His Ejaculation And You

December 7, 2011

Contrary to being solosexually active, there may always be lurking some kind of issue when it comes to partnersex. Simply because each one involved easily developes expectations the other partner may or may not fulfill. Or, at an elevated psychological level: carrying the feeling that something is expected (by the partner) may lessen the overall experience of an otherwise highly synched sexual act.

We have seen in the previous posts, that there are women among us who deeply share the love for male genitals, the male reproductive system and the male produce. This is great news, however, a perfect match may still be really difficult to find (or to establish).

A perfect match is difficult to achieve because:

  • there are different ways to deal with an ejaculation and the cum it produces
  • the guys involved just carry different preferences or ideas on how to design a particular act
  • preferences, ideas and abilities may change over time.

In a previous post I was speaking of basically three options for the fellatrice/masturbator to take care of her/his partners ejaculation and semen. Now given that a couple is out for making his ejaculation (or the phase before and near PONR = edging) intense AND that it aims for harvesting a big load of milk, we will encounter these choices:

Option 1 – The masturbator (female or male) just loves to observe her/his pleasure-receiver in the phase of edging, triggering and ejaculating. Perfect when the receiver is acting out his climax without any inhibition in total surrender, while producing lots of precum and a large quantity of semen.

Option 2 – The masturbator loves to be sprayed all over with her/his mans semen to feel being covered in his essence. Perfect when the receiver is a natural shooter producing lots of precum and a big milkload.

Option 3 – The masturbator loves to take facials for savoring (smelling, feeling, tasting) her/his mans juices. Perfect when the receiver is a solid shooter producing a good flow of precum and a remarkable load of milk.

Option 4 – The masturbator loves to drink her/his mans sweet milk right from the „tap“ because she/he „needs“ to taste and/or digest her/his lovers man-juice as well as to experience the totally intimate physical act. Perfect when the pleasure-receiver reliably produces precum and one or more voluminous milkloads.

At this point read another account by a cum-loving woman (gathered by a guy called Jallen – more here) which illustrates options 3 and 4 perfectly:

To be perfectly honest, as I was growing up I never imagined I’d allow guys to do that [give me facials] to me. I also can’t believe now, how much I enjoy it sometimes. But … it took me several years of taking them to get to this point of really enjoying it. In the beginning, I did it out of love. I was young, dumb, and didn’t know any better. I wanted to do whatever it took to show my guy (whoever it happened to be that month) that I was totally into him. … But now I don’t feel that way. Now … I actually ask for it and truly enjoy it. Even when it’s a huge load. (Most of the time it’s quite a lot of semen, sometimes an incredible amount.) On top of taking facials, I let a lot of my past boyfriends cum directly in my mouth. I think I’ve let it cum in my mouth more times than I’ve taken it in the face actually. … I like the thicker semen better. Not that I don’t like the thinner viscosity. It’s just I really taste it more when it’s thick. … Jallen, you really can’t imagine what that’s like (for me personally anyway) to drink down a mouthful of cum.

I can’t help the mental thoughts that go through my mind as I’m feeling the hot jets of semen hit the roof of my mouth. The thoughts I’m thinking as I’m feeling my mouth fill up with fluid. … It’s like I’m saying to myself, ‘Damn, girl, here you are, a cock in your mouth, draining fluid … yeah, you feel it draining in your mouth, and you’re gonna swallow it when he’s done.’ … As for position, I’ve been on my knees many times. I seem to enjoy it that way. I’ve also swallowed and taken many facials lying on my back. A lot of times when I’m on my back it’s after intercourse when he pulls out to cum in my face rather than in me. I actually prefer them to pull out. Two reasons. 1) I like to see it squirt. 2) I like watching him jerk it off. I usually let him jerk it off in my face or in my mouth when he pulls out.

This girl sure loves her mans milk. She appears like being a cumqueen, featuring aspects of the more refined cumprincess. – Now, at the end of this chapter concerning partnersex I believe that a variation of the illustrated choices will be most satisfactory for a like-minded couple, especially when both lovingly agree on how to resolve their act. And they always can repeat and vary!

In my next chapter I want to take a look at a situation where the masturbator craves cum, but cares less for the producer of it (or so it seems). That describes the realm of partner-milking and forced ejaculations. However, before I get to that I will tell you yet another story (depicting option 2 mentioned above) in my next post. Stay tuned! 🙂

5 Responses to “His Ejaculation And You”

  1. Rok Says:

    A wonderful account, the woman’s description matches closely to my girlfriend when she is taking about observing a man’s ejaculation.

    She has said, however, that while she enjoys drinking my milk and occasionally getting sprayed over her breasts, nothing comes close to comparing with an internal ejaculation. She said that releasing my milk inside her vagina allows her to “observe” my ejaculation using other senses and that she receives a lot more satisfaction doing so.

    During sex she encourages me to do so and asks me to tell her when i am close and when i will climax so she can mentally focus on our bodies. When telling i am close she will tilt her hips upward, allowing me to penetrate further, all the way to the end of her vaginal canal; i do this slowly and gently so as not to hurt her. Being gentle, she allows me to do this and i go deeper until we both feel that i reached her cervix with my glans. She says if a man has ever jabbed her there forcefully by accident that it hurts, however a gentle stroking and nudging with the tip of my glans feels like heaven to her.

    We go on like this for a couple of minutes until i tell her that i will orgasm, at which point she commands me to thrust deeper just a little bit more, hold still and remain there so she can feel everything. This is how she likes to observe my ejaculation. She reports how incredibly arousing it is to her to savor the moments when i throb inside her and deliver my milk, she loves the rhythmic pulsing of my shaft and how it gently stretches her, meanwhile she reports a deep heat inside her, which could be the sheer volume of my semen being at a higher temperature.

    With gentle squeezes of her vagina she tries to prolong my ejaculatory reflex (which she does quite well), making me have more contractions and encouraging me to deliver more shots of semen. We stay like that for another couple of minutes, relaxing and letting the semen get absorbed into her while enjoying the occasional pulse and shiver from either side.

    I thought i might share her feelings on the subject 🙂

    • Tom Says:

      Wow, Rok. What a description. I’m gay and I’m very aroused. Sharing your seed in this way, cumming deep inside like this, is so intimate. Especially if you look deeply into each other at the moment of release. I always try to cum eyes open with my husband. Nothing better to drink each other up with our eyes as one or both of us ejaculates into the other.

    • nandisa Says:

      Thank your girlfriend for sharing her feelings! This illustration is as hot as it is interesting. I did not hear about such a profound and intense enjoyment of deep penetration combined with ejaculation.
      I very much like what you particularize in this comment, because it reflects the deep intimacy -like Tom pointed out- and caring which you achieve and cherish via intercourse. And it is an advanced expression of sexual love. This meets my attitude and I am happy for you!
      If this post was not limited to harvesting semen your description here would certainly make an “Option 5”! 🙂

    • Rok Says:

      Thank you for the quick reply! I didn’t expect for my comment to have such an effect 🙂 I really feel you Tom when you mentioned the eye contact, it really is a transcending experience when gazing into each other during climax!
      And Nandisa, in a way it does feel like i am harvested at that moment and my milk being gently coaxed out 😉

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