Milking The Glands

January 11, 2012

From a scientific point of view the case is pretty clear, because the male anatomy is basically the same in every individual. Hence explaining how to physically milk (massage) the prostate and associated glands is nothing to misunderstand. It only becomes challenging when we want to shed light on the motives, but that´s for a future post.

As for the following how-to I will refer to and quote from a text I found in 2006 which nails it down pretty well.

The technique of prostate massage/milking could potentially directly involve four organs of the reproductive system: the prostate gland, the seminal vesicles, the ampullae and Cowper’s (bulbourethral) glands. While the ampullae serve as a reservoir for sperm, gathering there to a neglectable fluidal volume, the other glands produce what we call (male) milk when expelled.

During sexual arousal the prostate produces a fair portion of alkaline fluid to protect the sperm (from vaginal acidity). The largest component of the ejaculate (60% or more by volume) is produced in the seminal vesicles. This liquid is a fructose sugar based substance to nourish the sperm. And the Cowper’s glands secrete the clear lubricating precum to help speed the semen along the urethra.

The glands can be accessed via the rectum. The Cowper’s glands are kind of an exception to that since the pea-sized organs are for one hard to sense and furthermore not in the focus of conventional milking. Nonetheless you may experiment thru trial and error given precum is your passion/fetish (check out the diagram above).

A good way to find the glands is to insert the middle finger into the anus and slide it from just inside the rectum (on the front side) up and in until you feel it move over a lump. That will be the prostate. Just up from the prostate is a smaller, roughly triangular wedge-shaped nodule, that is the bottom portion of the seminal vesicles. The ampullae are located underneath the seminal vesicles.

Now the prostate, seminal vesicles and ampullae (latter mentioned are of less importance because they don´t contain a lot of fluid) can be emptied by applying a firm slow massage over the nodules of these glands with the middle finger or the middle finger and index finger together. This is truly intimate and highly arousing! This kind of draining can also be performed with a dildo or dildo-like tool. – No need to mention, that the rectum is supposed to be emptied of feces and finger(s) and tools ought to be very well lubricated for best results!

prostate, vesicles, ampullae

The massage will force the seminal fluids past the valves in the ejaculatory duct. When semen appears in the mouth of the cockhead, it will help to empty the urethra by running a finger firmly up the underside of the penis from the root to the head, harvesting the fresh milk. For milking the shaft use lots of lube as well.

You should explore prostate milking on your own first, before getting involved with someone aiming for draining your glands. You may fancy this internal tease or not, at least you become sensible for what feels sound and when it does not. – Please check this illustration for the principle of access!

30 Responses to “Milking The Glands”

  1. Tom Says:

    Your blog makes me want to try being milked. The thought of messaging those core glands that make up the male essence, and especially if the result is collecting my cum without ejaculation, is extremely enticing. I would assume you typically start by masturbating your cock and reaching your edge at least a few times so that your glands are primed. Then you start the message technique described to drain them. It would seem since you aren’t ejaculating you could do this over and over, working yourself to that sweet edge, feeling those glands swell as they fill with your fluid, and then you manipulate it out. Is this what you do? Just writing about is making me leak!

    • nandisa Says:

      Tom, thanks for your comment! Let me try an answer:

      Your reflection meets the core idea of milking the prostate (or glands). That is to get (all) your semen out without triggering ejaculation. As a matter of fact I did write about this in this blog sometime ago (look here) when I was covering the topic of harvesting cum. Psychological aspects aside, it could work like what you theorize here.
      However, it pretty much depends on how receptive you prostate will be to direct touch. Some guys love that very much (or learn to feel so) which may lead to the prostate becoming the trigger-organ for a climax, especially when the guy is highly aroused. And some men (I am afraid the majority, but that is a guess) just don´t like very much to be touched inside (anywhere). Those guys could well be those depicted as submissive milkees in domination-scenarios where they are milked and being denied to cum via ejaculation.
      But your idea of gland-milking for harvesting milk and edging purposes is what I prefer as well. Just try out how much your glands (especially your prostate being sensitive to touch) like a massaging. The more aroused, the better it feels! Yet the sensation may change during the same session (at least in my experience).

