January 7, 2012


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36 Responses to “SEEK-N-FIND…”

  1. budd hunter Says:

    How do I communicate with blog? I get email/posts from group…but no way to reply.

    • nandisa Says:

      budd hunter, writing a comment such as you did is a form of communication. Mind you this is not a forum or a group (featuring discussions). Are you sure you get mail from this source? I ask because you are not listed as a follower. However, I appreciate that you read within this blog of mine, apparently. Whenever you like to comment, feel free to do so, just as you did with this entry. 🙂

  2. chas Says:

    Damn Nandisa that rope that the guy is shooting all of himself is really great!!

    Plus the new addition of the testimonials that you post up that go along with the post are a great new feature. Makes me browse other posts I have yet to see! Are you going to change them up every so often?

    I want to spread the word about your stellar blog here but I think most of my friends wouldn’t take the time or energy to have an open mind and actually sit down and take some of it in. So it’s their loss and my gain! 😉 Some of the best learning I’ve had in a long time!

    • nandisa Says:

      Hi Chas, great that you commented here at the fixed (always on top) post, much appreciated! My intention was to offer directions next to easy and quick access to all the (hidden) topics in the depths of this blog!

      I recently updated this post with the link to the testimonials, a feature I discovered the other day. I think that this is a great way to self-promote the value of the content. I am glad you noticed, you are the first to mention this feat!

      Now I am in the process of screening all of the more than 800 comments in the search for praise which I will publish. I started with the oldest comments first and covered about a good half of the index to date. You will show up eventually, and quite often I´m sure! 😉

      Interesting what you say about spreading the word. In my next poll I will ask about just that. I wonder why your friends may not want to collect knowledge about male sexuality. It is interesting, it´s exciting/ arousing and you build an advantage by knowing the many ways you (can) work.

      Yes, the (found) photo of the airborne rope is stunning! It illustrates so well what´s written in my tagline!!

  3. morecumpls Says:

    hello nandisa, I like your blog and all your work you have put in here, I have always been looking for vids and stuff of guys who can shoot unusual huge amounts of cum, and its actually interesting how you talk about it. I would love to show you videos i have found in all these years and talk with you about some of them. would love to hear from you.

    • nandisa Says:

      Welcome to my blog! Just to let you know that I´ve seen your comments, thanks! Your offer is interesting indeed. What was your idea on how to discuss the matter?
      At the moment I phase out of a tight week. Leave me some time and I get back to you, also concerning the link you supplied with your second comment here.

      • morecumpls Says:

        Hey thanks for your reply, thats cool, take your time. My idea was maybe we can write on skype or something so I can show you all the stuff I know faster. And maybe you can tell me something about it or show me even more.

      • nandisa Says:

        Believe me, morecumpls, I am really interested in your library! However, with your idea of a direct communication (such as via skype) a limit would be passed…

        Running this blog consumes time and requires a certain amount of effort (next to the fact that this serves my passion and stimulates/satisfies after all). It all runs well because of its mode of indirectness. I can choose when to post and when to (re-)comment.

        Despite the indirectness we have a lively conversation going here, just by commenting and re-commenting. Hence I tend to ask you to join in this way, also enabling other readers to profit by your contributions.

        You are welcome to place questions any time. – Hot stuff that I like and know of will find its way into my blog, with time.

        What do you say? Could you manage or isn´t this working for you at all?

  4. morecumpls Says:

    Hey what do u mean with limit? Limit of time? And sure I can contribute with comments and share stuff, but you gotta know that it also took me a lot of time to find all the guys with enormous loads and videos of them etc. With that I mean I want to see all the good stuff from you and others posted here too, maybe here is something posted I didn’t see before, but its hard to find on all those pages. Maybe you can put something like a gallery in here. Just some suggestions, you can also mail me if you want.

    • nandisa Says:

      morecumpls, I still owe you an answer.

      In your post I read an offer and a demand. Just to be clear about my blog: I am running it to provide information and entertainment (sexual excitement). My blog is text-based, pics and clips are added to illustrate the situations I write about. Sometimes it is the other way around (category Reel Fiction).

