Reel Fiction (6)

December 15, 2011

No preliminaries, right into the story:

I´m damn lucky with my man for he is such a great cummer. Or, rather a great cum-producer, that´s what he is. I mean he does not spray his load nor does he shoot it in all too many spurts. He prefers to cherish the art of the emission, making his semen leave his system before he triggers his ejaculation. And he manages to cum at least a couple of times when he is at it.

I love his emissions, it´s like a faucet opened with your favorite juice pouring out. Yet I still get my spurts when his ejaculatory contractions pump out his cum or what is left of it. And I love his white stuff so much! He produces this creamy silky slimy milk I can´t wait to either rub into my skin wherever he wets me with it, or drink after I caught the whole (double) load in a glas.

I never want to miss observing him closely when he cums. It´s such a sight when he pours his milk, then shoots out what his glands still hold. And not to forget his production of precum. He is a fair precummer as well. Since he carefully closes in towards his cum-releasing moment his precum gets enough time to ooze out of his cock-eye first, just excellent!

precum dangling


The other night I had the idea to tape his sweet ability and my man agreed without hesitation. All I needed to do was to faithfully film the scene, no further changes necessary, – well, we hooked up an extra lamp, so much for that. However, only when he came I realized that I was facing a true dilemma! I really wanted to get his mouth-watering cumming taped in total to preserve his skill, and yet when he finally came it was so hot, I would have liked to just forget about that damn filming and rather catch his milk to spread it all over my body and lick it off my fingers. I never felt the urge to consume him stronger than in that moment!

I´m glad now that I kept up with covering his two climaxes. We use the clip to speed up our moods when we decide to go for it. It is so hot to watch it in a slight slowmo-mode and it´s just awesome to study how he was spilling his milk that night:

As usual he was kneeling right above me, me comfortably laying on the mattress observing him and his cock. I had caressed his cock and balls in the beginning, I even had my fair share of precum. Eventually he got into the zone. While he needed to pay close attention to his reproductive system to avoid PONR yet coax his milk in a free flow, I grabbed the cam and stood by. Eventually he signaled me to press the record button, the moment had arrived.

He held his cock in his right hand fist and ceased any movement. A bead of precum had obeyed gravitational law and was cutely bouncing a good inch beneath the cock-eye which I closely kept in frame. Not long after that my love sighed what sounded like a „yeah“ meaning his milk was rising! My heart was pounding.

first milk

Seconds later his sweet milk just poured out in a swelling stream. I guess the whole unusual and hot situation triggered his ejaculation as he suddenly shot one spurt followed by several smaller pumping gushes. Eventually he began to squeeze out the remaining cream in his cockshaft making it slide down on a string made of precum just like pure fluid pearls.

When a last bead had descended he was beginning to jack his cock firmly for triggering his follow-up ejaculation. Not too long into his fist-work he started pumping his milk once again. This time he squirted three juicy gushes with his milk appearing thinner, more runny, but still deliciously creamy.

After the last drop of his jizz had splashed down on me he asked for the cam to take a picture of my chest, just as I was beginning to scoop up his sweet cream. Because I did not spread his produce while he was covering me with it, as I usually do, he wanted to capture the scene of the pool of milk he had left between my boobs in a photo. I must say that turned out a great sight too. I am really happy that I taped his way of cumming. We may try that again some time when he really is loaded. But then I will use a tripod for taking my share of him when he oozes and shoots his loads.


The same viewing-procedures as for For a Closer Look apply.

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  1. Anonymous Says:

    your nipples are beautiful

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