      • Tom Says:

        It is too bad many men are adverse to the idea of anal exploration, because the sensations, with appropriate preparation both physically and mentally, are so incredibly pleasurable. I think the fact that you are stimulating a part of yourself that is located deep inside you, there is a psychological edge that it touches that is so different from simple external genital stimulation.

        When it comes to self stimulation, I can easily feel my prostate. Appreciating the seminal vesicles is more challenging, but clearly an important part of the milking process, since appreciating this area, which is adjacent to the ampulla, is important if one wants to milk out the cum collecting there. I look forward to my next session and plan on focusing my efforts on that area. Any suggestions for how to feel those glands would be appreciated.

      • nandisa Says:

        Tom, I absolutely agree with what you say!

        And yes, it is easy to sense touch at ones prostate, yet less so distinguishing between the prostate and the seminal vesicles, let alone the ampullae. I use a tool to reach the glands with more ease. While teasing (milking) yourself you better focus on your action before your inner eye to learn the slightly different sensations inside of you.

        Maybe other readers like to share their experiences?!

  2. Tom #2 Says:

    Is anyone watching this page anymore? I’m interested in milking my Cowper’s gland, as I release no Precum. I would love to be able to “precum string.” Appreciate the article. If anyone’s had any success with this particular form of milking, I’d love to hear techniques!!


    • nandisa Says:

      Hello Tom #2, thanks for commenting! These pages are being visited by many men every day. Many of which share interests in different aspects of the male sexuality. Precum is one theme up front. I plan to post a text about it soon. Until then you may find several entries about precum, search for it (easy to find)! About your question, well, short answers don´t give the complexity for it justice. Maybe two points: 1) I doubt that one can milk the Cowper´s glands (check the location of the glands in this drawing, for its location is one reason why it may be hard to milk them), 2) some men (the minority of us) just do not produce much or very little precum at all (just as nature supplies broad ranges of possibilities of its creations in general (e.g. big/small cocks etc.). — Sorry for not coming up with a more positive reply at the moment.

      • Tom #2 Says:

        Thanks for the quick response! I can tell it’s challenging. But, I hold hope! I’m thinking of it as a long term experiment, trying new things. I’m trying pygeum, swedish flower pollen and some other natural herbs. Various kegal and reverse kegal exercises. All in different combinations. I look forward to your next post and will report back any success. Just a note, Swedish flower pollen made it extremely easy to leak ejaculate while edging. Opens up the urethra or something to make flow easier for both urine and ejaculate. I came very close to the PONR, and I would drip full ejaculate. Very hot, but still struggling just to precum. :). The adventure continues!!

      • nandisa Says:

        I see you are in a good spirit! Thanks for letting us know details of your experimentation with herbs within your masturbatory routine and some effects by it. Your experiences sound intriguing! Enjoy your quest!

  3. Tom #2 Says:

    Just Checkin in! Have found a modicum (pardon the pun) of success with producing precum. No drooling yet, really only a bit inside the tip, but I’ve been able to string it with my finger, so I know I’m increasing it. Edging and reverse kegals to force it up is the primary method by which I’m having success. Also trying to reverse kegals throughout the day. Through my increased awareness of my body, I’m noticing that I have extremely powerful kegal muscles and that they may be kegaling involuntarily to prevent fluid from leaking too early. Trying to reverse that. Anal milking doesn’t work for me. All I get is milky prostate fluid. Starting to reengage on some supplements. Pygeum, arginine, maca, lecithin, multivitamin and niacin to see if these help. Will continue to check in! Long term journey. Any new thoughts of experiences would be greatly appreciated!

    Tom #2

    • nandisa Says:

      Tom #2, I am pleased to find your update-report after three months of further experimenting on your side. Sounds like you have been successful in your efforts which is great! You have developed a truly hightened awareness of your system and body it seems, wow, and you gain expert knowledge with that range of supplements you mention. This must be very gratifying for you, as it is most intriguing for us readers, thanks a lot for sharing your special journey!!