      My blog is not another XHamster-archive for clips, not even a tumblr-like collection of visual files.
      Studying my blog should be stimulating and enlightening, there is no rush needed to discover posts. Browsing my blog should not bear the characteristics of work or duty.

      With almost 250 posts there is much to view/read here – it took many years to build this resource. But it is rather easy to pick out the stuff you are passionate about, the way is explained in this fixed opening post. Again, you can screen by category, you can try tags and you can search. And you already did find the best (series of) post covering your passion!

      Your passion concerns but one aspect of male sexuality. My aim is to cover the whole bandwidth. Imagine readers would demand a gallery for their particular interest – I couldn´t comply, because yes, there is a limit of time (on my side), and a limit of space (i.e. the architecture of this kind of blog with WordPress).

      See how long it took me to get down to write you a non-rushed answer. If I had all the time for running this blog, I probably posted something most every day. But this is not the case, unfortunately.

      If you are preferably out for clips showing massive ejaculations, you may rather want to head to Tube Sites and search on (I know you did, I do once in a while). Many of the clips I present here are from there anyway. I have some own material, but those clips you will have found, I assume. These are placed where they suit the theme(s) I write about.

      Once again thanks for your comments, you decidedly added to my post!

      • morecumpls Says:

        Thanks for your answer. It is alright and I will leave some comments and check out your new posts, looking forward to see a new got milk post soon! Maybe you will talk about this guy too.

      • nandisa Says:

        Thanks for your note and the link to another quite amazing clip!
        With certain clips we have proof that some guys are able to produce much above average volumes of semen. In my series “Capacity Check” I tried to discuss various aspects of the biologically possible and the boundaries towards fake-performances, which undoubtedly exist. The real world still offers the best environment to experience such skills. The next best thing may be a testimony paired with a clear clip. Yet a personal contribution (comment) of an able guy is what we are still in lack of. So we keep on believing awestruck in what we (sometimes) see, or develop doubts…

      • Tom Says:

        I agree with your healthy skepticism Nandisa. It seems real yet it does border on the seeming impossible. I produce big loads, but that clip is jaw dropping. I have never cum close to that.

      • nandisa Says:

        For able men it is a bitter pill to swallow when they are accused of faking it while they are honest and capable.
        As for ejaculations it may often be easy to spot a fake. But concerning male sprinkling it´s much tougher, because this is not researched, experiences are still scarce and it is yet easier to mistake (not to say fabricate) your produce as something that it isn´t. The discussions continue with the able guys vs. the ones that deny the claim categorically. Sprinkling is a fascinating sexual reaction; I may return to that topic some day.

      • Tom Says:

        I admire those able men for sure. I certainly wouldn’t want to cast doubt on someone’s prolific production.

        Great discussion, as usual. 👍

  5. chas Says:

    Nandisa and Tom, great discussion indeed!
    It’s great to see that this post has a lot of action lately!
    And the clip that Morecumpls linked to put me in awe! I don’t know if it is real or not? Looks real to me but I truly jealous of his ability to produce that amount of cum!

    And I did see some of my testimonials that you posted! 😉

    • Tom Says:

      Happy Friday, Chas. I agree. It looks real. It certainly appears to be cumming from the right place. It was certainly creamy to the extreme, and that is where I become unsure. It seems that most loads I have seen (or experienced) can have portions that are creamy, but there is also portions that vary. His load seemed all of one consistency. It was a pretty lovely consistency though.

      Regarding sprinkling that Nandisa mentions, that is an interesting phenomenon that I have only seen in clips. My guess is that it’s prostatic fluid.

    • nandisa Says:

      Chas, it´s been a while, good that you are back! 😉

      Glad you noticed the testimonials, continued to update them and reached your entry into the blog eventually!

      Await your comment for part three of Toms story, but definitely take your time reading and enjoying it!!

      • morecumpls Says:

        It is nice that you all like the clip I linked. I think this guy can really shoot that much, he cums a lot in his other videos too. The amount he shot in the glass was insane and some cum did not even go into the glass. Is there any explanation how some guys can cum that much? And btw what is an able man?

