Quoting Women Preferring Facials

November 23, 2011

In my previous posts I try to promote awareness about fellatio in general and the orally triggered ejaculation in particular. So, what do you do when he cums? Or rather, what do you prefer to do in that special moment?

It all depends on who is in charge of the situation. Meaning, whoever has the hands/mouth on the receivers cock (and balls) at PONR will decide what happens next. I´d opt for the fellatrice to be fully in charge, always. However, her/his receiver may have his own ideas.

Among the options for dealing with the climax of the act, producing a facial seems to be a very popular one. There may be a range of reasons for why a couple chooses to let him cum-cover his fellatrices face – as long as both agree it´s a most beautiful experience. Needless to say that the porn-industry loves to show facials for their visual appeal. But even in the private, without the cam rolling, facials are welcomed by many as a highly erotic aspect of the sexual bond between the two (or more) involved.

Read some testimonials of women who just love being cum-sprayed in their faces or having their mouthes filled with warm man-milk. I found these statements online in 2004 (forgot where exactly) collected by a guy called Jallen (I abridged some of the quotes):

Note from Jallen: Over the years, I’ve corresponded with (and sometimes met) facially-fixated women who are not the least bit shy when it cums to sharing their love of hot, dripping cream… all the following quotes are guaranteed genuine, and are used by permission of the ladies concerned.


I love to get facials from my boyfriend. I love the warm feel of the cum on my face. I always want it on my mouth too, so I can taste it as he cums. The most guys I’ve had cum on my face at the same time is 5 … yes, 5 … I was drinking and feeling horny at a frat party … I just started talking about sex with the guys and some of the girls and I told them I like facials … the other girls didn’t. Well, that meant more cum for me … *grin*. My face was covered … It was one of the most erotic things that ever happened to me. … I took off my top and bra, I didn’t want them to get messy. I was 22 at the time. I had them all jerk off over me at the same time … I was kneeling … Not all the guys came at the same time … When one came, he would get out of the way so someone else could get closer at my face … After two guys I had to keep my eyes closed to keep it from getting in them … Some of them aimed high, but I didn’t care … After all five I had to wipe it out of my eyes … Then I took a taste of it to give everybody a thrill … The guys loved it … One of them gave me a towel to wipe the rest off my face … It was something I had to try at least once … I was always turned on by it in pornos …

The thing I think of when a guy is about to cum on my face is … How much and how long will he squirt on my face. When it hits me I feel a warm wet sensation on my face … I always tell him, ‘Yes, yes, cover me!!’ I like to talk when he cums, so I can taste it too.


I love how men cum, I love how men taste, I love watching how men cum, I love the feeling of it landing on my skin wherever it is … I would gladly get the high protein facial/drink from you anytime you want, honey … My only hangup with it is when the guy is only a taker and not a giver. I mean, I like having a guy cum on my face all by itself, but if he never wants to go down on me, or screw me good and hard – then he is selfish and I don’t feel like putting out for him … you know what I mean?


I love sucking cock and getting a nice wet facial. My current boyfriend is really open-minded, a bit sexually dominant, and really into visuals. He likes it when I wear my make-up a bit heavier than usual so he can mess it up with a big load. Of course I have to be in for the evening! Swallowing still has merit though. I like that too!

Almost all the guys want to come in your mouth, for various reasons I guess. Perhaps because most women don’t like it. They also like it when you swallow it. … I was afraid to let a guy come in my mouth at first so I would usually blow them a bit, then jerk them off.


Facials are something I’ve been into since the beginning of my dating boys. It started for very practical reasons. If I would have guys over, or be over at their places, and if we were left alone in the den or in the basement, well, nature would take its course … The most obvious problem was what to do with all the sperm. I couldn’t take it in the ‘natural’ way, because I wasn’t on OC’s [oral contraceptives], so I quickly learned to put my mouth on it and swallow it. No muss, no fuss. At that age, I didn’t know that I was supposed to be ‘disgusted’ with it and so came to like it very, very much. I love the texture of sperm, the smell of it and the taste of it. … Later on, and certainly at present, I’m much more into what you would call a true facial, rather than just swallowing it all. I really like watching sperm squirting out, be it thick or watery. I like finishing a guy off with my hand, squirting it in the general area of my face. If a guy wants to finish himself off, for more directional control, I’m just as happy with that.