    • Tom Says:

      Pray tell, what is a reverse kegel? I do regular kegels but have never heard of that type?

      Congrats on getting to the point of stringing some precum for your tip. I hope the journey to that point has been filled with pleasurable fun. I love seeing that thin glistening strand between fingertip and cock tip.

      • nandisa Says:

        Tom, I have mentioned it in my blog in this story! 😉 Jump to the forelast paragraph…

      • Tom #2 Says:

        A reverse kegal is creating the opposite sensation of a legal. Instead of “squeezing” or flexing the PC muscles, you try to completely relax them. It’s the same sensation as when you’re trying to pee really hard. I’d recommend evacuating your bladder, and then trying to push as hard as you can. Eventually, you’ll start to feel a difference between the muscles the perform the reverse kegal and those that regulate the flow of urine. Reverse kegaling is an awesome feeling. By pushing hard, I can sometimes make my dick a little chubbed, simply because it causes blood to rush into it.

        Tom #2

      • Tom #2 Says:

        God I love this blog. Really inspires me. :). Thanks! I’m enjoying the lessons!

      • nandisa Says:

        And this is the feedback I love. 🙂 Spread the word, if possible…

        Also thanks for your direct answer on reverse k´s!!

      • Tom Says:

        Now I understand. Although it seems to me after trying a few while sitting waiting for a BART train that reverse kegels seem best paired with a traditional one. In other words when doing the traditional kegel I will draw up on my PC muscles and hold it for a breath, then relax and repeat. Instead of relaxating I instead bore down and did the reverse, pushing out on the same muscles. Doing this repeatedly definitely gets the energy to rise and circle around in the pelvic girdle along with bringing sweet tingling (along with a warm and pleasurable swelling) into my cock. And those muscles definitely feel worked out 😉

      • Tom #2 Says:

        Yup, spot on sir. Both kegals and reverse kegals are healthy paired together.

        Kegals feel incredible. Sometimes they feel like a small orgasm to me. :). Can’t wait until I make enough gains to start leaking just from kegals!

  4. Paul Says:

    Hi all, new to this and reading what’s being said, if my girlfriend gets lots and lots of sticky stuff from my bum after working my prostate is that milking or does it have to come out of the head, he never gets hard but does drip a bit…

    • nandisa Says:

      Paul, the following drawing shows a prostate-milking-situation:
      prostate milking
      Working a prostate will most likely result in the appearance of more or less seminal fluid at the tip of a cock-head (just like you described it) – a penis does not need to be erect for this.
      Please browse related posts of my blog and you shall find more information.

  5. Paul Says:

    Hi it’s pauls girlfriend, after experimenting with the back glands, mainly the prostate. We have experienced a clear fluid (handfulls) from his anus. Only when I keep the penius soft. He experiences a massive sensation which gets him to a moaning sensation in waves. Please could you tell me is this milking as the other sites are very indifferent? Thank you!

    • nandisa Says:

      Hi there, sorry it took a while to get back to you.

      First of all I think it´s great that you two delve into this practise of prostate massage and milking.

      Then I am very happy that Paul experiences intense, lustful sensations from his gland(s), apparently! This hints to a capability to experience prostate-climaxes, please read my post about it here and compare if this sounds familiar to what you experience!

      However, your description confuses me a bit, because I understand you are saying, that a lot of clear fluid is emanating from Pauls anus when he or you massage his prostate!? This indeed would be unusual, because the rectum does not hold (sexual) glands which produce a high volume of clear fluid oozing out of the anus when you probe it!

      Milking the prostate and massaging (touching) the prostate (and/or seminal vesicles) is practically the same. We use the term milking when we want to get (harvest) semen out of his gland(s), we use the term massaging when we want to give a man sensual sensations in his gland(s).

      My posts about these themes are quite well to comprehend, I think. In them you can study a mans anatomy and read about the effects of stimulating his sexual glands.

      If you have more questions try to be specific and don´t hesitate to ask again. I will try to answer the best I can.

