For a Closer Look (15) – Milking The Glands

January 24, 2012

To illustrate the success of the technique of prostate (rather gland-) milking I offer you a clip containing two scenes.

You see:

(1st scene) the guy having his cockhead stuck into a glas to catch his milk while working a dildo in his anus. Lightreflexions at the glas´ surface disturb the clear view of the oozing semen. So pay attention to the shadow of the glas and the first cum cast down on the sheets!

You get a better view in the second scene (beginning 26 secs into the clip): the cam is a bit closer to the glas in a similar position. You can clearly see the milk ooze into glas while the guy is massaging his glands (off frame).

The clip is fast forwarded by default to better show the harvesting of the juice. This means that collecting semen thru gland-milking (at least with this guy) takes much more time and effort compared to that and the volume achieved thru emission, let alone ejaculation.

For comparison please check out this clip of harvesting milk in this post covering the topic of emission!

emission sequence

One short clip containing 2 mute uncut scenes in low quality. It is 1,3 MB in size and running 55 seconds. The format of the clip is mov.


Expected streaming video? – Please refer to this explanation here about why and how I offer clips (tagged For a Closer Look) the way I do.

14 Responses to “For a Closer Look (15) – Milking The Glands”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Great site, thanks

  2. Rok Says:

    I’ve found a great milking example a while ago, and I think it is THE best way to milk yourself in terms of skill and volume. The man does reach an orgasm toward the end, but as you can see, almost nothing comes out!

    • nandisa Says:

      Your great share didn´t go unnoticed! Thanks for putting it here, the video shows so well a way of self milking!

      • Rok Says:

        You’re welcome. I was looking for some guiding material since I felt like milking myself again after some time!

      • Tom Says:

        Rok: How did your milking go? Did the material help?

      • Rok Says:

        Meh, not really. I’ve waited for five days prior and only got a little amount. I would have posted pictures otherwise.

      • Tom Says:

        We’re you using a similar technique, using something to physically stimulate your prostate? I have to tell you about a recent experience that I now realize is like milking. I was being fucked by my partner and I had not cum in over a week. I had masturbated without cumming for over an hour earlier in the day, so I was super full and super primed. As he was fucking me and I was stroking myself I was so full that as I got close I stopped stimulating myself but as he pumped himself into me and his cock hit my nut, the sperm just spurted out simply from the physical pressure of the fucking and his cock hitting my gland. And it was a lot and it came out with force, landing on my chest. There was no typical muscle contraction usually associated with ejaculation. It was purely a fully primed system and the physical stimulation of the pressure on my prostate and very full glands, similar to using a milking tool. In this case it was his cock. Anyway, this happened twice during the fuck. I was covered in sperm. When I finally ejaculated as he was fucking me hard, there wasn’t much left after the previous two drainings, but the muscle contractions of orgasm were simply amazing.

      • nandisa Says:

        Tom, this is a very hot account!! Thanks for sharing your wonderful experience!

      • Rok Says:

        Sounds like you had a lot more fun Tom!
        I’ve used a dildo, but i didn’t stimulate myself. I’ve tried without masturbating this time and only got a small amount, but if I do stimulate myself during milking, I have a similar experience like you described. I stop stroking when I’m close to the edge and then use the bulb of the dildo to press down on my prostate and usually I get big blobs of cum flowing out. I can repeat this a couple of times, until I can wait no more and i stroke myself to orgasm, which is usually quite strong, given I use the dildo at the same time.

      • Tom Says:

        Very similar indeed, Rok. I would assume you would need to be stimulating your cock in order to trigger the build up of ejaculate for milking to produce anything, wouldn’t you?

      • Rok Says:

        Need to? No, not really. It does help, but a skilled milker needs (to give) no extra stimulation.

    • Tom Says:

      Ouf Rok. Your comments are so often good for a jolt in the root chakra 😈

      • Rok Says:

        Thanks Tom! I’m always fascinated by men who can milk so much, I never really got the hang of it.

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