I thought I’d offer the following observations:

The facial is hot because it’s hot. It’s an incredibly hot way to end a romantic, or sexual (the two are not always the same) encounter. It involves a man erupting, and a woman taking it in her face. And let’s face it, in our culture there is much to be said about ‘in your face’ activities. They’re bold, dominating, up front and honest.

The facial is hot because it’s expressive. It’s a woman expressing to the male that she loves what she’s done to him and she loves what he’s doing to her. It’s accepting. A woman accepts a man doing the shoot-thing. And from the man’s point of view, it’s his expressing just how sensual the woman has been to him.

It’s dominating. From both perspectives. A man dominates by shooting on a woman’s face, covering her with his essence. The woman dominates by reducing the man to a shooting, sniveling mess. He cannot do what he does without her sensuality.

It’s hot because it’s forbidden. In the same way that sex in public, anal sex or group sex are forbidden in our society, their very actions make them more erotic and hotter.

From a woman’s point of view, and from one who believes that woman holds ultimate power and control over men because of what is between her legs, it involves the man totally surrendering to the woman. He gives in to her sexuality and aura by coming on her face. She accepts it because she has the power. She could turn away. She could laugh at him. But she lets it happen. Because she loves what it does to him, and she loves what it does to her.

It’s exciting because it’s hot. In many ways. Hot sex, hot cum, hot activity. Wow is it hot!


For all you so-called “ladies” out there that may find facials degrading in both porn/real life, I give you this to think about. This is one of the most intimate acts a man and a woman can share. Anyone can be a sperm receptacle but the people who can open their minds/bodies to a lover find the most satisfaction. It has always given me pleasure to watch my partner reach climax. When he is staring down at you, and letting you taste him, there is no one else he is thinking about. I also enjoy rating a good porn facial on a scale of 1-10.


I have always been an intense lover, since I had my first orgasm at 17/18 years old. I can get off by pleasing my man and I can have orgasms because he is totally stimulated. I found myself asking my boyfriend to ejaculate onto my face because he had never done it and I knew it would intensify his orgasm and it did.


I too am a woman who loves to receive facials. I’m a 38 y.o. married woman and have enjoyed giving bj’s and getting facials since I was 18 and got my 1st one. At first I thought it was gross, but then I wanted more. The idea of a guy getting off all over my face just really turns me on. I love the feel and smell and taste of sperm. I’m lucky that my husband lets me indulge in the enjoyment, both with him and many other men. …So I’m another woman who has learned to truly love facials. And anyone who doesn’t see that it’s the woman who gets empowered by receiving facials probably hasn’t gotten many. … I talk to my girlfriends about enjoyment of sperm, most think it’s gross and we just laugh about it, some though also enjoy it. A lot of women like it, but are just embarrassed to admit it to their husbands or boyfriends, afraid they will think less of them for it.

2 Responses to “Quoting Women Preferring Facials”

  1. Facial Fanatic Says:

    This is from a guy who loves providing my woman a thick, creamy facial. I LOVE the way it looks as I stripe her face with long ropes of cum. It somehow intensifies my orgasm. But, it is only pleasurable if she wants it. To force it would take away my pleasure.

    We have always been open in our sexual relationship and have tried almost anything you could think of. We’ve done anal, fisting and we’ve even done a reverse facial where she squirted her fluids all over my face and hair. That too was AWESOME!

    As long as both parties are agreeable, then nothing should be off limits … nothing!

    • nandisa Says:

      Such a great first comment to a very popular post (ranking all time 6th place to date) eventually, thank you!!

      You sound like a very lucky couple, I appreciate your attitude. Keep on enjoying each other and your sexual attainment! 🙂

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