  6. terrier2016 Says:

    I enjoy an occasional milking session every now and then. Years ago, i tried it with my fingers only, but i wasn’t able to produce anything more than precum. Still, giving yourself a prostate massage feels nice, it’s like discovering masturbation all over again!

    A couple of months ago i bought myself a nice dildo made of glass with a thick bulbous head and this has made a huge difference! I’m still learning, but i can now reach my seminal vesicles and slowly squeeze out the semen with the dildo when they are full. It feels amazing when you feel the cum being slowly pushed out, when i do it right i can sustain a small stream of droplets made from milky white semen over the course of a couple of minutes, until the dripping slowly comes to a halt. At this point i usually jerk off to orgasm, which only takes about ten seconds because of the already high arousal, but now i might try Tom’s suggestion where you “prime” the glands over and over and get a repetitive milking. I will definitely take his advice and hopefully maybe increase my volume of semen!

    • nandisa Says:

      You really do explore my blog, don´t you! 🙂 That is great, as are your comments!
      If only more men were searching for the many revelations spread throughout these pages. But maybe there are, just comment-less!? 😉

    • terrier2016 Says:

      I had a lazy sunday and i spent most of it reading blogs and youtubing. I think there are plenty of people reading this, we can use the internet 1-100-10000 rule, which roughly says that for every post created it is commented 100 times and read 10000 times, give or take a zero for an individual post, but i’m talking about a long-term average.

      • nandisa Says:

        Yeah, I guess you are basically right. 🙂
        As we speak about comments, I suggest you may want to sift through the testimonials. I quoted praise from comments but also link to the sources (i.e. posts). This way anyone can find what some other reader really really enjoyed!

  7. Paul Says:

    Hi just of short two years later my experimenting and massaging the prostate realising this takes time and at first fluid then gets sticky, this from the prostate in the anus, not sucking wildly from the willy , it’s now getting more intense and very sweet in taste and thick and has Paul climbing the walls, he now reaching what I experience in when my g spot is squirting hence female ejaculation, orgasum, . We have put in shot glasses total white in colour not!! Urine thanks Paul’s girl friend. A lot more to say if questions asked ?

    • nandisa Says:

      Thank you for your “update” after quite some time of experimenting! I realise that Paul´s girlfriend was sharing these achievements and I appreciate this particularly!
      I am not quite sure what you mean with these 2 sentences: We have put in shot glasses total white in colour not!! Urine thanks Paul’s girl friend.
      Maybe you can explain and clarify.

  8. Jid22 Says:

    Hi, I’m new both to the world of milking and to this blog. I have thoroughly enjoyed everything I have read so far, and I have a question which I have not been able to find an answer to anywhere else.

    I can make myself have multiple orgasms (but they feel different than my normal orgasms) and gush quite a bit of clearish/brown liquid (it is not urine because I always make sure to empty my bladder first and its consistency is also thicker) solely by doing kegels and reverse kegels in rapid succession. I don’t even touch my penis until I’m ready to ejaculate, which ends up being 1000x more intense than my normal orgasms.

    Anybody have a similar experience or know what is going on when I do this?

    • Rok Says:

      Hello Jid, welcome to the blog 🙂
      Ejaculating and orgasming handsfree just by using your pelvic floor muscles is perfectly normal. It’s a rare talent though, very few people are capable of doing that. I would say just enjoy yourself!
      Personally, I don’t have a lot of experience in cumming totally handsfree, other than prostate stimulation.
      What you are doing, does it look anything like this?

    • nandisa Says:

      Yeah, welcome to my blog, Jid! I am happy to learn that you´ve enjoyed what you found here. 🙂

      What you describe leaves me a bit puzzled. I´d have questions to corner details. I second Rok in that your abilities are rather rare. However, you may find answers when reading about multiples, orgasm and ejaculation and sprinkling!?

      Feel free to pose precise questions at any time, I know there are interested readers out there who will gladly comment in case.

      And yes, savor the bliss your system provides you with! 🙂

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