulsing in my soft grip. Later we clearly did observe that in the clip. And something else we couldn´t see while in the act: his balls also had a life of their own! They were moving up and down in a wild frenzy all by themselves until short before ejaculation, when his meat-bag tightened.

[download “reelhere]

The session took longer than I – and probably my man himself – would have predicted at the start of it. But I wouldn´t want to miss a second! Eventually I could sense that he was getting close. His breathing became deeper.

Yeah Baby I encouraged him, assuming correctly that he was on his way.

Cum for me Baby, come for me I teased him while his whole body was responding to the lust building up inside of him.

I think I pushed him right to the point of no return when I said You know you´re right there Baby!

Almost immediately he was breathing Oh yeah… and as I responded Yeah Baby cum for me he was exploding with a first forceful rope straight into the air!

Oh yeah Baby cum for me, oh yeah! He was pumping his warm milk while I continued to jerk him. His juice was pulsing out of his cock-slit running down his throbbing shaft over my fingers wetting his swollen balls.

Uuhh… yesss… uuhh I was absolutely stunned by that beautiful sight his spewing cock had just awarded me with! …Yes.

He was grunting once again as he felt the fainting pulses of his reflex, me still jerking his wet and hard cock. That´s nice I said in sincere admiration.

That´s real nice I repeated, now as his ejaculation had ceased. I realized that I loved his cock as much as I did experiencing his surrender. I slowly stroked his still erect penis. His body was reacting sensitively and for a spilt second I thought about starting a second round, or even better get undressed and fuck him. But a household was waiting and I definitely needed him to recharge for the evening!


The same viewing-procedures as for For a Closer Look apply.

3 Responses to “Reel Fiction (5)”

  1. Tom Says:

    I always love your reel fiction. Very hot!

  2. Tom Says:

    Finally watched the video. You captured it exactly. What a sexy clip. Beautiful cock, rock hard and so clearly enjoying this special stroke technique that kept him on the edge. And those balls, churning around, up and down. Amazing!

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