      • nandisa Says:

        I tried to explain the general anatomical conditions that determine the volume of semen produced and expelled in this post. We know the biological design of the reproductive system and we know the range of ejaculatory possibilities. Since I am not a scientist (and most readers most likely will be not) it is difficult to explain the extremes (like with the first man you introduced to us via your shared link for instance).
        “Able Men” are guys who are able to perform extraordinarily on a regular basis. There is no doubt that some guys are “naturals”, they just can do it the way they do (determined by their genetic composition I assume). Just like some men are endowed with a big penis while others are average.

  6. morecumpls Says:

    Thanks for the answer! I read that post.

    • Tom Says:


      What a clip. You are right that about this guy’s almost endless ability to let his cum flow. He would definitely fit Nandisa’s definition of an able man. More than able, in fact.

      I also wonder what he is experiencing. Is it actual ejaculation or repeated emission. Most of it simply flows after he stimulates the his clear trigger point-that area right under his head. That’s what makes me think it’s repeated emission. Whatever, the sheer volume is stupendous. I love how he uses it as lube. There is nothing better, actually.

      • nandisa Says:

        Tom, I noticed that YOU answered to morecumpls, yet anonymously, that´s why I attributed your name to your text!
        Now I just moved morecumpls´ comment to the post where it “belongs”. Since I was answering him as well I am confused about the clip you are referring to!?

      • Tom Says:

        Nandisa: Thanks and sorry for the confusion. It was me that had now commented twice! About the same clip which is the one you moved. I must have made the first comment as your were reposting it and when I didn’t see my response I assumed it got lost, so I commented again.

      • nandisa Says:

        Thanks, case solved! 🙂

    • nandisa Says:

      Hey, thanks for placing the link! Yes, this is a nice jerking and ejaculation scene – with sound! 🙂

      • Anonymous Says:

        I have difficulties in viewing the clip: ponr

        Clip two: See a guy coaxing emission and triggering ejaculation a while later (mov, 137 secs).

        Download was okay, but QuickTime could neither play the clip nor convert it…
        Even with a converter and concerted in mp4 I was not successful 😦

        Cold you give me a hint or some help, please?

      • nandisa Says:

        Oh boy, that´s bad news. Because despite the successful download, this clip is not playing. And I see you tried with couple tricks to make it work (thanks for the details). Yet I have no solution to this problem, it´s the first time such was reported.
        This pic is taken from the clip, maybe you stumble upon the clip by chance at some other place!? Truly sorry.

        P.S.: I just downloaded this file myself and it would play w/o problem!?

  7. loki82 Says:

    Hi Nandisa, I have a question. I know ejaculation is a reflex but all we know we can alterate this reflex with some strategies. For example I can slow it with a really slow teasing of my cock and feel every single phase of orgasm. That is different from a quick jerk off where you go through the PONR very quickly. Have you ever written anything about that? Any experiences?

    • nandisa Says:

      Hey Loki, thanks for your question.

      My blog offers more than 280 posts reflecting years of work, even if this number does not seem to be very tall. However, I have the feeling that almost all concerning male sexuality (and a bit beyond) is covered now. – Once in a while I have to search for myself if and what I did write about certain topics! 😉

      Back to your question, yes I did write about quick jerking (briefly though, as there is not really much to that kind of experience), please check this out!
      More often and in lenght I addressed the sweet sensations of a consciously (i.d. slow) induced ejaculation, check here and here.

      I recommend to you my musings about the uniqueness of every single climax, here and here!

      If you like, share you experiences! 🙂

      • loki82 Says:

        THANK YOU VERY MUCH!! I’ll study all the posts.
        Do you think we can share our experiences on a skype group with other guys interest only in that? Just for more rapid answer.

      • nandisa Says:

        Personally I don´t see the Skype-communication. I believe that may be due to generational differences, I for my part prefer the “delayed” and articulated response over a live-chat. But I am no longer truly young (as are some other commenters) and your suggestion may be picked up by other readers nonetheless, I don´t know. However, it would lead to an exchange parallel and independent from this blog (in any way) I´m afraid.

  8. loki82 Says:

    Don’t worry, it was only a proposal. I think the blog is amazing despite the delayed response 😉

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